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    PAIRED: Carrots to Kale - Super foods for 2015

    in Food

    On Paired chef Mary Moran and guest host Summer Whitford will be discussing Super Foods, Nutrient Dense Foods and the misinformation that is prevalent in the news.

    Chef Mary and Summer will be discussing great recipes that can be created with our list of “go to” foods to make this year count - for example kale rates #15 on a list of important foods to eat.

    We can’t wait to share the full list and how incorporate these foods into your New Year's diet. .

    PAIRED on the CommDigiNews Hour - Live each Monday at 6:30pm and then available ON Demand.

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    Nick Meyer On Holistic Dental Health And How GMO's Threaten Kale

    in Health

    In this 44th episode of the Healthy Wild And Free podcast Nick Meyer, a health journalist from AltHealthWorks.com and myself discuss holistic options for dental care as well as how gmo crops are comtaminating kale, chard and traveling 15-60 miles because of bee's pollinating and carrying them.  Because of this bee's are dying and we need them to continue to pollinate organic food to survive.  We also discuss how important it is to be on the same page with yourself, with others and to be the most real and authentic version of you with you and everyone in your life to be happy, fulfilled and have an overall sense of wellbeing.

    Enjoyt the episode!

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    Thanks for listening,

    David Benjamin


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    All About Kale

    in Food

    Kale is being called the Queen of greens and a nutritional powerhouse. Gaining in popularity, over the last decade or so, Kale is not only rich in flavor but it's health benefits are at the top of the chart. Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and has zero fat. That in itself is good news. There are many, many health benefits related to Kale and we will talk about as many as we can on today's show. So, if Kale has not been a regular on your dinner table, it's time to start thinking about a change. Kale, a true super food!

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    Brandzillas: monster brands (February 25, 2014) Chilean Sea Bass & Kale

    in Marketing

    SPECIAL GUEST: Don Pintabona, who is credited with being one of the two first chefs in America to serve Chilean Sea Bass.

    We'll be discussing the culinary phenomenons Chilean Sea Bass, and Kale!

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    5 Surprising Ways to Get KALE into Your Diet!

    in Health

    Curious about this WONDER vegetable?  Not sure how to prepare it? Had a negative kale experience in the past? Let me show you 5 easy ways to add this vegetable into your daily meals.  Not only is it rich in many vitamins and minerals but it's loaded with protective antioxidants. The amount of nutrition it offers might just change your life. Tall order?  Well, tune in and find out!  

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    Celebrity Interview - Paula Savarese and Dawn Ward

    in Entertainment

    Today, I have the sheer delight of hosting the two founders of two health orientated businesses - one for pets and one for people. We have Dogs Love Kale, which finds the ladies offering nutritious snacks for your dogs which are both gluten and wheat free. Twiggy's Cupcakes is a  sweet and healthy snack, containing seven grams of protein and only 4-7 grams of sugar. Tune in today as we talk about their story from taking an idea and turning it into sheer success in the food industry!

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    Show-#31-Guilt Free Eating: having your cake and eating it without guilt.

    in Motivation

    1st Guest: Lindsey Smith, Author, Speaker, Health Coach.


    The Food Mood Girl, Lindsey Smith, is a health and wellness coach with passion. She is author of several books including her upcoming book, Food Guilt No More. She helps people uncover their cravings and emotional connections with food so they can live a healthy and happy life. She has been a featured expert on The Lisa Oz Show, CBS News Stations, WTAE and KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live. She loves kale smoothies and rapping about self-love.

    2nd Guest: Susan Liniewski, CPC ELI-MP  


    I am an eating disorder survivor I was dx at 48 with chronic anorexia and severe depression. So many relapses, a heart attack and several hospitalizations including spending most of 2007 in treatment, I recovered in spite of myself.  I went back to school at the age of 59 and became a Certified Professional Coach. I also reached the status of Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Coach.  I am coaching around eating disorder recovery and discharge. I have developed a unique discharge program. 

    3rd Guest: Barbara Biziou, Global Ritual Expert and Vision Coach.


    As a global wisdom keeper and an agent of change and transformation, Barbara seamlessly integrates her extensive knowledge of practical spirituality, rituals, psychology, neuroscience and business into her practice.  Her greatest passion is marrying cross-cultural ancient rituals and applying them to current times, creating what she refers to as the “alchemical art of ritual fusion.”

    Barbara creates rituals for men and women going through all of life’s transitions as well as businesses, Broadway shows and non profits. She is the author of 2 books and blogs for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Rewireme.com and What Now, WhatNext. 

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    Healthy You And I:Minerals in food and Minerals in Aromatherapy

    in Music

    Minerals in food and Minerals in Aromatherapy. A list of minerals in foods may not necessarily include all of the minerals needed for health and wellness. A List of Minerals in Foods Macro Minerals Calcium - Spinach may possibly be the best single source of calcium. There are at 26 documented food sources of calcium. Some of the 26 sources are green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, summer squash, green beans, oranges, asparagus, and cabbage.Chloride– Sea salt, table salt, salt substitutes Magnesium – Green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains Phosphorus – Milk products— especially raw milk products— red meat, seafood, sunflower seeds, peanuts and whole grains.Sodium – Pork products, clams, milk, green beans, butterSulfur – Kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, red meats, fish, eggs, garlic and onions Trace Minerals Iron – Soybeans, lentils, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, red meat and kidney beans Zinc – Beef liver, poultry and seafood Manganese – Pineapple, brown rice, garbanzo beans, spinach, rye, soybeans, oats, cloves and spelt Copper – Beef liver, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, legumes and whole grains Molybdenum – Red meats, whole grains, legumes, sunflower seeds, and dark green leafy vegetables Iodine – Fish, seafood, sea vegetables such as kelp Chromium – Corn oil, cloves, whole grains, red meat and brewer’s yeast Selenium – Whole grains, red meat, poultry, fish

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    The Downside of Nutrition Book Review & Tips

    in Health

    Got milk, kale or fresh fruit at home? Know anyone battling high blood pressure, diabeties or just looking to live a long, healthy life?At 8p ET Wednesday, April 15 2015, join Dr. Charlie Abbott - licensed symptometrist and Director of Administration at the American School of Symptometry - as Root Cause Radio provides a high energy book review of THE DOWNSIDE OF NUTRITION PART I that will delight your health and your taste buds.

    The founder of Symptometry, Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DHM, NHD is the author of Downside and a therapeutic scientist specializing in targeting health symptoms' underlying causes. Symptometry then uses natural, non-evasive, scientifically supported remedies to eliminate health disruptors at the cellular level. The Downside of Nutrition Part I is book is an insightful science-based review of how to overcome the the hidden dangers in the ''healthy'' foods we love.


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    Drtranquility Talks ...Wellness with Dr. Kalidas Kale

    in Self Help

    Dr. Kalidas Kale CEO & Founder  of  EXQUIS ...Advanced Ayurvedic Sin Care.Dr. Kalidas Kale has over 25 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience in the area of Novel Drug Delivery technology, including dermal and transdermal delivery. He obtained a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, India and completed his postdoctoral research at Centre des Recherches sur les Macromolecules in Strasbourg, France and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA.
    Dr. Kale has worked as a principal product development scientist and manager at world-renowned industrial research laboratories including American Cyanamid Company, now Pfizer Inc. (Liposome based drug delivery, parenteral and oral drug delivery), Bristol Myers Squibb Company.Dr. Kale has also served as an Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at St. John’s University. His accolades include being nominated for a speaking distinction : first International Pharmaceutical Congress in Brazil. Using his knowledge and expertise, he wanted to develop something that could literally change the face of skincare.  

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    HISTORY IN NARRATIVE FORM: African American Art

    in Lifestyle

    This month our focus is HISTORY – African-American. Tonight we bring history in the form of Art. AFRICAN AMERICA ART: A DISCUSSION BASED ON ARTICLE BY RICHARD J. POWELL

    During The Harlem Renaissance
    Arts and Crafts during the Colonial, Federalist, and Antebellum Years
    Great Depression and World War II Years
    Abstraction and Realism during the Postwar Years
    Black Arts Movement, Abstraction, and Beyond

    MENU:  Marsala Chicken &Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with White Beans & Kale paired with a cup Chamomile Tea


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