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    Daytime after dark welcomes Kale Browne for the first time

    in Television

    Days of Our Lives - Dr. Miles Berman (August 21, 2006–December 29, 2006; October 9, 2007-March 12, 2008)
    One Life to Live - Sam Rappaport (March 5, 1998–April 11, 2001)
    Just for the Time Being - Plumber (2000)
    'Til There Was You - Vince Dawkan (1997)
    Another World - Michael Hudson (1986–1993, 1995–1998)
    All My Children - Dennis "Denny" Benton (1993)
    Bloodfist IV: Die Trying - Weiss (1992)
    Challenger - Steven J. McAuliffe (1990)
    Losin' It - Larry (1983)
    Dynasty - Doctor (1981) (Three episodes)
    Knots Landing - Paul Fairgate (1981)

    Dallas 1980

    and he will be taking you call and this is his frist time on daytime after dark

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    Nick Meyer On Holistic Dental Health And How GMO's Threaten Kale

    in Health

    In this 44th episode of the Healthy Wild And Free podcast Nick Meyer, a health journalist from AltHealthWorks.com and myself discuss holistic options for dental care as well as how gmo crops are comtaminating kale, chard and traveling 15-60 miles because of bee's pollinating and carrying them.  Because of this bee's are dying and we need them to continue to pollinate organic food to survive.  We also discuss how important it is to be on the same page with yourself, with others and to be the most real and authentic version of you with you and everyone in your life to be happy, fulfilled and have an overall sense of wellbeing.

    Enjoyt the episode!

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    Thanks for listening,

    David Benjamin


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    PAIRED: Carrots to Kale - Super foods for 2015

    in Food

    On Paired chef Mary Moran and guest host Summer Whitford will be discussing Super Foods, Nutrient Dense Foods and the misinformation that is prevalent in the news.

    Chef Mary and Summer will be discussing great recipes that can be created with our list of “go to” foods to make this year count - for example kale rates #15 on a list of important foods to eat.

    We can’t wait to share the full list and how incorporate these foods into your New Year's diet. .

    PAIRED on the CommDigiNews Hour - Live each Monday at 6:30pm and then available ON Demand.

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    The Cosandra Calloway Show with Dana Dane & Dr. Nikki

    in Entertainment

    Dana Dane

    is recognized as one of the legendary Hip Hop artists who pioneered the Rap genre of music in the early 1980s. His inaugural album, Dana Dane With Fame, was the first Hip Hop album certified gold by a solo Brooklyn artist. This album also garnered him a Soul Train Music Award nomination for Best Album of the Year. Dana Dane has established himself as an innovator in rap music and a creative talent able to move with the times. He spent over six years behind the microphone as a former on-air personality for nationwide Sirius Satellite Radio, Backspin channel.

    Dr. Nikki

    After receiving her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, Dr. Nikki chose to veer from the western medicine model to focus on wellness, prevention, and happiness via a modern healing approach, integrating all elements of our being—mind, body, and spirit. Dr Nikki is also a certified Yoga Instructor and has a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University in Psychology and Nutrition.

    Dr. Nikki, aka #DrLove, appeared on the Fox Television show Utopia, where she impacted the lives of millions simply by leading by example. She introduced many Americans to yoga, meditation, healthy eating, kale, quinoa, as well as love and compassion.

    Dr. Nikki is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to create and live the life they always dreamed of. Dr. Nikki currently lives in Laguna Beach, CA working with clients across the country using an integrative approach as well as travels the world hosting retreats.


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    All About Kale

    in Food

    Kale is being called the Queen of greens and a nutritional powerhouse. Gaining in popularity, over the last decade or so, Kale is not only rich in flavor but it's health benefits are at the top of the chart. Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and has zero fat. That in itself is good news. There are many, many health benefits related to Kale and we will talk about as many as we can on today's show. So, if Kale has not been a regular on your dinner table, it's time to start thinking about a change. Kale, a true super food!

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    Dad Bod, McDonalds' Kale, New Whole Foods Chain, Fattening Salads

    in Food

    Articles will be posted on ChewNewsDigest.com

    @timmychew on instagram / timrsutherland on twitter.



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    5 Surprising Ways to Get KALE into Your Diet!

    in Health

    Curious about this WONDER vegetable?  Not sure how to prepare it? Had a negative kale experience in the past? Let me show you 5 easy ways to add this vegetable into your daily meals.  Not only is it rich in many vitamins and minerals but it's loaded with protective antioxidants. The amount of nutrition it offers might just change your life. Tall order?  Well, tune in and find out!  

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Latitta Waggoner

    in Books

    Latitta Waggoner recently released her new novel, Can't Stand the Rain, presented by Tiece. Join me and Latitta as she talks about love, life and how it influences her writing...

    Can't Stand The Rain

    Kale is in love with her man, Pit. Pit is an ex- drug dealer with an unfaithful heart which gives Kale reason enough to keep her guard up. He desires nothing more than to leave the past where it's at so that he can build a solid foundation with her. However, Kale isn't sold on the dream that he's selling her. The plot thickens when a visitor resurfaces with skeletons from the past. Kale's faith and loyalty in her man is tested.

    Sanayah- twin sister of Kale, has a secret lover that she is afraid to reveal out of fear of losing her dream career. She is suddenly faced with a dilemma that leaves her no choice but to come clean. Unbeknownst to her, there is an even bigger secret that her lover has of his own.

    Surrounded by their closest friends that are along for the ride, these sisters will endure a lot treachery, deceit, & betrayal. When being confronted with life's uncertain lessons will they be able to withstand the rain? Or, will they all drown in the sea of conviction?

    On Why Yet's Watch, where I bring you what's going on. See ya soon, Why Yet

    Call #646-716-5330

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    Brandzillas: monster brands (February 25, 2014) Chilean Sea Bass & Kale

    in Marketing

    SPECIAL GUEST: Don Pintabona, who is credited with being one of the two first chefs in America to serve Chilean Sea Bass.

    We'll be discussing the culinary phenomenons Chilean Sea Bass, and Kale!

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    Drtranquility Talks ...Wellness with Dr. Kalidas Kale

    in Self Help

    Dr. Kalidas Kale CEO & Founder  of  EXQUIS ...Advanced Ayurvedic Sin Care.Dr. Kalidas Kale has over 25 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience in the area of Novel Drug Delivery technology, including dermal and transdermal delivery. He obtained a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, India and completed his postdoctoral research at Centre des Recherches sur les Macromolecules in Strasbourg, France and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA.
    Dr. Kale has worked as a principal product development scientist and manager at world-renowned industrial research laboratories including American Cyanamid Company, now Pfizer Inc. (Liposome based drug delivery, parenteral and oral drug delivery), Bristol Myers Squibb Company.Dr. Kale has also served as an Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at St. John’s University. His accolades include being nominated for a speaking distinction : first International Pharmaceutical Congress in Brazil. Using his knowledge and expertise, he wanted to develop something that could literally change the face of skincare.  

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    2015 Air Force football preview

    in Sports

    Jeremy and Chris begin the weekly process of previewing all of the Mountain West and we are going alphabetical which means the Air Force Falcons are first up on our journey to the 2015 season.

    To help us discuss expectations for the 2015 season we bring on our Air Force writer Duane Grasmick to give his take on what to expect from the Falcons who are bringing in a new quarterback to replace the outgoing Kale Pearson, but Nate Romine is no stranger as he has nine starts under his belt from the 2013 season.

    The big question is what to expect from Air Force in the 2015 season after they broke out in 2014?

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