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    Psychotropics, CPS, Nancy Schaefer, Juvenile Detention

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    06/25/2013  Today's Topic - Psychotropic drugs administered to juveniles in detention facilities and foster care. Other topics involving juvenile detention, parents rights, CPS. The life and death of Senator Nancy Schaefer - parental rights advocate who was murdered in a 'murder/suicide' that claimed the lives of her and her husband. More on Nancy Schaefer here: 10 minute runtime video - 'Nancy Schaefer exposes the evil CPS' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TcDTJlPWbE Another great interview here: CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 1 of 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwBBK7MOtDU Hosts for today Jessica and Kimberly
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    WOLF BYTES: Juvenile Justice/Injustice

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    Tonight we will be talking about the deplorable state of our state and federal justice systems when they are applied to our juvenile population.


    Join us in the chat room, or you can even call in and be part of the live discussion: 347-945-7065


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    The NFL, Child Abuse, Sex Trafficking and Juvenile Prostitution

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    INSIDE THE NFL will be a three part series, which will be candid discussions about going “Inside the NFL”, and examining race, drugs, domestic violence, child abuse, and player discipline. 

    NFL, Clubs, and Players Union – Be careful what you ask for? 

    Is the NFL really serious about violence against women or is their agenda self-serving?  Is the goal of the NFL to maintain endorsements and sponsorship or embrace and develop programs and services that promote self-awareness for abusers and victims of domestic violence? Why has the NFL been vocal about domestic violence and protecting alleged victims who can make decisions for themselves, but silent concerning child abuse, sex trafficking and juvenile prostitution, which plague the League, its clubs and players?

    This episode will examine how the NFL has handled the recent allegations of domestic violence and child abuse.  We will discuss whether the role of the NFL and its players union should include disciplinary actions against players for acts committed in their personal lives.  We will also examine whether disciplinary action has been or is fair and impartial and what role does race play, if at all, in addressing off the field acts committed by players.  Finally, this episode will examine whether the NFL has been inclusive or exclusive in handling issues like drugs, domestic violence, and race and off the field acts committed by its players.  

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    Youth Bullying and the Juvenile Justice System

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    Cassidy McMillan is an award-winning Filmmaker, Actress, Speaker and Media Contributor. Her current film which she Directed/Produced/Wrote, is the award-winning Documentary Film on bullying and precedent setting bullycide court case, Bullies And Friends, which is being prepped for worldwide release with a global distribution company.  For the Documentary, Cassidy worked with educators, parents, students, counselors, government leaders, and law enforcement and judicial officials. Due to her work and research, Cassidy is a recognized Expert, Speaker and Consultant on bullying prevention, relational aggression, and legal issues regarding youth bullying and the juvenile justice system. Cassidy's a Member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, (SAG-AFTRA), and acts in TV, Film, Theater, Commercials, Voice-Overs. She's worked on projects for Showtime, NBC, Warner Bros., AMC Network, ABC, Discovery, etc. She helms McMillan FilmWorks, Ltd an independent film company in California which works to produce projects on causes and issues affecting our world including Social Justice, Animal Rights, Bullying, Environment. Visit http://www.cassidymcmillan.com/#!gallery/c2143 to learn more about Cassidy and her film work. 




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    Juvenile Law & Our Children

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    What are the aims and views of the Juvenile Justice System? What programs are in place to prevent return offenders from future infractions. What is racial disparities and disproportionate representation of the inner-city youth and does that terminology describe the afro-decent or mask the behaviors of other ethnicities therein? Join our Host (Kevin) and Co-Host (Michael)  as we welcome our special guest The Honorable Judge Bobby Simmons as we tackle some of the tough realities of inner-city juvenile behaviors,injustices, educational disadvantages and the repurcussions of poor adult supervision and rearing.....

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    Episode 325 Juvie Pranksters or Juvenile Thugs?

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    Some say that kids will be kids. Juveniles stealing, vandelizing and roaming our streets is harmless

    Something all kids go through.

    But an uptick in violent crimes perpartrated by juvenile mobs has police in many metroplitians sending out warnings and circling the wagons to fight theses mobs.

    Knock-out "games" has been the latest craze and many roam in packs like wild dogs.

    As private officers, what can we do? How we react if threatened by such packs of criminally minded teens?

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    School Violence, Sayreville Football and the Juvenile Justice System

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    This episode @SportSXMichelle talks with professional wrestler, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, about the situation that happened in Sayreville, New Jersey regarding the allegations of sexual assault.  The conversation will focus on school violence and the questions pertaining to the juvenile justice system, and kids being tried as adults.  In addition, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, will share what's going on in the pro-wrestling scene.  Be sure to follow Mary Elizabeth on Twitter, @WrestlerMEM.  Thanks, as always, for your continued support of this independent broadcast. @Sportsxmichelle 

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    Help Your Juvenile Delinquent Teenager Create a New Identity

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    Judge Frank Szymanski is a juvenile Court Judge in Detroit, elected to serve in one of the busiest juvenile court’s in the nation. Responsible for hearing cases of juvenile delinquency (crime) and parental neglect and abuse. Duties include case supervision for rehabilitation of neglectful and abusive parents and some of the most dangerous and troubled youth in America. While the court is known as the juvenile court, JUDGE FRANK refers to it as the COURT OF TRANSFORMATION and employs the principles of IDENTITY DESIGN to spur personal remodeling of individuals whose challenges bring them to court. 

    Even your worst behaved teenagers have a chance for success. Judge Frank is the founder of the IDENTITY DESIGN PROGRAM with the 760 MAD MINUTE PLAN, an inter active course of personal development offered to promote the ability to design the identity you need to get the life you want. The promotion of productive, successful, generous and joyful living.  http://www.askjudgefrank.com

    Find Judge Frank and 30 other experts and specialists who can help you at http://www.ccflglobalacademy.com 

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    #TheCypher on #TheCorner Talks about Juvenile Signing w/Cash Money & More

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    Meet #TheCypher at the intersection of ARTISTRY & CULTURE as they discuss some of the most pressing issues in our society, nothing is off limits! Also be on watch out for special guests. This week the crew will discuss Juvenile's decision to sign with his old label Cash Money, as well as Slim Thug VS Kobe, and Katt Williams, and Suge Knight being arrested.

  • You Can No Longer Video Tape The Police In Illinois,,Is Your State Next?

    in Current Events

    Great show concerning the policing of the police when it comes to the surge in deaths by the hands of police officers.  Many of our people in urban cities especailly are saying enough's enough and are throwing up there hands in protest to the deaths of our dear brother MIke Brown and many others.. that we'll discuss in this broadcast tonight.

  • Indie Books Show #66 (Mary Barr)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 
    Author Mary Barr joins me this week to talk about her books.  We'll discuss her novellas, novels & juvenile fiction titles.
    From her novella The Publisher:
    Each day with trust and good faith we send our beloved children off to school. We assume they arrive safely, enjoy time with their friends and learn their lessons. We think we know where they are and who they’re with. But life can change in a heartbeat, so can circumstances, places and people and, as a result we never remain the same. Change is often good, sometimes bad, but always constant. The Publisher takes you into the lives of the Smelt family. Joe, Suzanne and their two children, six year old Libby and thirteen year old Connor.
    It is a normal school day just like any other, until Joe – the publisher – begins reading a manuscripts. In the manuscript he learns that his children are not at school. They have been kidnapped and are being held hostage until the ransom is paid. Each detail of what he must do is precisely laid out as another page of the manuscript unfolds. Suzanne has done someone wrong and, if she can right the situation her children will go free, if not, they will die. And so, they sit and wait for the knock on the door and the next installment of the manuscript that holds within its pages their children’s fate.
    For more information about Mary Barr and her books:

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