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    "Ask Julie" segment called: "Banana Letters" ! LIVE ANGEL READINGS

    in Spirituality

    The angels are always more aware of the most important messages in life. Hear the celestial beings of light on an all new Julie Robinson Sunday Show, Sunday @ 12:30 pm M.S.T.


    To write Julie, Submit your #BananaLetter here:http://www.juliespiritualhealer.com/banana-letters.html


    Call in live readings: (657) 383-1131

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    Ask Julie segment: #BananaLetters

    in Spirituality

    It may not be easy what you're going through, you may be going bananas, but faith is talking with Julie and the Angels so you may be able to understand it from new eyes. No matter what you're going through, Julie and the angels have special messages of healing for you during her "Ask Julie" segment called #Bananaletters.

    Sunday, September 6 at 12:30 pm.

    Submit your Banana Letter Here or call in to the show for a live reading.

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    "Ask Julie" segment: #BananaLetters! LIVE ANGEL READINGS

    in Spirituality

    Everybody gets down in the dumps from time to time but healing always starts with the angels. Hear the healing unfold with an all-new episode of "The Julie Robinson Sunday Show" ASK JULIE SEGMENT called, #BananaLetters. Sunday at 12:30 pm M.S.T.

    Submit your letter to Julie here: http://www.juliespiritualhealer.com/banana-letters.html and tell us what's making you Bananas! Julie will read and answer your letter live during the show.

    Call into the show for live angel readings: (657) 383-1131

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    Ask Julie Segment: #Bananaletters! Live Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Internationally renowed Angel Intuitive JULIE HELENA ROBINSON takes calls during this popular show. Callers will receive live angel readings. She created this show focusing on self development in all areas of life, for healing and achievement. She will read letters from her fan base from all over the world in her "Ask Julie" segment called, "Banana Letters".

    To submit you #BananaLetter: http://www.juliespiritualhealer.com/banana-letters.html

    Sundays at 12:30 pm M.S.T.

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    "Best-Of" Compilation of Julie Forbes' favorite interviews over the years.

    in Pets

    Enjoy this “Best Of” episode from the 300th episode celebration! So much to be thankful for. It has been a pleasure and an honor to talk with all the wonderful people in the dog world over the last several years. We look forward to 350 more! Enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite segments during some of Julie’s favorite interviews. You’ll hear Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Marc Bekoff, and more!

    Visit www.dogradioshow.com for all of our over 350 episodes!

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    Julie Ann Eason Promote your business as an owner an expert and an author

    in Motivation

    Julie Anne Eason has been a professional writer for over 20 years. After figuring out that fiction writing wasn’t for her, she turned to freelance journalism, copywriting, and ghostwriting for a living in order to stay home and raise her three children.

    As technology advanced, she witnessed the balance of power in the publishing industry shift. Once the big New York publishers held all the cards. Writers were “lucky” if they could land an agent or a book contract. But now individuals are taking the initiative and writing, publishing, and marketing their own books without the need for an agent or publisher to give them a chance. Finally, businesses and non-profits can take advantage of the amazing power of books to spread their messages and promote their products.

    Email: Julie@julieanneeason.com 

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen DTM - Host

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    Think Outside The Box/Julie M. Davis/Transformational Speaker

    in Entrepreneur

    This week, on The Networking Diva Hour/ Thinking outside the box is all about changing your perspective and slipping into the role of another person can support you thereby. You don’t necessarily have to slip into the role of your parents, friends, colleagues and neighbors, as most of them might have pretty similar knowledge and opinions about the world as you have.  By slipping into a new role you can change your perspective and the way you think about things drastically. You can feel free to take yourself some minutes to let your gaze wander through your environment and to discover all the new things you didn’t even noticed before. If you are sitting in your living room you could pick up whatever looks interesting to you and discover the item all over again. You might even notice something about this item that you haven’t known until this moment

    My Guest host this week Julie Miller Davis a Transformational Speaker for entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level! Julie’s wealth of information as well as her many connections and resources will help you discover your path to success. Check out her website for more information 


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    Lets Talk with Rachel & Bennet, Guest Julie Hall

    in Pop Culture

    Huffington Post columnist Rachel Thompson and Critic/writer/columnist for Night Owl Magazine and Affaire De Couer Bennet Pomerantz discuss media topics with guests. Their Guest today is Julie Hall, The Estate Lady

    When Julie Hall moved to Charlotte in 1993 from Texas, she became a full-time entrepreneur by relocating her company The Estate Lady to this area. As her company grew in Charlotte, she continued her education in her field to become a certified personal property appraiser and a certified auctioneer, as well as an estate sale professional. 

    As a popular lecturer to groups dealing with older adult issues and the challenges of dissolving residential accumulation, Hall is making her mark as having not only an eye for personal property appraising but also in predicting personal behavior when valuable property is at stake. She writes and speaks on behalf of seniors, educating them why it is important for them to deal with their personal property before they become infirmed or die. Hall also educates their Boomer children guiding them through the entire process in the event their parents have not already done so.

    Growing up in Texas, Julie received her undergraduate degree in communications from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Upon graduating, she joined the corporate world in Houston as a pharmaceutical and medical devices sales person. Her work consisted of much travel. In her free time in different cities, she visited antique shops and began her interest in antiques and collectibles. As a sideline business to her corporate job, she began The Estate Lady and was mentored by two prominent and well-respected antique and art dealers in Houston. Both mentors provided encouragement and knowledge that is invaluable in her appraisal ability today. 

    her web site http://www.theestatelady.com/

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    CALL IN for intuitive readings / healings ! JULIE ANN COHN! 347-884-8245!

    in Spirituality

    To learn more about Julie Ann Cohn, PhD 

    Today's Topic: "Spirit Reminders"

    Please call her at 310-795-6575 

    Julie Website>>> http://www.julieanncohn.com./

    Julie is world renowned in her healing & teaching work, having taught and provided healing to clients in Israel, London, Brazil, Bulgaria & Australia. Julie is also founder and co-creator of The Blend™ & an active partner in Silver Unicorn Spirit Gifts. A partial list of her spiritual credentials include: Usui Reiki Master, Magan David Life Energy Master, Vibrational Healer, Sufi Reiki Master, Shaman, Crystal Resonance Therapist & Ordained Minister. Julie say’s “I found the road to healing myself was through being of service and healing others”

    We asked several of Julie’s clients from various arenas and without exception, “Julie embodies Integrity, loyalty and if you pay attention, you will see Julie asking herself, “can you feel the love in that star tonight?”. Julie does not just get the big picture quickly, she is an expert in sequencing ( putting the building blocks in order) has her focused. She is humble, compassionate and does not ask anything from someone else what she is unwilling to do herself. Julie has no idea how amazing she is. You will not know this, but Julie is disabled. She prefers “power enabled”.

    She is also a certified Coach giving service to incarcerated individuals through the “Getting Out By Going In” (GOGI) Program. “Work,” she says, “feeds my soul!” Julie wrote a 46-Week Personal Empowerment Program for inmates. It is being re-edited and updated now.

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    D Cups Saving Teacups - Dog rescue with a unique, powerful approach

    in Pets

    Five years ago, host Julie Forbes interviewed Kim Sill, founder of D Cups Saving Teacups and was blown away by Kim's realization that working WITH pet stores would save more pets than protesting them. Today, Julie catches up with Kim about what they have been up to for the past five years, about Kim's movie "Saved in America" and more. Then enjoy highlights from their original conversation where Kim shares about her story with D Cups Saving Teacups and how they have managed to make such a significant impact in the world of dog rescue.

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    Julie Morey, Thriving After Divorce

    in Business

    Today my guest is Julie Morey, founder of Julie Morey: Thriving After Divorce. Through her site she offers Divorce Recovery Coaching, workshops, and a Private Facebook community aimed at helping woman move beyond their divorce and re-build their lives. (www.facebook.com/groups/thrivingafterdivorce)

    Julie is the author of the tell all travel memoir, Travel, Sex, & Train Wrecks  detailing her adventures and misadventures traveling around Southeast Asia after her divorce, five years ago. She is a dedicated world traveler, having been to over 71 countries and credits travel with helping her heal her from her divorce.

    She is passionate about helping women move forward and rebuild their lives after divorce and toward that end has created a signature 30 day coaching program.