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    "The Good Wife" and Better Lesbian - Kalicia Author SSJL

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    Tonight Femslash4Fans Radio discusses a small but growing fandom from one of the more popular dramas to air on television over the past couple years.  "The Good Wife" may spend a lot of time focusing on the romantic sorta-triangle between main character Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), her husband Peter (Chris Noth), and her boss Will Gardner (Josh Charles), but some of us prefer to focus on the underlying chemistry between Alicia and the lovely Kalinda Sharma (Emmy-winner Archie Panjabi), a bisexual private investigator who works at Alicia's law firm.  The Alicia/Kalinda pairing, or "Kalicia" as it's sometimes called, hasn't exploded the way pairings from shows like "Glee" has, but it has a great deal of potential if "TGW" can maintain its ratings for years to come.  We'll be talking with an author who has been among the most successful and prolific exploring that potential.  SweetJamieLee (AKA SSJL) is best-known for her many stories about the het pairing of Booth/Brennan from "Bones", but recently she's become a lot more involved in "TGW" with her six-part series "A Mile for the Journey".  We'll talk about why she switched from the still-airing "Bones", where she sees Alicia and Kalinda going in the series, and what more we might see from her.

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    Too Many Fandoms! - Authors Tamoline & Louisa

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    For tonight’s show F4F does something it hasn’t done in a while and focuses not on the TV show or the fandom or the webseries or even the author within the fandom, but solely on the author. While some great past guests have spent years writing within a single universe – Chris Dee being a perfect example – others have created a body of work where the number of stories they’ve written is matched only by the number of fandoms they’ve sampled. From Harper to Fembuck to Della Street, these writers have created fanfics in too many different worlds to cover in a single show. Tonight’s guests, Tamoline and Louisa, are more recent discoveries of mine. Tamoline is probably best-known for her “Kalicia” stories in the “Good Wife” fandom (which is still MUCH smaller than it ought to be), while Louisa, a Kalicia writer herself, has spent more time on “The Vampire Diaries” fanfic. But they’ve also done excellent work writing in the worlds of “The Avengers”, “Criminal Minds”, “X-Men”, “Ultraviolet”, “Chronicles of Amber” . . . shall I go on? Whatever world they choose to inhabit at any given minute, we’ll be talking about it tonight.

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