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    Tips on how to feel better naturally, without the drugs.

    in Relationships

    1st Hour: Tips on how to feel better naturally, without the drugs. Please join your host, Latifah Hameen and her guest Brenda Wakefield as she demonstrates these techniques.

    2nd Hour: The Good Sense that God Gives: Your host and Michael Hameen and guest Kamau Kenyatta. Acknowledging the gifts of the creator and fashioning our individual and community life.

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    My June 2014 interview on the ODWIRAFO Blog Talk Radio show (corrected)

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    (for everyone who downloaded this BEFORE FEB 8TH, WE HUMBLY APOLOGIZE! After re-listening to this broadcast, blogtalk only took the 1st 2 hours of this 3 hour talk. We have now corrected this & have uploaded the ENTIRE interview)

    Back in June, I was interviewed by my buddy & warrior-in-the-victory-march, ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN, on his blogtalk radio program ODWIRA.

    We discuss everything from my background, my 1st Conscious awakening, my book HOW TO MAKE A NEGRO christian (www.lulu.com/kamau301), my newsjournal AFRIKAN WORLD ANALYSIS (www.afrikanworldanalysis.com) and a laundry list of other good topics.

    If you wanted to know what makes KAMAU tick, what is on the horizon for my company BOLEKAJA ENTERPRISES, or just wanna hear some good uncompromising Afrikan centered discussion, this is the show.

    I also want to say MEDASE to Baba Kwesi for this opportunity.

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    The State of Black America: 50 Yrs after the 1965 Voting Rights Act (Pt. 4 of 6)

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    On Monday, February 2, 2015, we continue our 6 week series on "The State of Black America: 50 Years after the 1965 Voting Rights Act." This episode of NCEBCTalkRadio is also a “Gift from the Elders to the Next Generation” broadcast. Queen Mother, Dr. Adelaide Sanford and co-host Kamau Jywanza welcome back Faya Rose Sanders to discuss the exciting developments for the 2015 Jubliee Celebration marking the 50th Anniversary of the notorious “Bloody Sunday.” Together, with additional special guests invited, we will review the importance of the 1965 Voting Rights law, the movie “Selma”, and the people depicted therein.

    You are cordially invited to attend the: "150 Years After Slavery: The State of Black Education Summit" March 6, 2015
    Wallace Community College - 3000 Earl Goodwin Parkway - Selma, Alabama 36701

    Honorary Chair: Congressman Robert C."Bobby" Scott (D,VA)

    Sponsored By: Jubilee Bridge Crossing Committee, National Council on Educating Black Children, and Elders House  

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    Episode #5: sing to me songs of ascension, as the Archer’s arrow is honed sharp

    in Art

    Episode #5, on Saturday, December 21st at 8pm. Winter Solstice - the shortest day, the longest night.  The 6th light of Chanukah, our festival of sacred reclamation, resistance, die-hard faith and service.  How will you transcend your own darkness?  Broadcasting live, just up the street from Lake Ontario. This month, we’re highlighting the kind of love that comes charging out of us when we commit to deep, delicious, pleasureful, joyful, righteous self-love.  This love transforms us and our communities.  It allows us to escape to freedom.  It lifts itself up from lying in the street, immobilized to reaching transcendence, through the signal of song.  

    Listen in for:

    - a conversation with Erin Marie Konsmo of The Native Youth Sexual Health Network on her ongoing project, Indigenous Feminist Condom Cases and Beaded Condoms 

    - an interview with Kathana Namowrednow and Chenthoori Malan of Heartbeats: the IZZAT Project, a comic book created by young South Asian women to empower themselves and their communities around violence.

    - a discussion with Dawn Weleski of Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen on their recent run-in with the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh over CK’s most recent Palestine iteration.

    - from the Archive: a 1998 recording of legendary activist Assata Shakur reading her open letter to Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his visit to Cuba.  Both Assata and Mike Brown were shot by cops in the US.  Unlike Assata, Mike wasn’t lucky enough to survive.

    - readings from Krishnamurti and music from Meredith Monk, Gabriel Teodros & SoulChef, Ian Kamau x Big Sproxx and more


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    Student Voice – NCEBC on Strengthening Our Village’s Strongest Asset

    in Education

    In preparation for the NCEBC 2015 Youth Speak Out next month and overwhelming urgency to address crimes against our youth in a pro-active, positive, and effective way. NCEBCTalkRadio welcomes Larry Young, Ph.D. (Director of Elementary Education, MSD of Pike Township) and Dr. Jeffry Woods, Youth Speak Out Committee Member along with three Youth voice leaders from accross the country.

    This show will be hosted by Mr. Kamau Jywanza, NCEBCTalkRadio "Gift from the Elders to the Next Generation" Co-host.

    Together they will,

    Highlight/promote the MSD Pike Youth Speak Out (event geared toward students of color)
    Connect Youth Speak Out goals and/outcomes to the NCEBC National Convention
    Discuss: Preparing to hear from the youth, facilitating the conversation, empowering action
    Provide specific “action items” for youth groups who intend to advocate for their education etc.

    Would you join us?

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    The Status of Black Male Programs with Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project

    in Education

    In follow-up support of “The Case for Black Male Achievement: A National Conversation on How America Can Elevate Its Prominence by Investing in Black Men and Boys” program that aired on WVON1690 The Voice of the Nation on Thanksgiving Day 2014, NCEBCTalkRadio welcomes Mr. Phillip Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of the Black Star Project.

    The Case for Black Male Achievement (a two-part national conversation with nationally acclaimed champions for Black men and boys including elected officials, foundation presidents, school superintendents, educators, business leaders and faith leaders) featured discussions on:

    Black Male Achievement

    Teaching Black Males to Survive in America

    Teaching America How to Teach Black Boys

    Show host Dr. Adelaide Sanford and Mr. Kamau Jywanza inquire of insight gained from the event:

    What are the common threads (pros/cons) among Black Male programs?

    What is The Black Male Achievement Movement? How do the elements of “Black History and Culture, Family Development and Fatherhood, Education and Learning, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development” combine in a recipe for success?

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    A Gift from the Elders to the Next Generation - Nov 2014

    in Education

    Join show host, Dr. Adelaide Sanford and Co-host Mr. Kamau Jywanza and special guests on Monday November 3 @ 10am ET for an open discussion  on the creation of "urban deserts" demonstrated by the lack of (equitable) resources for citizens in urban communities: lack of grocery stores, fire stations, libraries, schools., etc.

    Why are these deserts being created? 
    What can we do to as African people?

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    in Self Help

    Join your host Prophetess Mwaka on Solutions tonight with Special Guests Eric and Jackie Kamau. Our topic tonight is "Encouragement for Singles and Young Couples."

    Call 347-237-4270 11pm EST,10pm CST,8pm Pacific, 5am London, 6am Zambia, 7am Kenya

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    LFTA EP30 Tim Cole & Mosi Kamau plus We Love Leftovers!!!!

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show our guests include Indy Wrestling Stand-Outs Tim Cole & Mosi Kamau!! We also LOVE LEFTOVERS!!
    We get to the questions you submitted but could not get to on last weeks show! We also cover all the Indy News & Happenings from the week. We hope you will join us!!!  Wednesday Nights at 7pm EST on Blog Talk Radio!!
    We are on iTunes!!
    Studio: 213-816-1605

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    beaugrchnzunno(black lotus civilization) Online Radio by zuadionzunno

    in Science

    welcome to the black lotus civilization broadcast live from gardena sunny southern california.

    i am your host emunra kati and my co host the honorable brother from the kameroon omo shongo.

    tonight we will have professor Walter Williams on the black lotus broadcast  

    Walter Williams will explain his wonderful books that still til this day shock the conscious communities in america

     enjoy brothers and sisters and will enjoy your presence on the black lotus broadcast

    until then peace and blessings to all africans world wide

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    in Self Help

    Join your host Prophetess Mwaka on Solutions tonight with Special Guests Eric and Jackie Kamau. Our topic tonight is "Encouragement for Singles and Young Couples."

    Call 347-237-4270 11pm EST,10pm CST,8pm Pacific, 5am London, 6am Zambia, 7am Kenya

    or   http://tobtr.com/s/6963147

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