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    Spotlight:Kaicho Hoosain Narker, Director of the International Ashihara Karate

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    Author of "My Karate Odyssey" Kaicho Hoosain Narker the International Director for Ashihara Karate started his Martial Arts career in 1974 as a ten year old. Prior to his introduction to the Ashihara Way he has experienced various other martial arts. He has traveled the World Over in training and teaching this unique brand of Karate.

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    The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 9 interview with Professor Peter Lawson

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    Professor Peter Lawson started his experiential journey in the world of martial arts at the age of 11 years old in Jamaica, West Indies. Under the tutelage of Sensei Errol Lyn, he studied Seido Karate after which he became 2nd Belt Karate Champion of Jamaica in 1982. Eventually, at the tender age of 15 years old, he returned to New York City to attend college. In N.Y.C., World Seido Karate founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura promoted Mr. Lawson to his first black belt on October 4, 1987 after a grueling 2 hour sparring session (the final installment of a 2 week test). Later, he earned a 2nd place at the World Seido Karate Invitational Tournament, Middle Weight Division – Black belt.

    Next, Mr. Lawson intensely trained (6 days per week; up to 4 hours per day) with the late great Dr. Moses Powell in Sanucus Ryu Jiujitsu after a chance meeting in Brooklyn. First, he was invited to train at the good doctor’s residence before transferring to the infamous “When World Collide Dojo.” The rigorous training paid off when Mr. Lawson earned a 6th degree blackbelt in Sanucus Ryu Jiujitsu.

    In February of 1997, Mr. Lawson began studying a new art – Brazilian Jiujitsu – which became popular with the advent of the Ultimate Fighting Championships and Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Mr. Lawson’s study took him all over the world: Japan; Brazil; U.A.E., and throughout the U.S.A. with his illustrious instructor – Master Renzo Gracie and his family. Within his years of studying said art, Mr. Lawson won 3 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 1 Bronze medal at the Pan American Jiujitsu Championships. He, also, won a Bronze medal at the International Masters & Seniors Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    ”We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.“

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    Dynamic Dojo Show: Masters Hall of Fame nominees, Part 2

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    Sunday May 12th 6 pm: Join Sifu Restita and Sifu Robert as they welcome Professor Brian Duffy, Professor Terry Faircloth, and Shihan Dana Abbott.
    Master Brian Duffy is the owner of Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate studio (headquarters of the American Kenpo Federation), having studied Kenpo since 1970 under Master Gary Swan and Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr. He is a 7th degree black belt and 
    Professor Faircloth is a lifelong Kajukenbo stylist, having studied the Chuan Fa and Wun Hop Kuen Do branches and developed the "Faircloth Method" under Kajukenbo, considered a "system witin a system", endorsed by Kajukenbo Founder Sijo Adriano Emperado.
    Shihan Abbott began his martial arts training in the mid 1980′s. He spent more than 14 years in Japan training in the sword arts under the tutelage of Abe Hanshi and Shizawa Sensei masters in kendo, and Tanabe Kaicho and Tabuchi Hanshi masters in Goshindo and Toyama Ryu.
    The Masters Hall of Fame is a 503c not-for-profit organization established to benefit the martial arts. The Masters works to enhance Excellence

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    Critical Discourse – Aiki Jujitsu with Hanshi Robert Handley

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    For today’s show, we will air live from the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation’s (ICAJF) Spring Fling – Combat Aiki-jujutsu & Weapons Seminar, in Bear, Delaware.
    Our distinguished guest will be Hanshi Robert Handley of the ICAJF’s Fuku-Kaicho/Sensho Martial Arts School.  We also hope to meet and greet some of his contemporaries and students as well, as we learn about this comprehensive and encompassing Japanese martial arts system. 
    Hanshi Handley brings to the table, nearly 50 years of dedicated martial arts experience, which he as well as other masters, will be sharing at the Spring-Fling. It is sure to be a full and fulfilling experience for all who take part. 
    Critical Discourse will review with Hanshi Handley, some of his insights and experiences garnered for nearly ½ century in the martial arts; the basic principles of his own system, his view of other martial arts and how the martial arts in general, can benefit people in all walks of life and at any age.
    This show marks the third interview with martial arts masters, both of which were reflective and informative. I know you will enjoy this as much as you did the others.

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    Spotlight: Kaicho Jon Bluming, Founder of Kyokushin Budo Kai

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    Jon Bluming is a well-known Dutch judo and Kyokushin Kai karate teacher, Kaicho of the Kyokushin Budo Kai Organization.

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    Spotlight: KAICHO DAVID FARZINZAD, Director of the International Kyokushinkai Union, IKU

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    Kaicho David Farzinzad is the founder of IKU (International Kyokushinkai Union), which was established in 2000.Kaicho Farzinzad is the first and last person to be awarded the 5th degree from Sosai Oyama under age 30, making him the youngest 5th Dan in Kyokushin history.