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    The Exciting World of K9 Nosework

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    Can you fathom how sensitive your dog's nose is? Can you imagine being able to sniff out cancer cells? Or detect when someone's blood sugar drops, just by how it smells? Our dogs are noses with four legs, and one of the best ways to understand how they experience the world, is to understand their sense of smell.

    Did you also know that there is a canine unemployment epidemic in the U.S.? That's right - your dog wants to work, and unless he's lucky, probably doesn't have much to think think about. The sport of K9 Nosework is one of the best ways to deepen your bond with your dog, provide him with a constructive outlet for his mental energy, and give him an opportunity to use his incredible sense of smell!

    Dog behavior and training expert, Julie Forbes, talks with professional scent detection training and handler, and Certified Nosework Instructor, Miriam Rose about the wonderful world of K9 Nosework. Just search for K9 Nosework in your area and get your dog enrolled today! It is one the best gifts you can give your dog!

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    Antonio Rodriguez; USAF Retired, Olive Branch K9 Owner & Saving Private K9 TV

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    Antonio (Arod) Rodriguez - retired SMSgt/E-8 USAF and owner/senior consultant at Olive Branch K9, LLC. Joins Actor R. Lee Ermey for "Saving Private K-9" TV series that details the incredible relationships between military and law enforcement service dogs and their handlers. A combat veteran of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Currently provides comprehensive K-9 management and training solutions for domestic law enforcement, military and private security organizations around the world. Expertise includes canine education and training, high-risk tactical operations, counter IED operations, program management and advisory support. Recognized throughout the military K-9 community as a subject matter expert in the employment of K-9 teams in both law enforcement and combat arenas. Previously utilized expertise in the creation and implementation of the USAF’s first combat K-9 pre-deployment course, thereby providing premier joint warfighter capability to combatant commanders worldwide.

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    Project Paws Alive : Nationwide nonprofit providing protective K9 equipment

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    Project Paws Alive is a nationwide non-profit raising money to provide protective K9 equipment to Law Enforcement, Fire, Search & Rescue, and Military K-9s. We also provide specialized Pet Oxygen Recovery Mask kits to Fire, Rescue, and EMS in the US. Our mission is to provide combo stab/bullet-protective K9 vests, K9 first aid field trauma kits, K9 cooling vests, K9 heat alarms, and other vital K9 equipment to Law Enforcement, Fire, Search and Rescue, and Military K-9s throughout the US.

    Project Paws Alive is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit and does not get paid. Funds are raised by donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers. All monies go directly to purchasing equipment.

    We exist because 92% of all K-9 units and agencies nationwide do not have the ability or funds needed to purchase this vital K9 equipment to protect their K9s. Many K9 units are run solely on donations.

    K9 units are typically classified as "non-essential specialty units" nationwide; which means they receive little to no funding and cannot afford the high-dollar protective equipment that can save the lives of the K9s and, in most cases, can also save the officer's life.

    Please join us in helping to "Protect The K9s Who Protect Us" nationwide. Consider making a tax-deductible donation or becoming a volunteer at http://ProjectPawsAlive.org/

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    Police K9 Author Adam David Russ and Salt Lake City Police K9 Officer Mike Serio

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    Author, Adam David Russ and Officer Michael Serio of the Salt Lake City Police K9 Unit in Utah join us to talk about Russ’ book ,"Bloodhound in Blue: The True Tales of Police Dog JJ and His Two-Legged Partner" which highlights the life of 10-year-old K-9 JJ, who worked for the Salt Lake City Police Department with Officer Serio. The book takes you on an amazing journey as you learn how with JJ's ability to sniff out suspects and Serio's apprehension skills, the duo caught murderers, rapists, and drug dealers, often tracking them over fences and through crowded city blocks and dense forests. They also captured one of Utah's Most Wanted. Together the team changed the way police units operate today and both JJ and Officer Serio were awarded the Salt Lake City Officer of the Year Award, an award that Officer Serio has won twice; the only officer in state history to achieve this.

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    Law Enforcement Hero Dog Award Winner K9 Lakota & Officer T. Fox and wife Corey

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    K9 Lakota served alongside Officer Travis Fox for less than four years but made remarkable achievements in his short career, among them more than 80 apprehensions, 28 drug seizures, six vehicle seizures, the recovery of stolen property, and the seizure of $60,000. K9 Lakota's career was ended prematurely en route to a home invasion call when Officer Fox and K9 Lakota ended up in a serious car accident. The accident split the car in two, ejecting both the officer and the dog from the car. K9 Lakota was not expected to live but his strong spirit fought on and after four surgeries (with more expected in his future), he is enjoying life in retirement. His work and his will to fight and live have shown his heroic side and he has brought people all over the world together for his cause. His story is now being used to help change laws for Law Enforcement Officer K9s so that they are better protected by their departments in case they are injured in the line of duty. K9 Lakota has been a true hero both in the line of duty and in retirement.

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    Pet Radio- Munchkin the Senior Beagle and K9 First Responders

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    Munchkin is a senior beagle missing most of his teeth with his tongue hanging out, but that does not stop him from living life to the fullest! Alex Cross shares Munchkins story with us.

    K9 First Responders was formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and provides therapy dog teams to scenes of disaster and great emotional trauma. Brad Cole joins us to share with us the heroic work this organization is doing and how they are taking the work of therapy dogs to a whole new level.


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    Rev. Bill McDonald Known in the military veteran community as the ultimate advocate and supporter of both his fellow Vietnam Veterans and former South Vietnamese military allies. He has been assisting and aiding both communities since the end of the Vietnam War and his own return to civilian life. He lobbies both the California State legislature as well as Congress as a pro bono crusader of veteran rights and issues.Bill was a Huey helicopter crew-chief/door-gunner with the famed “Tomahawks” -128th Assault Helicopter Company in Phu Loi, South Vietnam in 1966-67. This was one of the most decorated helicopter units in the war. He was awarded many medals and ribbons including The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star Medal, 14 Air Medals, The Purple Heart Medal. His unit was also awarded The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was wounded in Nam and has some ongoing injuries that he still deals with today.The California State Assembly as well as The California State Senate honored him with a certificates for his services to the veteran community for over 40 years. Congresswoman Doris Matsui also presented a formal congressional recognition for his services over the last several decades nation wide, as well as within her own congressional district.

    Matthew Merz
    born in 1973 in the great state of Texas
    father is a 37 year retired US Army Ranger ,mother was a stay at home mom ,grew up a military brat -mostly Alaska, Central and South America large family of 4 brothers and 5 sisters ,Boy Scouts of America –Eagle Scout 1992 graduated high school in Tucson, AZ
    attended college at both Pima Community College and the University of Arizona, Tucson joined the Tucson Police Department in 1999
    have 16 years total as a police officer ,last 3 years have been in the Tucson Police K9 unit married 19 years have two boys, 14yrs and 11yrs old


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    This is a place for spouses of veterans to easily access information and share the ups and downs of leaving the military lifestyle.
    We all heard the term at one point on another during our spouse's time in the military. Household 6.We were the support group, caretaker, wife/husband, launder, chef, friend, and a plethora of other hats. Our spouse has gotten out, but the above jobs haven't dissipated, in fact for many it has become harder.Both the veteran and the spouse are adjusting.This is a safe place to help process that adjustment.After realizing how little support is available for veteran's spouses, we decided to do something about it.We are bringing resources such as ETS'ing information, disability information, little to no cost counseling,reading material, blogs, career information (including companies that hire and companies that help with resume writing), PTSD/TBI support,businesses you can locally support that are veteran or veteran spouse owned,K9 organization,as well as better known sources such as the VA,American Legion, and DAV into one place.From the minute the military member transitions to a veteran,this is where you can go for reliable and helpful information.Our goal is to unite the veteran community and provide families with the necessary resources to thrive upon leaving the military.

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    Mind-Body-Spirit: Living a Holistic Life - Guest Steve Utter

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    Steve Utter has a Bachelors degree of Science from Arizona State University in biology/zoology.  He was pre-med during college but instead of becoming a doctor he went on to develop many products. He has 7 patents and one of his inventions was the Misty Mate, a personal portable cooling device that can be worn around the waist to keep the air around you 30 degrees cooler. Thousands of misty mates were donated to our troops in the Desert Storm war in Iraq.  After selling the misty mate company he started developing dietary supplements from some unique products. The main products were Egg membrane joint support and lignans. Lignans are phytonutrients that help balance hormones. They help women with menopause because they help balance estrogen, they help promote better prostate health in men because they help balance testosterone and they help dogs reduce cortisol levels which is a stress hormone.  Steve's company is called products development, llc and his brand names for his dietary supplements are Lignans For Life and K9 Choice. Steve has been married to his college sweetheart for 33 years and lives in Chandler, AZ.


    Dr. Renè David Alkalay is a life-long student of meditation, Yoga science, Kabbalah, and the religious and philosophical texts of the East and West, and is the author of numerous articles and books. In private practice as a naturopathic practitioner since 1980, he provides holistic services at the Genesis Tree of Life Wellness Center offering help with nutrition, weight management, pain and illnesses, fitness and holistic treatment for cancer patients. Genesis Society (501 c3) is the not-for-profit organization Dr. Renè David Alkalay offers help to veterans and yoga classes for children with cancer.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

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    Reed Intro and Welcome


    Reed is doing a Webinar with Steve Wright on How To Build Your Practice

    Practitioner Spotlight:  Beginning Interview with Jenn Culver Malecha

    Reed: “how did D (Diet) and R (Rest) come about? 

    Jenn:  Making 3 main points to share that simplify what you do as a FDN-P.

    Jenn:  The importance of following up with the 90 day protocol and testing. 

    Reed:  “The market for ‘us’ is growing exponentially”

    Jen:  Discussing welcome gifts to clients who do her programs.

    Jen:  Working Smarter not Harder.  Taking on 2-3 clients/month

    Reed:  How he started with 2-3 kits and move to 5 kits.  Learning how your beliefs can inhibit how you work. 

    Brandon and Jen:  How setting expectations on retesting prepares you and your client for success.

    Brandon asking Question:  “How do you Market?  What do you do to build your Business?”

    Reed Closing

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    Rob Rose

    I joined the Navy at 26, December of 1992. I went through Boot Camp at NTC Great Lakes Following that I went to NAS Pensacola to attend Aircrew Candidate School and Rescue Swimmer School. After graduating RSS I went to NAS Millington near Memphis Tennessee for “A” school which involved Oceanography as well as basic radar theory. After I completed the course work there I went to NAS Brunswick to attend SERE school. This took place in an area around Rangely Maine. It was late October and wet,very wet. From there I went to NS Mayport and was assigned to HSL-46, the Grandmasters in the training pipeline or RAG (Replacement Air Group) . I spent 9 months there and transitioned to HSL-44 the Swamp Foxes as an active Aircrewman. I deployed on the USS Resnor and the USS Simpson supporting AuSW, ASW and Counter Drug Operations. I had 600 hrs in the SH-60 Bravo. If there was anything I was built for was flying in the 60 Bravo.

    Christopher Lewis – Christopher is the founder of Krav K9 and Tactical and the lead K9 and Tactical Firearms trainer. He graduated from the DKA academy for dog training excellence with certifications in tracking and detection, competition obedience and protection. He was trained by world champion competitor, Dave Kroyer. With focus on perfect obedience and fierce protection, Chris and his personal protection dog enjoy competing in multiple ring sport events. He is also a state of Texas licensed CHL instructor with an extensive knowledge of tactical firearm experience.


    Master Firearms Instructor / Defensive Tactics Instructor / Tactical Medicine Instructor / OP-K9CC Instructor
    8 years ARMY with 4 years SOF 3/75 Ranger Regiment, 68WW1 (Special Operations Combat Medic)