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    Dr. Annie Kagan is a former New York City based chiropractor and singer/songwriter. In 1996, she left her hectic city life, and moved to a small house by the bay. While trying to figure out what to do with the next chapter of her life, her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her about the afterlife. This profound experience took her on a journey that changed the way she thought about life, death, and the universe and resulted in her bestselling debut book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life after Death,” (Hampton Roads). For more information visit www.anniekagan.com.

    Call 347-215-7536 to speak with Annie. 

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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Jeremy Kagan

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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest is Prof. Jeremy Kagan.  Our topic; “Awareness Transcends Our Personal Life & Death”

    Professor Kagan is an internationally recognized director/writer/ producer of feature films and television and a popular tenured professor. Among his ten feature film credits are the box-office hits HEROES, the political thriller THE BIG FIX, THE CHOSEN, and THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN. Among his many television shows are KATHERINE: the Making of an American Revolutionary and HBO’s CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 8. His film ROSWELL,THE UFO COVER-UP garnered a Golden Globe nomination and he directed the pilot for the hit series DR. QUINN: MEDICINE WOMAN. Other television films include, for Showtime THE COLOR OF JUSTICE about racism and BOBBIE'S GIRL about a lesbian couple and CROWN HEIGHTS about the 1991 riots which won the Humanitas Award for "affirming the dignity of every person."  Professor Kagan has won an EMMY for Dramatic Series Directing and directed many famous television shows including "West Wing" and Spielberg's "Taken." He has made films for The Doe Fund which is the most successful program in America helping the homeless and for Bioneers which organizes leaders in ecology and social justice. Professor Kagan teaches graduate courses at USC in directing and has created the Change Making Media Lab (cmml-usc.org )which has made projects on cancer prevention, obesity and ADHD. Professor Kagan has served as the Artistic Director of Robert Redford's Sundance Institute and the National Board of the Directors Guild and is Chairperson of its Special Projects providing educational, cultural and technological innovations for its 15,000 members. A Graduate Fellow of the American Film Institute, he has an M.F.A. from NYU and a B.A. from Harvard University. 

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    The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers with Author ANNIE KAGAN

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    Join Spiritual Intuitive and Consultant, Practical Magic Expert, Human Empowerment Facilitator Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Creator and Co-founder; Co-founder and EVP of NLN (N-Light-N) TV/Radio/Media and President and General Manager of NLN Radio, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he WELCOMES author ANNIE KAGAN www.AfterLifeOfBillyFingers.com

    When she was sixteen, ANNIE KAGAN was signed by a producer from Columbia Records. After ten years of performing songs in New York City clubs, ANNIE returned to college and became a chiropractor with a private practice in Manhattan. Following a chance meeting with a spiritual teacher from the East, she began an intense meditation practice that eventually led her to leave her career as a doctor and her hectic city life in search of serenity. She moved to a small house by the bay on the tip of Long Island and returned to songwriting, collaborating with Grammy Award and Emmy award-winning producer Brian Keane. When her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife, her future took a surprising turn. She recorded her conversations with Billy from the other side and published them in her debut book, The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers.

    One of the most detailed and profound after death conversations ever recorded, KAGAN's booktakes the reader beyond the near death experience. Billy's real-time account of his ongoing journey through the mysteries of deth is filled with transcendent wisdom, irreverent humor and hope.

    Join JOE and ANNIE for 60 minutes of education, transformation, inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment & fun as they discuss The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers; what happens when you die; and much more.


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    Annie Kagan - Author Of The After Life of Billy Fingers'

    in Spirituality

    Becoming Psychic Radio Show Presents

    Annie Kagan Author of 'The Afterlife of Billy Fingers' Talks to Sami B & Grant Colyer.

    Annie Kagan is not a medium or a psychic; she did not die and come back to life. In fact, when she was awakened by her deceased brother, she thought perhaps she had gone a little crazy. Inher new book 


    How My BadBoy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death,her book takes you beyond the near-­-death experience and answers one of life’s most elusive questions: “What happens after we die?”

    Also Jerry Humpries talks about the Blood Moon and it's affects on us.

    This is a pre recorded show but keep listening in for when our LIVE shows start airing in June 2014 with special guests from across the globe and FREE LIVE readings with non other then UK TV Psychic and Medium Grant Colyer also known as 'Mr Validator' for the amazing information he can bring through from your loved ones in spirit for you, as well as future predictions.

    For full details visit our website www.becomingpsychic.co.uk 

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    The MM"Eh" Show Presents: Emily Kagan And Sheldon Westcott

    in MMA

    Live this sunday night the MM"Eh" Show returns with a bang. Starting the show off is Invicta FC star Emily Kagan. We will of course discuss her lengthly amateur career a well as her time in Invicta and much much more. Joining the show later in the evening is The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada Vs Australia finalist Sheldon Westcott. The next generation of Edmonton MMA fighters Sheldon reperesented the city well making it all the way to the finals of his season of TUF. We will bediscussing Sheldons long road to the UFC, His time in MFC and much much more so be sure to check it out Live on Sunday May 18th starting at 6 PM MTN/ 8 EST

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    The Afterlife with Annie Kagan

    in Spirituality

    Our guest is Annie Kagan, a former chiropractor and singer-songwriter who thought perhaps she had gone a little crazy when her deceased brother began speaking to her just weeks after his unexpected death.  A long-time meditator, she was a ready channel for the extraordinary after death communications that ensued – and continue. She has recorded the story in her new book, THE AFTERLIFE OF BILLY FINGERS: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death.
    Answering one of life’s most elusive questions :“What happens after we die?” Annie’s book offers one of the most detailed and profound after death communications ever recorded.

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    Annie Kagan on The Shelly Wilson Show

    in Spirituality

    Special Guest ~ Annie Kagan, author of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
    http://www.afterlifeofbillyfingers.com/ Annie Kagan, a chiropractor and songwriter living in Manhattan, abandoned her hectic city life in search of serenity in a small, secluded house by the bay.
    When her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife, Annie agreed to accompany him on his journey through the mysteries of death. As Billy reaches from the “other side” to change his sister’s life and the lives of those around her, he shares secrets about the bliss and wonder to come in the afterlife.
    The fascinating, true story of her on-going, after death communication with her brother Billy is recounted in her debut book: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There is Life After Death
    Shelly Wilson is an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. Her mission is to assist others on their own journey into consciousness and encourage them to live an authentic life through awareness and empowerment. Her intention is to bring understanding, help you to heal from the past and realize your full potential.
    Shelly hosts “The Shelly Wilson Show” and “Journey into Consciousness” Blog Talk Radio. She offers private mediumship readings, intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki healing sessions, and teaches classes and workshops. Shelly's books, 28 Days to a New YOU and Connect to the YOU Within, are available in all electronic formats as well as in paperback. Her courses, Stop Existing and Start Living! and Opening Your Heart to Love are available through the DailyOM.

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    Join Team JGlobal as we discuss this wonderful opportunity of Jeunesse Global

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    Join Team JGlobal as we discuss this wonderful opportunity of Jeunesse Global.  Now is the perfect time for you to et involved with ua.

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    The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: Annie Kagan

    in Paranormal

    When one of our family or friends moves on to the next part of their journey, it is so hard for us to let go sometimes.  Annie Kagan’s brother William Cohen aka Billy Fingers woke her up one morning a few weeks after his death. Annie thought she was dreaming…she wasn’t.  Annie has written a best-selling book called “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”. In her book Annie shares what Billy told her about the afterlife.  Next Friday night, August 2nd, Annie will be with us to talk to us about her book and what Billy told her about the other side. Billy’s story is amazing and it will give us a real insight into what truly is on the other side.
    Call in with questions: 661-244-9831

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    Dr Peggy Parker discusses the many benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

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    Dr Peggy Parker discusses the many benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water.

    Please Join us today to understand why Jeunesse is the fastest growing company on the DSA. 

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