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    Nick Meyer On Holistic Dental Health And How GMO's Threaten Kale

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    In this 44th episode of the Healthy Wild And Free podcast Nick Meyer, a health journalist from AltHealthWorks.com and myself discuss holistic options for dental care as well as how gmo crops are comtaminating kale, chard and traveling 15-60 miles because of bee's pollinating and carrying them.  Because of this bee's are dying and we need them to continue to pollinate organic food to survive.  We also discuss how important it is to be on the same page with yourself, with others and to be the most real and authentic version of you with you and everyone in your life to be happy, fulfilled and have an overall sense of wellbeing.

    Enjoyt the episode!

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    David Benjamin


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    Brandzillas: monster brands (February 25, 2014) Chilean Sea Bass & Kale

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    SPECIAL GUEST: Don Pintabona, who is credited with being one of the two first chefs in America to serve Chilean Sea Bass.

    We'll be discussing the culinary phenomenons Chilean Sea Bass, and Kale!

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    All About Kale

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    Kale is being called the Queen of greens and a nutritional powerhouse. Gaining in popularity, over the last decade or so, Kale is not only rich in flavor but it's health benefits are at the top of the chart. Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and has zero fat. That in itself is good news. There are many, many health benefits related to Kale and we will talk about as many as we can on today's show. So, if Kale has not been a regular on your dinner table, it's time to start thinking about a change. Kale, a true super food!

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    5 Surprising Ways to Get KALE into Your Diet!

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    Curious about this WONDER vegetable?  Not sure how to prepare it? Had a negative kale experience in the past? Let me show you 5 easy ways to add this vegetable into your daily meals.  Not only is it rich in many vitamins and minerals but it's loaded with protective antioxidants. The amount of nutrition it offers might just change your life. Tall order?  Well, tune in and find out!  

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    'IN THE MOOD!"

    in Lifestyle

    With our emotions soaring high, our minds overloaded with personal & worldly cares, with our hearts pricked by injustices....Let's get "IN THE MOOD!"

    PEACE out of CHAOS




    MENU:  Spinach, Kale & Arugula Salad with Mango Dressing with Baked Chicken paired with Vanilla Chai Tea

    Join Us here on MY SOUL BTR at 6:30p est THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2014


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    Drtranquility Talks ...Wellness with Dr. Kalidas Kale

    in Self Help

    Dr. Kalidas Kale CEO & Founder  of  EXQUIS ...Advanced Ayurvedic Sin Care.Dr. Kalidas Kale has over 25 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience in the area of Novel Drug Delivery technology, including dermal and transdermal delivery. He obtained a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, India and completed his postdoctoral research at Centre des Recherches sur les Macromolecules in Strasbourg, France and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA.
    Dr. Kale has worked as a principal product development scientist and manager at world-renowned industrial research laboratories including American Cyanamid Company, now Pfizer Inc. (Liposome based drug delivery, parenteral and oral drug delivery), Bristol Myers Squibb Company.Dr. Kale has also served as an Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at St. John’s University. His accolades include being nominated for a speaking distinction : first International Pharmaceutical Congress in Brazil. Using his knowledge and expertise, he wanted to develop something that could literally change the face of skincare.  

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    The SYNCRENICITY of the 21st Century Superhuman: Alkalinity w/Victoria Maree

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    Presented by India Irie, Rhonda Paolo & Kami Be w Honoured Guest, Victoria Maree

    The standard American diet consists of mostly acid forming foods. Fake fats, sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), bleached white flours made into breads and pastry is extremely acid forming. You should focus on eating a diet of 60-80% alkaline foods daily. Real nutrition can be found in a diet high in a wide variety of veggies that are eaten every day, all day! Focus on fresh organic green veggies, fresh smoothies as well as green super foods such as chlorella. Fruits of all types, even citrus fruits that are considered acid, are all alkaline forming. The increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in an alkaline diet may benefit bone health, reduce muscle loss through lack of physical activity as well as reduce cases of other chronic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

    The true benefit of eating an alkaline diet is that it is high in the minerals and phytonutrients needed by your body to grow and maintain itself. An increase in magnesium that may enter the cell is another added benefit of the alkaline diet. This is one of the greatest benefits of eating lots of green leafy vegetables. Readily available magnesium, which is required to activate vitamin D, would result in numerous added benefits in the body. Work a variety of dark leafy greens into every meal over the course of the day. Order some spinach as a side dish, add a garden salad to your lunch, snack on kale chips, make a green veggie juice smoothie or mix up some powdered greens with your early morning juice.

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    Snack: The 4th meal of the day! Recipes and more with Toby Amidor

    in Food

    How many meals did you eat yesterday? Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner used to be considered the only times we sat down and ate. Now we not only don’t sit down and eat at each meal, we have added an afternoon snack meal. Some even snack during mid-morning. Why is this? Our lifestyles have changed. Consequently, so have our eating habits. Unfortunately for some this means eating more than we need resulting in excess pounds. And, too often nutrient packed foods get lost in the grab and go snack shuffle. Toby Amidor RD to the rescue! Not only is she founder of Toby Amidor Nutrition, she is a food writer and has authored cookbooks, her latest being The Greek Yogurt Kitchen. As a busy working mom, Toby has had to figure out how to balance and spread daily wholesome food needs into four meals. She has sorted out what we should serve for on-the-run or sit-down snacks in order to satiate while nourishing hungry children and adults. You are in for a treat – delicious snack solutions such as Raspberry Oat Bars, Mama’s Berry Smoothie, plus Kale, White Bean or Hummus Dips with carrot sticks. On a cold afternoon why not serve and enjoy a cup of warm Lentil or Black Bean Soup topped with a dollop of Greek Yogurt!

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    Protecting Your Cells with Proper Antioxidants

    in Nutrition

    Stress from daily living produces free radicals which can lead to health challenges. 

    In this episode Dr Budweiser, founder and owner of Weiser Living, will be discussing the topic of antioxidants. He will cover questions such as:

    How antioxidants protect the cell and keep you healthy?
    What are antioxidants and why are they important?
    What food sources are high in antioxidants?
    Antioxidants & supplements. What to look for?
    When should they be taken?
    Who needs antioxidants?


    So join Dr Budweiser this coming Saturday morning for an information packed half hour! 

    In the meantime, check out his blog at www.weiserliving.com

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    All About Kale

    in Cooking

    A conversation and discussion about the much talked about KALE, with Chef Florence Quinn who teaches about holistic living through real and flavorful food.

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    THE DANGERS & DECEPTIONS OF CORN, KALE CARROTS & KIDNEY BEANS!!  TONIGHT @ 8 PM EST. 347.205.9089 This one is going to be touchy. Get ready.
    Dr. Maxwell Nartey is the founder of Symptometry. He is a therapeutic scientist and a licensed Symptometrist. He tracks down every symptom to its underlying cause in congested, inflamed and tattered cells & then provides root cause treatment by decongesting and nourishing the cells.
    Dr Nartey holds a doctorate in natural health; and also is a trained doctor of homoeopathic medicine with a solid background in cell biology, anatomy, physiology, naturopathy, nutrition, echocardiography, clinical sciences, quantum physics and pharmacology as well as in vaccines, microbiology and food science. He is a fellow at the British Institute of Homoeopathy, England.
    There is the right way and the wrong way to treat diseases at the cellular level. Symptometry is giving us the scientific information on the cells so that informed health-conscious individuals can make up their mind about what they consume.
    www.Symptometry.com www.SymptometryBooks.com

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