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    The Juvenile Justice System - A Dangerous Web

    in Education

    The juvenile justice and criminal justice systems ensnare far too many black and brown boys and men. Increasingly, women are caught in this dangerous web too. On this episode of Know-It-All, we are exploring the contours of some of the barriers to mental health and developmental wellness for communities of color that can lead to mass incarceration.

    Dr. Troy Waller is a licensed professional counselor with 15 years of counseling experience. He explains the implications of the breaks in various systems - education, criminal justice, and health care - that keep those systems from adequately protecting and serving black and brown people. He'll share his insights about how these systemic failures manifest and show up in the lives of adults, no matter their socioeconomic status.

    Host Allison R. Brown is a civil rights attorney and founder of Allison Brown Consulting (ABC), which creates education equity plans and promotes equity in education in compliance with federal civil rights law.

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    Youth Bullying and the Juvenile Justice System

    in Education

    Cassidy McMillan is an award-winning Filmmaker, Actress, Speaker and Media Contributor. Her current film which she Directed/Produced/Wrote, is the award-winning Documentary Film on bullying and precedent setting bullycide court case, Bullies And Friends, which is being prepped for worldwide release with a global distribution company.  For the Documentary, Cassidy worked with educators, parents, students, counselors, government leaders, and law enforcement and judicial officials. Due to her work and research, Cassidy is a recognized Expert, Speaker and Consultant on bullying prevention, relational aggression, and legal issues regarding youth bullying and the juvenile justice system. Cassidy's a Member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, (SAG-AFTRA), and acts in TV, Film, Theater, Commercials, Voice-Overs. She's worked on projects for Showtime, NBC, Warner Bros., AMC Network, ABC, Discovery, etc. She helms McMillan FilmWorks, Ltd an independent film company in California which works to produce projects on causes and issues affecting our world including Social Justice, Animal Rights, Bullying, Environment. Visit http://www.cassidymcmillan.com/#!gallery/c2143 to learn more about Cassidy and her film work. 




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    Tribal Youth and Juvenile Justice

    in Legal

    Tribal Youth and Juvenile Justice: Promoting Resiliency, Youth Engagement, and Delinquency Prevention
    American Indiana and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children and youth have historically been overrepresented in systems, including the juvenile justice system. This has severely impacted AI/AN youth and also the tribal communities’ ability to provide resources and services to tribal youth and their families. Stephanie Autumn and Gerry RainingBird from the Education Development Center, Tribal Programs join this episode of Spotlight on Youth to provide an overview of the demographics of tribal youth at risk for or involved in delinquency matters, discuss the unique risk and protective factors, and share promising practices in prevention and intervention. Guests will also explore the complexities of juvenile justice reform in tribal communities as complicated by the potential multiple jurisdictional issues and the distinct traditions of each tribe.

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    Juvenile Justice and Youth Issues

    in Lifestyle

    July is Juvenile Justice and Youth Issues Month Prisoner’s Perspective >>>> More on US v. Blewett, No. 12-5226, Filings, Petitions, etc.  >>>>Children of Incarcerated Parents – In the Courtroom – Dear Judge by Phillip Gaines, told by his mother Dorothy Gaines >>>> News that Matters>>>>Inclosing>>>>Events of Interest  

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    Quick Take Ohio: Recognizing the Journey in Ohio's Juvenile Corrections System

    in Legal

    In January 2015, the report, Realigning Juvenile Corrections in Ohio to Reinvest in What Works was released documenting the changes that have occurred at the state-level in Ohio's juvenile justice system. Ohio has been highlighted nationally as one state that has been progressive and aggressive in its juvenile justice reforms. The report focuses on the components that came together to support the effort of reducing incarceration and creating more evidence-based alternatives for long-term community savings. Gabriella Celeste, the author of the report, provides a historical overview of the shift in Ohio, including the key fiscal elements that continue to make ongoing reform feasible. 

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    School Violence, Sayreville Football and the Juvenile Justice System

    in Sports

    This episode @SportSXMichelle talks with professional wrestler, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, about the situation that happened in Sayreville, New Jersey regarding the allegations of sexual assault.  The conversation will focus on school violence and the questions pertaining to the juvenile justice system, and kids being tried as adults.  In addition, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, will share what's going on in the pro-wrestling scene.  Be sure to follow Mary Elizabeth on Twitter, @WrestlerMEM.  Thanks, as always, for your continued support of this independent broadcast. @Sportsxmichelle 

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    Juvenile Justice and Youth Issues

    in Lifestyle

    July is Juvenile Justice and Youth Issues Month Prisoner’s Perspective >>>> More on US v. Blewett, No. 12-5226, Filings, Petitions, etc.  >>>>Children of Incarcerated Parents – In the Courtroom – Dear Judge by Phillip Gaines, told by his mother Dorothy Gaines >>>> News that Matters>>>>Inclosing>>>>Events of Interest  

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    Corrupt Criminal Justice System

    in Politics

    Tonight we will continue to discuss this corrupt criminal justice system as we have been doing for many years.

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    Juvenile Justice Reform in Virginia

    in Youth

    Tune in this Thursday when we take a look at Virginia’s sentencing structure for juveniles. We will be interviewing Kate Duvall, an attorney with JustChildren. She represents individual youth who have been given blended juvenile and adult sentences in unique sentence review hearings. Kate is also involved with Virginia’s Don’t Throw Away the Key campaign, which is focused on reducing the number of youth who are transferred to adult court. We will be discussing how Virginia’s juvenile transfer laws got to where there are today, how JustChildren thinks the laws should change in the future, and how to get involved in the Don’t Throw Away the Key campaign. Don’t miss another great show!

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    "The Law of Justice - Justice for All"

    in Religion

    The desire for justice is almost universal. In our temporal world, wars are fought to liberate the oppresed. Great movements rise from the desire to free those who suffer injustice at the hands of tyranny.From this fundamental desire of God for His people, we are reminded of two basic truths: (1) Godis the ulmtimate judge of all, practicing pure justice in all His dealings with humanity and (2) God commands His people to practicace justice in all their dealings with one another as well as in the world around them.

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    Episode 1: Restorative Justice

    in Culture

    I sit down with lawyer, social worker and fellow Evanstonian, Betsy Lehman Levisay, to discuss personal perspectives and examples of Restorative Justice in action. We touch upon youth violence, the school-to-jail pipeline, alternatives for juvenile offenders, and how the Restorative Justice philosophy brings communities together. Using her education and experience in social work and law, Betsy Lehman Levisay discusses why the "skies parted" when she discovered Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice is more than a tool employed by police; it also serves as a community-building tool when used in nearly every setting, bringing a deeper sense of understanding and empathy to members of any community. This podcast was generously brought to from The Studios at Evanston S.P.A.C.E. For upcoming shows and performances, go to EvanstonSpace.com. Thanks for listening.

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