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    JuneTeenth is...

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    JuneTeenth is a celebration of freedom. An American celebration of freedom. A new beginning. It was JuneTeenth 1865, 2 1/2 years after slavery was no longer legal in America, that General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, TX to free the last American slaves. Texas seceded because of the intent to keep slaves. After all, slaves were property. Texans wasn't letting even the federal government take away their property. It took an army to free the last slaves. Freedom still had and still has prices to be paid. Bills were passed to help the freed slaves. But White men protested helping the now freed "Negroes". White men said helping freed slaves would only cause the Negroes to not want to sustain themselves. Ignorance of what. Today, the same statements are made. We work for little money. The results is working poor qualify for food stamps and other support services. Then GOP says poor people are not contributing to this country. Similar statements were made today by congress rep. Newt said poor children does not know anything about working for money. Newt said no one works in poor communities. These are words from the days of freedom for slaves. Slaves worked and built farms, companies, railroads, roads and byways. Slaves cooked, cleaned, raised animals, raised masters children, cared for livestock, created tools, with work skills the learned in Africa. Knowledge proved powerful. For the works of the slaves helped slaves to purchase their families and buy their own freedom. After all, . the greed of the White Wealthy Men reigned over all else. As is today for too many. JuneTeenth we celebrate a coming of age for America. Not just freedom of slaves. For a chain cannot be any stronger than its weakest link America. Together we stand. Divided we fall.

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    A Juneteenth Celebration - Republican Style

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    Be First In Media and the Travis County Republican Party will be celebrating Juneteenth at Rosewood Park in Austin Texas. Join us as we will be talking about the history of Juneteenth, Freedom, Liberty and so much more! Great guests and great friends will be joining the fun. Listen in!

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    Kicking it on Juneteenth

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    Come kick it with Ilya and Quintan as we discuss all things Juneteenth.  
    What is Juneteenth?
    Why do we celebrate?

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    Today, we are going to turn our attention to Juneteenth.Juneteenth is a very important day in the most African Communities.  Why?  Because this is the actual day that Enslaved Africans were freed or supposedly have been freed; but, it took until July 4th some two months later before they were informed.
    So today, I will address its Origin.  It was on June 19, 1865, when the Union General, Gordon Granger brought the news to Galveston, Tex., informing inhabitants that the Civil War's had ended two months earlier. Two and a half years passed before Abraham Lincoln, the then President i.e. 16th President signed into law the Emancipation Proclamation.  It was General Granger's Order Number 3 that finally freed the last 250,000 Enslaved Afrikan people.  The Union States did not recognize the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln on June 19th.   So, "Juneteenth" among some African-American communities is an addendum to the national Independence Day of July 4th.  

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    Juneteenth, Mexican Warrior Gaspar Yanga, with Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux

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    Tonight at 8pm ET join The Gist of Freedom as host, Preston Washington welcomes the world renowned Juneteenth Historian/Actress, Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux! Melissa, a Texan will discuss Juneteenth and The Buffalo Soldiers. Please feel Free to call in ~ 347.324.5552! BlackHistoryBlog.com

    Tonight The Gist of Freedom dedicates this show to Mexican Warrior Gaspar Yanga!

    The first town of freed African slaves in the Americas is not exactly where you would expect to find it — and it isn't exactly what you'd expect to find either. First, it's not in the United States. Yanga, on Mexico's Gulf Coast, Known as the Primer Libertador de America or “first liberator of the Americas,” is a sleepy pueblito founded by its namesake, Gaspar Yanga.

    Yanga an enslaved African who taking the role of spiritual and military leader, led a rebellion against his Spanish colonial slavers in the late 16th century and fought off attempts to retake the settlement.

    Gaspar Yanga led one of colonial Mexico’s first successful slave uprisings and would go on to establish one of the Americas earliest free black settlements. Gaspar structured the agricultural community in an ordered capacity, allowing its growth and occupation of various locations.

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    What is Juneteenth?

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    Air Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
    Juneteenth commemorates the day Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves. 
    Source: Wikipedia

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    What Exactly is The JuneTeenth Holiday About?

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    JuneTeenth is about the lives of people from the mother land, Africa who became Americans, not by immigration by by trade and thievery. Africa, the documented earliest home to all mankind. Africa, the land of over 800 languages and 5 major types of people. Negroids, Pygmpoids, Bushmanoids, Caucasoids and Mongoloids. It was in Africa where the salve trade was established. It was on the coast of West Africa in the mid 1400's by the Portuguese. It is said the first Africans were captivies in their home lands and were traded for goods to people who came in ships from other countries. The trade of Africans for goods would become the thievery of Africans and this would go on 1400's to mid 1800's and would become known as the slave trade. Africans were taken into other countries and used as slaves. It is estimated that at it's peak africans were being stolen from West Africa at an average of 100,000 to 130,000 a year. Most of these Africans were brought to America. Before I explain the timeline of Juneteenth, please take time and listen to my 2013 JuneTeenth show. And I'll talk to you on this show about the slave revolt in America which was the beginning of freedom of the once African slaves. Rebellion to Revolution

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    A Juneteenth Celebration - Republican Style Hour 1

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    Be First In Media, the Travis County Republican Party (TCRP), and T-SPAN will be celebrated Juneteenth at Rosewood Park in Austin Texas. Join James "Pokey" Ritter and I as we will be talking about the history of Juneteenth, Freedom, Liberty and so much more! In the first hour, we had guests: Austin City Council Candidate Andrew Bucknall and TCRP Head James Dickey, and one of the TCRP Precint Chairs, Peggy Cravens on the show to talk about Juneteenth and freedom


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    A Juneteenth Celebration - Republican Style Hour 2

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    Be First In Media, the Travis County Republican Party (TCRP), and T-SPAN will be celebrated Juneteenth at Rosewood Park in Austin Texas. Join James "Pokey" Ritter and I as we will be talking about the history of Juneteenth, Freedom, Liberty and so much more! In the second hour, we had guests: Corey Tabor, Adam Cahnman, candidate for Travis County Judge, Mike McNamara, and Be First In Media co-founder, Craig Bushon!

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    Celebrating Juneteenth on The Forbidden Fruit! FREE AT LAST! .......kinda

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    On June 19th, 1865, slaves in Texas found out that they were FREE...Woo Hoo! Only thing, this was 2 1/2 years after President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves everywhere else. I guess good news travels slow. Facebook was only 139 years away...damn! Join us here on the FRUIT as we celebrate with Texas on getting the word. How do you celebrate Juneteenth?

    Don't miss it, this could be fun! 

    Call in number: 347-202-0492

    email address: AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Juneteenth, History Lost

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    Juneteenth, a blend of June and Nineteenth symbolizing June 19th, is a celebration of the announcement of the abolition of slavery on June 18,1865 in Galveston, Texas. This occurred due to the state of Texas's refusal to comply with the Emancipation Proclamation signed into law by president Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862. I have listed these facts for one reason, many people today do not know what Juneteenth is all about and approach it as just another excuse to fire up the grill. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma the site of this year's celebration has been moved to the Brady District, an area named for one of the leaders of the KKK at time of the 1921 Race Riot. What does this mean? Can you celebrate in an area where your ancestors were slaughtered?  Can you really move on from something without addressing it? Please join us this Sunday, June 23 from 3p-5p and give your opinion on this very emotional topic. Log on at blogtalkradio.com/rapsessions or call in at 347.857.2097.