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    MM: "Uncovering Hidden Talents with Quantum Jumping + Awakening to Self Love"

    in Spirituality

    I am thrilled to serve as a channel for Archangel Metatron focusing on AWAKENING for 2015!!

    This summer we are having a special BONUS section on Quantum Jumping before our channeling.  In this episode we will do the MASTER JUMP meeting a twin self who has gifts and talents we are yet to discover. 

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    April 4th-16th, 2016 ~ Fee $1950
    Rooms vary be sure to register early to get the best room selection. 

    Just being in the "METATRONIC VIBRATION" creates a special awakening in and of itself. We have noticed that the more you participate with Metatron's energy weekly the stronger your vibrational frequency becomes and the more you solidify your alignment with your soul.

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    Jumping in to Get Started

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Mia Moore discusses the topic of Jumping in to get started.  In this debut episode, Mia Moore talks to entrepreneurs about getting over their own worries and anxieties when it comes to starting a business.  Overall, it is an approach to get people to just start from where they are and to Jump on into the world of entrepreneurship.

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    Within and Around Your World is a program that discusses issues and problem that we all experience and ways to solves these problems. Additionally, there is a seven to 10 min jazz legend segment that provides background information on each group or individual with an opportunity to listen to their music.

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    Around Tha Corner (Intro)

    in Entertainment

    With hosts Lady Yoe Jae and Mr. ETO. Talking about trending topics and playing our music and yours such as Kevin Gates, Doughboy Cashout,  E-40, Common, YG, Eminem, Music Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton and many more. Tune in. Chat. All feedback welcome.

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a show that discusses issues and problems and tries to come up with suggestions to solve these problems. Also, there is a jazz legend session and identification of an individual or group that has had a imput in the world of music

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This show deals with  problems and issues in our society and discuss ways to solve the different situations. Additionally, there is a jazz segement called Jazz legends and each person selected will be discussed and listened too.

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    George Armstrong Custer and the "Swing Around the Circle

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto talks about George Armstrong Custer's "Swing Around the Circle" and other forays into the political arena during the summer and fall of 1866. 

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a program that looks at the different problems we have in our society and discusses them, plus tries to come up with a way to solve them. Additionally, there is a period to discuss different jazz legends and listen to their work.

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a show that discusses issues and problems that we face in our society and talk about ways to solve them. Additionally, there is a jazz legend presentation near the end of the show that will be featuring the Four Freshman this week

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    in Football


     I hear a lot of Parents & Coaches say "I'm putting my kid or I'm putting this kid in the best position for him. Is jumping from team to team every year putting your kid in the best position, or are some of these parents/Coaches Chip Chasing? What's your insight? Why is it when coaches leaves a organization (for whatever reason) and kids decide to go with their coach, the coach is considered the bad guy....????

    www.blogtalkradio.com/blogcoachtom call in at

    (646)-668-2431 Tonight at 7:00pm

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This a show that discusses issues and problems in our society and ways to solve them, plus a brief discussion and presentation on jazz legends

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