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  • Cold Press Juicing with the new Pure Juicer

    in Health

    Welcome to Pure Juicers. Today, on our first Blog Talk Radio show, you'll meet David Feinberg, inventor of the Pure Juicer, here with thoughts about a busy and gratifying first two weeks.

    Those who have been lucky enough to work with the Pure Juicer have good things to say.

    "I am impressed. I was able to grind more quickly due to the design of the cutter. I was able to press ? more pulp at once due to the massive amount of space given. What was most surprising was the fact that the press is so strong that I was able to get about 20% more juice out of greens."

    - Alyssa Jane Tanner Production Manager, Juicebox Seattle, WA

    "All I can say is that this machine with its improvements is going to revolutionize the juicing industry. No blow back, amazing yield and definitely built to last."

    - Jai Braithwaite Owner, Nourish Juice Bar

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    Wheatgrass and Sprouts Growing on Your Tabletop?

    in Current Events

    Topic:  Growing Microgreens, sprouts and wheatgrass on your tabletop

    High quality living food year round
    High dose of nutrients in sprouts
    Dense nutrition in wheatgrass
    New addition of microgreens to our meals
    Growing nutrition on your tabletop

    Guest:  Parker Garlitz

    Co-founder of Living Whole Foods, Inc
    Certified Organic Shop
    Offering wheatgrass kits, juicers, herb garden kits, sprouting kits, microgreens growing kits, vegan milk making kits, tofu making kits and much more.

    Can you get a full range of nutrients from whole living food?  What are microgreens?  Why is it important to eat food just after it sprouts?  Do I need a full dish of produce every meal or can I eat less volume and get higher nutient values?  What is 'living food'?  Isn't everything living food in the grocery store or farmers market?

    For more information visit:  www.wheatgrasskits.com  www.herbkits.com  www.growingmicrogreens.com

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    Oh It's True! It's Damn True!

    in Wrestling

    Fellow "Juicers" get yo glasses ready! The Juice has blended somethin special! This week: The Juice and The Killa go over the final edition of Monday Night Raw LIVE! from our nation's capitol of Washington, D.C. before the monumental Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday! Plus! don't miss an exclusive interview with 2004 Guamanian Olympic Superstar and current Premier Wrestling: World Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb! All that plus: SNAKE PITS, PREDICTIONS....and a NEW DRINK for the Summer.. RUM! Whether you're drinkin healthy or with alcohol....On This Episode You will Taste What The Juice is Drinkin!

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    New Trends in Juicing: Are you down with HPP?

    in Health

    Juicing is all the rage these days and for good reason.  It's a great way to cleanse and loosen up that grip your pants have on your waist.  I will talk about some of the great ways to juice/blend, review juicers and blenders and talk about the new way to seal in the nutrients from freshly made juices so they can be sold over the counter.  #Convenience

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    Business From The Heart: Green-Surance Alternative Health Insurance

    in Spirituality

    This month's inspiring  Consciousprenur (Conscious Entrepreneur) Kari Gray is active in Heart Centered Business for an awakening world. Green-Surance Alternative Health Insurance!

    With a 2nd chance at life not only did Kari get what 600,000 cancer victims each year are denied, but her healthcare direction changed. Determined to find coverage for holistic healthcare, her search proved in vain when discovering no such coverage exists.

    So Kari  became an insurance professional and created the answer, the "No Deductible-No Co-Pay" coverage that provides holistic health insurance called "Green-Surance". Opening the insurance vault to healthy people coverage, Green-Surance is the insured way out of the "profit from treatment not from cure" system. Opening the right to holistic treatment coverage across the U.S. or around the globe, Green-Surance " is ACA compliant supplemental coverage that "pays it forward" through an insurance revolution.

    Each Green-Surance Policy Includes Coverage for All of the Following:

    Accupuncture  *  Colonic Hydrotherapy  *  Chiropractic  *  Kinesiology  *   Herbal Regimes  * Juicing & Juicers *  Massage Therapy  *  Homeopathy  *  Emotional Clearing  *  Detoxification Protocols  *  Holistic Clinics   

                                                        And Many, Many More........

    For details; www.mygreensurance.com.

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    Healing With Wheatgrass And Sprouts With Anca Iordachianu

    in Health

    Anca together with her husband Gabriel started their business unintentionally after Anca returned from a three-week stay at Hippocrates Health Institute in January 2011. “I went there to help heal myself of cancer and came back feeling like a new woman!,” says Anca. “Everyone noticed a  huge difference in me and I felt I just had to educate the public about this lifestyle.”   To support her health at home, her husband Gabriel began growing wheatgrass and sprouts for her to juice since they were unable to find reliable sources locally. He also adopted some of Anca’s new eating habits and after only three weeks of drinking wheatgrass juice, he no longer needed medication for his diabetes. “This spawned my passion for these foods so I quit my full-time job as an engineer in the automotive industry to run the greenhouse and manage my own business,” states Gabriel.   Anca teaches one-hour introductory juicing classes throughout the metro Detroit area including at their greenhouse. During her presentation, she shares her personal story of her cancer, explains the powerful benefits of wheatgrass, sprouts and green juices, talks about the various juicers and demonstrates how to juice for maximum nutrition. Visit the Wheatgrass and Sprouts web site at    WheatgrassAndSprouts.com for her full schedule and locations.

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    The Tea & Cookie's Random Show

    in Fun

    Conversation about natural and artificial sweeteners and general natural health and living (juicers, NutriBullet, veganism, gluten-free living, etc).
    Trying to figure out Guest116's name.
    Chat with IconoclastTX (also on BTR).
    Random goofiness and laughter that we hope you'll think is as funny as we thought it was.

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    Juicing Vegetables w/ Drew Canole

    in Health

    My main man and neighbor Drew Canole, author of the bestselling 
    book Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health, is stopping by UW 
    Radio to give us the scoop on the benefits of juicing. 

    Topics will include... 

    * The top 3 juicing myths. 
    * Is juicing compatible with Paleo/JERF? 
    * The best (and most affordable) juicers.
    * Drew’s favorite juice recipes.
    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    WSJ's Your Money Matters P.M., Jan. 29, 2013

    in News

    Get healthy - or pay higher insurance premiums; plus, sales of juicers leap higher. Jim Chesko reports.

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    On the Money: A-ROD!!!

    in Sports

    Haven't heard enough about the bombshell report that Alex odriguez and other MLB players have been exposed as juicers? Then this special episode of On The Money is for you. Listen as Brien Jackson and Stacey Gotsulias of It's About the Money. Stupid share their thought on the story, and Bryan Hoch of MLB.com joins the program to update us on the latest developments.

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    Sep 5, 2012

    in Lifestyle

    Topics include "gobbledy-Greek"; Luke 3:16 and being baptized "with fire"; hate; Mr. Bunker's juice fast; if Mr. Bunker were "King of Texas"; decreed and declared/commanded will of God; the name Lazarus in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus; at what age to butcher steers; the mark in the book of Revelation; Revelation study commentary; livestock inbreeding; the recent hurricane Isaac in relation to hurricane Katrina; silver coins as money; brands/types of juicers; Mr. Bunker's second favorite U.S. state to live/visit; the connection between charasmatics and the Roman Catholic Church; and Mr. Bunker's musical abilities.