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    Chicken Cheeseburger

    in Relationships

    Tonights topic will be: Jumpoffs/SideChicks..are they winning???

    Raw & uncut talk at its finest, never rehearsed.....

    Listen at your own risk....



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    Sports,Lies&Videotapes Grand Opening Show

    in Entertainment

    We welcome everyone to S,L&V  where Real Sports meets Real Drama

    Guest call in analyst NBA.com's Sekou Smith

    Brady vs Manning is over   did it live up to the hype? Has Peyton Manning cemented his legacy and who is now the better quarterback?

    Richard Sherman  Did he go to far? Did he cross the line with his insult of Michael Crabtree  or has the media just blowned it out of proportion Twitter reacts

    Super Bowl XLVlll is set  Who is your early favorite  The Broncos or  Seahawks we will  start to break it down

     Let Melo Go?   Should The Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony before the trade deadline in fear of losing him for nothing?


    SPATCHETNESS  sports meets Rachetness

    Arian Foster's baby momma

    Racism after the Sherman Rants

    Malaysia Pargo dumps husband on Instagram

    and whatever craziness happens in the world of Sports Entertainment







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    How to deal with Jumpoffs and Sidechicks

    in Self Help

    Talking about Jumpoffs and Sidechicks

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    Infidelity, Cheating and Jumpoffs

    in Lifestyle

    Is it worth it? Then why not be single. Sneaking, lying, asking family and friends to cover for you. There is a 50% divorce rate in this country. Cheating is a major cause for this outragous number. Lets take a look at the reasons for infidelity as well as ways to keep your relationship intact. 

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    Why Do Some Women Allow Themselves to be Jumpoffs?

    in Lifestyle

    Hey Hey Hey!! It is Juice Radio and this one is gonna be straight bananas!!! We have very special guest,Alexyss K Tylor of "Vagina Power", http://vaginapower.ning.com/. We will explore why some women allow men to use them as "jumpoffs"' "bust it baby" and how can a woman tap into her "Vagina Power" and stopped being used. Join us, with Alexyss K Tylor on Thursday, October 23rd at 7:30PM.

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    IT'S TIME TO GET BoSsTaLkEd!!! "When Jumpoffs Attack"

    in Entertainment

    IT'S TIME TO GET BoSsTaLkEd!!! Check out a new episode of the BoSsTaLk radio show “WHEN JUMPOFFS ATTACK” Have you ever had a jumpoff that refused to stay in there lane? Was your jumpoff a stalker-repeatedly dropping by unannounced? Were you harassed with threatening phone calls? Have you ever played the role of a “jumpoff”? Were you tired of being lied to? Did you seek revenge? BoSsTaLk radio will be discussing “WHEN JUMPOFFS ATTACK” plus advice on how to step ya game up from jumpoff to the boss and the 10 best ways to get rid of your jumpoff!!! Join BoSsTaLk LIVE@ www.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/BoSsTaLk1. Wednesday January 19, 2010 @8:00 p.m. Call (646) 652-4363 and press 1 to chat live. LET'S GET IT IN!!

    To email your jumpoff stories and have them read (anonymously) live on radio hit me up @ www.facebook.com/allendawansmith

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    From Jumpoffs to Marriage ; Does the end justify the means?

    in Lifestyle

    If a woman or man’s  path to matrimony/monogamy is filled with relationship casualties, does the end justify the means?
    Can he be called a good man if he did some doggish or player things to women before he decided to get good? Is reasonable to think that she still a good woman if her past relationships have always been dysfunctional or she has been just using guys to fulfill her needs? What if doing the not-so-good things was the only way he or she would have even had the wherewithal to be good?
    Mature Talk for Mature Times, this is an open dialogue for Men and Women of all ages, open communication and straight forward talk. Charles, Kimberly Marie, Mikial and GSRT forum members discuss topics post on the forum the past week.

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    Playing The Sideline

    in Music

    Often womene that are not in the spotlight of a realationship are referred to as jumpoffs, duckoffs, dips, and etc. But the world knows them as SIDELINE CHICKS! Let's talk a little about these women and their role in relationships. A colorful cast will attack this subject with ferocity. Jazzi Belle, always very opinionated and as well versed as her counterpart, will co-host this episode. Tek Tip gives Hollywood H.A.M. and dish. While MeLowLow lets us know what's good in the hood! The "Already Famous" artist spotlight will be on Dallas' Young Black! Fun show to do! Tune in!

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    The 'Scandal' in Celebrating the Jumpoff

    in Self Help

    The term 'Scandal' is used to describe a disgraceful and discreditable action.  It also describes the hottest Primetime show to grace our TV screens.  Viewers marvel over the chemistry between President Fitz Grant and his mistress, Olivia Pope, but would you really celebrate this action if  you were personally impacted.  Tune in as Anissa and Alistair explore  the world of ‘jumpoffs, mistresses, sidepieces, and the not-so-significant other. 

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    Mistresses, Jumpoffs & Mixups

    in Romance

    Call yourself lucky wise and above the bullshit if you can't call yourself a Mistress or a Jumpoff.  I don't know of any woman or man that want's to hold this title because it always leads to Drama.  This is what I am talking about this evening, can you be in a relationship with one of the opposite sex with No Strings Attached?  Do you prefer to just hit it and have him/her bounce or do you need that cuddle affect afterwards?  Is it all about sex when you are #2?  Alot of people are in relationships right now were they are #2 but just don't know it.  Are you that person?  You gonna find out tonight.....if you know your boy or ya girl is in this situation you need to have them tune in to my show because Imma talk brutal truth.  People need a wake up call....why play #2 when you can be #1.  You wanna know how?  Listen to me.....QPID ROX LIVE!

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    Side Chicks, and Mistresses, and Jumpoffs...OH MY!!

    in Women

    Join The Bag Ladies, Wednesday October 5, 2011 at 7:30pm EST for another edition of Relationship Talk as we discuss the “Side Chick”.  Are you a “Side Chick”?  Did you used to be a “Side Chick”?  Send us your anonymous stories to info@bagladiesradio.com.  Tell us why you did it; what you liked about it; what you hated.  Don’t be surprised if you find out during the show that you’re a “Side Chick”.  You don’t want to miss this juicy show, you’ll be surprised by what we have to say.  As always Bag Ladies is all about you Ladies!!

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