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    The Healing Drum - Part X-The Spoken Word-Silence is Golden

    in Spirituality

    The Healing Drum:By Yaya Diallo and Mitchell Hall- Music and Healing Join us as we honor the life of Gill Scott Heron and  feature a worldwide best selling book based on a"collaboration of two spiritually minded men from different cultural backgrounds.This book is noteworthy for its emphasis on the moral significance of music.In this time of rapid change,The Healing Drum wisely suggests what music and musicians can do to help create a moral and spiritual world."(Spectrum Review)."Born in Mali, West Africa, and a member of the Minianka(Bamana)tribe,Yaya Diallo was raised in a culture that works,worships,lives,and breathes to the beat of the drum. An instrument for transmitting traditional knowledge among the Minianka, the drum is the focal point of Yaya's life story and his link-through the universl medium of music-with the Western world."Exploring the Minianka view of the human being and the cosmos relative to daily work,celebration,herbal medicine,dance,trance initiation and death,in the tradition of the Minianka, music is a remedy for both physical and psychological imbalances,harmonizing the forces of the visible and invisible worlds.Along with excerpts from the book we will discuss the message of The Healing Drum and how it can affect change in the African diaspora and other communities of the world.A word about the Global"DAY OF THE DRUM"(JULY 3RD,4TH AND 5TH)COME "SHAKE THE WORLD"! We are encouraging established and young choreographers,dancers and movers to create works to.complement the Drum.DRUMMERS, DANCERS and SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS come take part in making history on this glorious global day of celebration!For more information please go to Facebook and search for name(IYPAD)

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    BLING RADIO 4.0 WITH MISS BLING Doc Little and Ayona

    in Entertainment

    Tonight I have The International Empress of Music, Ayona along with The Platinum Producer Doc Little! Call to Talk or listen live at 646-716-9719 during show hours 730-930pm cst! Tune in!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE 4TH YEAR OF THE BLING SHOW! WE ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL! ITS NOW BLING RADIO 4.0 BLING YO AIRWAVES! THE BLINGY SCHOLAR EDITION! Your Blingy Diva has hosted over 550 radio shows NOW! Thats over 1100+ hours of me blingin the airwaves, playing music AND runnin my blingy mouth on the bling radio show! LOL and OMG! Ive interviewed many local to national SUPERSTARS! Here in Blings World, everyones A BLINGTASTIC STAR! to be featured, email at: Blingradiomusic@gmail.com

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    MidWeek 2 June 2011

    in Politics

    The current debt limit-spending cuts cirrus pertain by the GOP is a June-July Joke on the American People as illustared in the New York 26.

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    Successor to Democracy, G.S. #45 (B), July 1968

    in Education

    The original recording of SUCCESSOR TO DEMOCRACY was overlooked by others, and myself. Joseph Mueller, our webmaster, discovered it while he was transferring reel to reel recordings to CD's and DVD's.

    I'm not sure about the original date, so let's just say it was presented and recorded during the first week of July, 1968.

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    Two-Part Series: Anti-Gay Harassment and Bullying

    in Self Help

    2-Part Series: Anti-Gay Harassment & Bullying
    Lindsay Kenny, Special Guest Host Brendan Neff –Hall & Dr. Tom Arbaugh
    Through tragic examples in the news, America has become aware that anti-gay harassment is all too real and commonplace for youth in our culture. Gay men share personal experiences and how they have used Energy Tapping to regain their self esteem and to live full and joyful lives.
    Being Gay is not a disease, nor a choice. Yet many men and women, young and old, are still being taunted or bullied because of their sexuality.
    Brendan Neff-Hall experienced bullying from 4th grade on. His gay activism has included travels with GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network) to speak with students about gay harassment in schools.  Brendan is a Holistic Life Coach and EFT Practitioner.
    Dr. Tom Arbaugh began his therapeutic work with adolescents in the U.S. public school system and he has counseled with students internationally. Tom's expertise is welcomed within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community and his practice includes working with sexually abused victims, perpetrators of sexual abuse, sexuality issues and couples counseling.
    Regardless of your beliefs about this issue, please listen in and see how you can best support yourself, or those you love who are gay. You can't you "tap away" being Gay! But you can tap away, hurt, frustration, anger, resentment, guilt, shame and more. Learn how in this important 2-part series.
    Brendan Neff-Hall
    Dr. Thomas Arbaugh, Jr.

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    Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

    in Lifestyle

    For the entire month of June, we will air the best of TruthbetoldbyHIM Radio. Please Tune in as we celebrate some of the best shows to date with topics and discussions that were thought provoking, geniune and unrehearsed. Host RLamon and Co-Host Maini continue to challenge audiences to never settle for average, but to always search for TRUTH, preparing oneself to receive what GOD ultimately has for YOU. Stay Tuned as they prepare for a whole NEW Season 3 starting on July 11th, 2011 only on TruthbeToldbyHIM Radio, where we continue to bring you topics that are REAL and UNCUT!

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    Rob Tardik, Michael Massaro, Missy Knott & George St Kitts

    in Entertainment

    Aurora Festival of the Arts is heating up for an amazing 3 day event in Aurora's Town Park this July 29, 30 and 31st
    Music by Rob Tardik - Smooth Jazz who will appear Saturday July 30th at 6pm at Festival in Town Park
    Music by Michael Massaro - Smooth Sax - who will appear 6pm Sunday July 31st at festival
    Music by Missy Knott - songstress and Aboriginal People's Award nominee in 2010
    George St. Kitts - Out of This World
    The line-up is filled with local talent and we will be brining you the music and entertainers of the festival over the next several weeks.

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    Minister(s) Louis & Felicia Dixon (Numan) - Real Estate

    in Politics

    Tonight we will discuss politics on a local, state, national and international level; We will also continue to discuss the corruption at the Alabama Real and how they have conspired against our real estate company (N-Vest-4-U-1 Realty)along with white owned Brokerage Firms in Selma---Town & Country Real Estate (Gail Lovelady); Cornerstone Realty (Jewell Williamson); The Real Estate Gallery (A.C. Reeves & Mandy Henry) along with the 4th Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Wayne Jackson along with the District Judge Bob Armstrong and other individuals who we will add to this list of a Grand Conspiracy and Corruption.  We have filed a $500,000 lawsuit against  the Alabama Real Estate Commission and a $20million lawsuit in Federal Court for false charges congregated. We just fired an attorney that was recommended by the NAACP whose name is Norman Hurst, who posed as a man/minister/lawyer in order to further perpetuate the persecution we are facing as a family. He had no  intentions of making sure justice was dispensed even though he is aware of this conspiracy and corruption. We will also discuss how individuals are attacking us because of their sexual deviant lifestyle with our young black males.  We have white lawyers who have white males disrupting this show and The Political Justice movement because they are forcing homosexuality on young black men through the Criminal Justice System in the 4th Judicial Circuit. We are still in desperate need of a lawyer that will help us get our day in court and prove our allegations. Please contact us if you fit this description. We are also in the process of starting a Political Justice Legal Defense Fund, and are asking for support to make sure justice is dispensed in the African American community.  The Political Justice Legal Defense Fund, Inc. is ready for donations and we ask for your financial support.

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    LadiesTellAll Empowerment/Independence!!Fuel 4 the Mind/Soul

    in Romance

    Join Ms.Jennah/Ms.Cai for Live Broadcast from J-Mont Make-Up & Waxing Studios Saturday June 4th @ 4:30pm Wonderful Evening of Relaxing Were the ladies don't tell all they just talk about.. Free for all conversation. www.blogtalkradio.com/ladiestellall or call 805 727 7101

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    Talking with Terri Clay

    in Spirituality

    Terri Clay is a Motivational Speaker, she's also a survivor of domestic violence and enjoys helping people find their purpose in life. Terri Clay travels from abroad sharing her experience and whats in her heart. Changing the lives of others in a mighty way. Join us as we talk about Purpose and whats next for this busy Motivational Speaker with a heart that loves, shares and promote what she belives in. Terri Clay is also featured on Promoting Purpose Ministry Online and will be in the Printed magazine of PPM in July!

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    AngelsWin.com Podcast - Episode Four

    in Sports

    Make sure to tune into our AngelsWin.com Podcast LIVE for Episode Four on Saturday June 4th at 10:00 am with host Adam Dodge, AngelsWin.com Founder and Executive Editor Chuck Richter with special guest Riley Breckenridge from the popular OC Band Thrice who also writes for OC Weekly and Flip Collective.

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    Desiree Doubrox Interviews Kimberly Rolfe

    in Business

    Kimberly Kelly-Rolfe, Financial Speaker and Teacher that empowers women to wealth and Coach that kicks peoples assets into shape.  Best known for her amazing Financial Empowerment Series, that helps women recognize they have the power to change their lives one dollar at a time, while ultimately empowering them from financial stress to financial freedom and wealth.
    Empowering Women 2 Wealth is a national campaign to provide easy access to understandable financial information that equips women with knowledge and support to make sound financial decisions and empower their lives. In July we are launching several Empowerment Groups.  The Empowerment groups provide women with information that enable them to make informed financial choices and ease the stress of dealing with their most common financial concerns such as investing, credit, stretching their dollars, creating additional income and managing their business.  Women can subscribe to one or a number of semimonthly conference calls, on topics that address their needs. Their website empoweringwomen2wealth.com is coming soon, however in the meantime you could send an email to  info@empoweringwomen2wealth.com or For more information contact us at 818-865-8563