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    Speaking with Recording Artist The Kandi Girlz

    in Entertainment

    The Young Ladies log on at 10:00 mins.

    The beautiful young ladies that comprise the “Kandi Girlz” happens to be St Louis born sisters, Diamond Thompson (Doll Face), 18 years old, and Sade Thompson (Nakahara), 17 years old. As their passion for music and entertaining continued to grow, Valerie, their mother and manager, was even more inclined to take the career of her daughters seriously and they officially became a group in 2008, the “Kandi Girlz.”  They released their first song, Step Up In Da Club, in 2009 and it received a lot of attention via YouTube both with comments and views. 

    Website: http://www.officialkandigirlz.com

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    Meet Priestess Kandi Ranson

    in Entrepreneur

    Learn who this Eco Friendly, Psychic, Priestess Kandi Ranson really is and what my abilities are. I will help you to better comprehend exactly how Getting Psychic Advice in our worldwide virtual assistance world is no different than getting Advice in the "real" world. You simply need to find the Adviser who offers the kinds of services You Need. Then, you can Discover, For Yourself, just how Helpful and informative a Multifaceted Adviser, Like Me, can really be.

    I look forward to hearing from you as I take your calls to answer any questions you may have about who I am and what I do. I will have the Live chat open so log into your free Blog Talk Radio account during the Radio Show to interact with me there.

    Like my Facebook page


    Stalk me on Twitter @PriestessKandi

    Schedule an appointments with me http://bit.ly/19SRuGn

    Priestess Kandi is a Natural Born Psychic Medium Ready to Open myself as an empty vestal of communications and offer Honest Enlightenmet for all areas of your life.

    Starz Psychics - As Low as 1.50 a minute - 5 free minutes http://bit.ly/14R5X6E

    Keen 3 Minutes Free http://bit.ly/GVUlWb

    Live Person / Kasamba 3 Minutes Free http://bit.ly/1amXGVS

    Bitwine 3 Minutes Free http://bit.ly/XxF2Zf

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    The Akashic Records ~ Heal the Past and the Present

    in Spirituality

    Would you like to find out how to work with the Akashic Records to transform your life?

    Join Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and guest co-host Patricia Kirkman as they learn the secrets of working with the Akashic Records with author Ernesto Ortiz.  Ernesto offers a profound knowledge of how to use the Akashic Records for individual healing, growth and self realization.  Tune in to hear a sacred prayer that can change your life forever, and learn an easy way to protect yourself and stay connected to Source and Spirit.

     Ernesto is the founder and director of Journey to the Heart. He has led hundreds of workshops around the world teaching transformation with the Akashic Records.  He is the author of The Akashic Records, Sacred Exploration of your Soul's Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness







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    The Alien Abduction Files

    in Paranormal

    Tune in to Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and Becky Andreasson as they talk with Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner about the mysterious details of alien abduction.

    Stoner and Marden shed light on the theoretical science explaining alien technology, messages conveyed by the ETs to abductees and details of alien experimental procedures.

     Marden and Stoner say there is evidence that these phenomena are REAL and alien abductees are telling the truth.

    Kathleen Marden works full time as an author, alien abduction researcher, and lecturer. She has more than 22 years experience in the field and is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill - famous abductees whose story stirred worldwide interest.

    Denise Stoner has spent more than 20 years researching the alien abduction phenomenon, documenting the physical and psychological impact of abduction upon experiencers, and working one-on-one with abductees.

    Together these two women have accomplished something rare and remarkable an opportunity for our listeners to enter into the heart of what may as well be the greatest mystery and challenge facing humanity today. Don’t miss this Spectacular chance to unravel the mysteries of alien abduction.


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    The Mysteries of Mary Magdalene Revealed

    in Spirituality

    In these tumultuous times are you looking for inspiration? Do you want to feel wonder and joy? Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and guest co-host Patricia Kirkman as they speak with channel and author Gloria Amendola. Gloria Amendola is an intuitive who has a passion for esoteric knowledge and dream language. She is a trained facilitator, accomplished shamanic drummer, and works with a variety of disciplines in her teaching. Gloria has been channeling Mary Magdalene for over 13 years. Mary Magdalene is often thought of as the second-most important woman in the New Testament after Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Magdelene is not who you’ve been told she was, but rather a woman of extraordinary spiritual power who would be considered, in her time, as the equal to Jesus. Mary says she and Jesus feel our audience is ready to receive these empowering teachings - the teachings of their once-secretive inner circle. She explains the differences between the fabled civilizations of Egypt and Atlantis, the Mystery Schools, the process of initiation into expanded awareness, and how we can begin to learn the ancient wisdom of the Mysteries. Find out why Mary believes the time is now for people to rediscover these incredible teachings! Don’t miss this chance to hear from Mary Magdalene!


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    Kandi Burrus: Beyond Reality TV

    in Entertainment

    Kandi Burruss sat down for a chat with Alysse Stewart during Radio Row at The Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards. Ever wondered if the ladies on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are friends when the camera lights are switched off?  Did her sex life change after marriage you maybe wondering?  Well, press play for the answers to the questions and more.

    Support the show by hitting the follow button and leaving comments too.  Find Alysse Stewart on Twitter and Instagram @AlysseStewart.  You can LIKE her too on Facebook at AlysseStewartOnAir.

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    Celebrity Mamas Fancalls - Mama Joyce (Mother of Kandi Burruss of RHOA)

    in Entertainment

    There’s a new group of TV personalities coming to the reality show world, and that’s none other than the MAMAS that raised some of our most talented hip hop artists today. Produced by Johnson Thomas Brown Productions and Co-produced by former Xscape singer/songwriter Tameka “Tiny” Harris, “Celebrity Moms Of ATL” (#CMOA) is slated to hit our small screens very soon.

    Some of the confirmed cast members of hip hop’s royalty include: Mama Camp (KCamp’s mom), Mama Ca$h (Ca$hout’s mom), Mama Shirleen (Rasheeda’s mom), Mama Diane (Tiny’s mom), Mama Violeta (TI’s mom), Mama Wyatt (Keke Wyatt’s mom), Mama Brenda (Syleena Johnson’s mom), Mama Joyce (Kandi Burruss’ mom & #RHOA cast member), & Mama Haddon (Deitrick Haddon's mom).

    Tonight we are talking to the mom of #RHOA @Kandi; her name is Mama Joyce. Call in and find out what Kandi was like as a child and find out about what's in store for this new Reaity Show called Celebrity Mamas Of Atlanta. Call in at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time and ask her for yourself. 646-929-1325


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    On Air Channeling Session with Divine Entity ~ SOTU

    in Spirituality

    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and Helene Olsen as they interview Adrienne Metcalf, her husband Josh Schwartzbach and the channeled entities named "SOTU." Tune in as they unlock the secrets of the world around us. Ever wonder why you’re here? The purposes of your life? Is there is a point to it all?

    "There is a great movement afoot in your world dear ones. It is a movement that you cannot avoid. Each and every one of you are being asked, in your personal as well as the ever-increasing intensity of the reflections from the consensus, to identify yourself." - SOTU channeled by J. Harold Schwartzbach

    SOTU will help our audience unlock some of these secrets and get down deep to our inner truth. We will hear from the channeled spirits themselves with SOTU live on the air. This is an episode you cannot not miss! Call in and receive answers to your questions and find the inner meaning you have been looking for.


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    in Entertainment



    Chanel was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She started dancing at the age of 10 with a south side group called “2nd to None” and it sparked something major. 


    Starting at a young age taking breakdance, jazz, and African classes at a local studio in Oak Park, Keeley found a love for telling a story through performance. . 


    Briana has been in over 32 Musical Productions, one particular to be her favorite was starring as the role of Elle Woods in the MTV Hit Musical Legally Blonde. 


    Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN Victoria discovered her passion for dance and performing during her early high school years, where she both danced and was a part of many musical theater productions. 



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    Hopi Uranium Poisoning: Floyd Red Crow, Oren Lyons, Dennis Banks, Kandi Mossett

    in Religion

    Prerecorded... no call-ins please.

    PLEASE Donate to keep Prophecykeepers "On The Air" every night on BlogTalk Radio at http://NativeAmericanChurch.US

    Floyd Red Crow Westerman talks about how America was predicted by his ancestors to come and go.

    6 Nations Faithkeeper Oren R. Lyons ... talks about the 7th generation and America's has emphasized "rights" but has forgotten about "responsibility" and how to create leaders from childhood.

    Nowa Cuming (Dennis Banks) speaks In front of the Capitol Building Washington D.C. in July 2008.

    Kandi Mossett, an enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations located on the Fort Berthold Reservation within the state of North Dakota, graduated from the University of North Dakota's Earth Systems Science and Policy Program in December of 2006 and now holds a Masters degree in Environmental Management. She has works with the Indigenous Environmental Network

    Hopi Native speaks on Uranium Contamination, healing, Aliens & Prophecy

    Audio from the film Directed and Produced by Gayil Nalls:

    Tom Dostou: The Seven Fires Prophecy 

    "We can no longer be complacent to our eight to five jobs, or punch in the clock and expect the earth to heal itself—the time is too short." — Tom Dostou (Copyright © 1995-2013, by Nalls Studio, All Rights Reserved)

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    Are you Psychic? Or just making it up? Tune in and Find out!

    in Paranormal

    How do you tell the difference between your imagination and true psychic ability? Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and Helene Olsen as they separate the wheat from the chafe on all things psychic. Our guest, author and psychic medium Carole Lynne has had many psychic experiences throughout her life, but it was not until she reached her forties that she stated seeing visions of people who had passed on to the other side. After having these visions she began studying both in the United States and in Europe to try to understand her gift and to learn how to use her mediumistic talents to help others. Lynne begins with some badly needed truths, like not everyone is psychic. Listen in and discover if your abilities are fact or fiction. Don’t miss this terrific show ~ “Are you Psychic or are you making it up?”


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