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    Tokyo Monster Kahagas #57

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    Alright, so let me level with you... its been a rough week.  We didn't get a chance to put out a proper press release, confirm a guest, or even have time to sniff the daisys.
    But against our better judgement we're going to try to piece together a show.  Coming off the heels of another fantastic House Party with NWA DAWG, we're hoping you guys can help carry us on our next shows as we're still a bit hung over.
    Thankfully Kahagas joined the show and really did a great job of putting over the National Wrestling Alliance and the National Championship.  Kahagas had nothing but good things to say about reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce and how he was looking forward to a re-match against the 5 time Champion.  Kahagas also shared his oppinions on the new NWA Leadership. 

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    talkNWA: Tokyo Monster Kahagas (#29)

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    Not all Monsters from Japan are 60ft tall, green, covered in scales and breath fire.  However unlike Godzilla, Kahagas is real.  When the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship was forfeited last summer, Kahagas openly engaged the NWA Board of Directors lobbying for an opportunity to be apart of the one-night tournament.  Kahagas was not granted the opportunity.  Months would pass and Kahagas was afforded the opportunity to face off against NWA National Champion, Chance Prophet.  The Tokyo Monster and the Dark Child would battle for the belt two times with no clear cut winner at the end of the battles.  March 29th, as part of the Wrestlemania Weekend, NWA Ring Warriors will provide the 3rd encounter against Chance Prophet.  But Kahagas also has a unique opportunity to perhaps become the first NWA Triple Crown Champion because if he is successful in defeating Prophet for the National Title, he faces Pearce for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title on April 6th for Dynamo Pro in Illinois and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas on April 14th for NWA Lone Star.  We'll be talking to Kahagas to learn more about the Monster, the opportunities ahead of him, and more.
    Plus we'll play our interview with "Lovin" Nick Love.  Hailing from Solana Beach and making his name in Southern California, Nick Lovin is a former SoCal Pro Tag Team Champion

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    IHWE Radio: September 17th, 2014

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    Join us as we talk with former NWA Heavyweight Champion, TokyoMonster Kahagas. Hear stories about his career and his opinions on the current indy scene. Also, in our second hour, we will be joined by Cauliflower Alley Club Executive Vice President elect Morgan Dollar. He has a strong opinion on the brewing situation between David Fuller and IHWE Heavyweight champion Matt Riviera. Tonight's the night he lets us know what his thoughts are.

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    ITR Prime Time Event with Tokyo Monster Kahagas

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    Getch siezes the opportunity to speak with the runner up at the first ever GWT at the end of April/beginning of May,the Tokyo Monster, Kahagas. Kahagas was, of course, Getch's pick to win and someone he has closely followed for some time, so he was truly honored to get the chance to do this interview. 

    Listen in as the two talk independent wrestling, the GWT, Macho Man Randy Savage, and the colorful career of the Tokyo Monster.

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    Caged Heat w/ NWA Triple Crown Champiom, Kahagas

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    Listen in or Call in *LIVE* as the self proclaimed "Howard Stern of Professional Wrestling" goes on the AIR! And they speak their minds and dissect the world of professional wrestling. Tonight's major guest, is a NWA Triple Crown Champion, "The Tokyo Monster" Kahagas!

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    MC April 4,2012 W/ NWA Champion Tokyo Monster Kahagas

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    Tonight (Wed. 4/4/12 at 9pm CST - as usual if we have a "lot" going on, we will extend the show until 10:30 or 11pm CST) tune in to hear from the New NWA National Champion, Tokyo Monster Kahagas, hear how, where & when he won the belt from Chance Prophet, what is next in this chapter and when & where he will be coming to Texas. Here's a hint, it's just a few weeks away. Don't miss tonights show! 

    Mantell's Corral with host, Cowboy Johnny Mantell "The Pride of Montague County" each Wednesday at 9pm CST; tune in by showpage at www.blogtalkradio.com/cowboyjohnnymantell & chat or call in & listen LIVE at 1-917-889-3845, press #1 to join the show & ask a question (remember, we try to get to all of our callers but give our Guests priority!)

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    MC 9/7/11 w/ Tokyo Monster Kahagas

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    Show dedicated to "how it was, how it is & how it should be!" in the World of Professional Wrestling and Horse Racing and Life in General as seen by Cowboy Johnny Mantell!
    As we were told today, "if you don't know who I am, Google it"! hahaha
    Tune in tonight, 9/7/11, to hear show updates, information about upcoming shows in the area, and we will get a call from the Tokyo Monster Kahagas about his upcoming Re-match for the Indy World Championship vs. Tim Storm at the City of Marlin's National Night Out Police Fundraiser plus his thoughts about the upcoming NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament.
    This is Mantell's Corral, each Wednesday from 9-10pm CST, listen via the show page on BTR, on the media player located on WildWestWrestling.webs.com or by calling 1-917-889-3845, as always we love hearing from friends and fans, so if you want, press #1 to join the show!
    This week's guest will be the one and only, Tokyo Monster Kahagas, from Florida. He is one of the TOP Indy guys wrestling today. He has a few things on his mind that he wants to get off his chest and we are going to give him the format to do so!
    Tune in for Johnny and TMK, plus info about Mantell's Corral moving to another "station"... If you think we should keep this time and day let us know or if you feel we should move to another time & day, let us know that too! We appreciate any and all questions and comments - email Johnny at wildwestwrestling@yahoo.com
    See ya!!!

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    Reality Check Radio w/ NWA Champion, Kahagas & Necro Butcher

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    Listen in or Call in *LIVE* as our host(s) speak their minds on various topics including professional wrestling, entertainment, and technology. Tonight's guest(s) include the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas and a International Hardcore Veteran, The Necro Butcher. Plus, "Bizarre Facts" w/ Monica and the controversial, "1,2,3" w/ Eric Tapout.

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    Mantell's Corral 6/29/11 with Tokyo Monster Kahagas

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    Mantell's Corral with host the Pride of Montague COunty Texas, Cowboy Johnny Mantell.... with Special Guest Tokyo Monster Kahagas. TMK was the GWT Runner-Up and is a superior wrestler who travels the world reaking havoc on wrestling promotions. He is a great talent in the ring. Tune in tonight to hear all about TMK, where you can see him in action and what the future holds for him.
    Tune in Each Wednesday from 9 to 10pm CST on the BTR showpage or by calling 1-917-889-3845. Be sure to join the chatroom via the showpage...

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    Live! Interview w/ "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas

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    Join The ConKaiserDor and "Old School" Avis Hathaway as they give you the best hour of wrestling talk and banter. Joined by special guest, making his return in 2012 to the show, the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion "TOKYO MONSTER" KAHAGAS!

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    The Do Your J.O.B. Wrestling Hour w/ guest Kahagas

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    Join The ConKaiserDor and "Old School" Avis Hathaway as they give you the best hour of wrestling talk and banter. Joined by special guest, "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas!

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