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    Sales Training Complexes: Things That Hold Us Back from Successful Selling

    in Marketing

    This show is from a recent sales training class conducted for a Sacramento area client.

    Many salespersons suffer from complexes that hinder production and performance. Interestingly enough, true sales training helps salespersons understand and work through these issues.

    My sales training company, 321SetAppointments.com, recently added the module on managing complexes.

    As discovered, the majority of salespersons agreed that they had some type(s) of complexes which needed to be addressed.

    A solid sales process is the key to minimize the ill-effects of complexes. Salespersons experience anxiety and frustration because most sales training programs do not include this every important conversation. It's definitely not an easy conversation to have with people, but the salesperson attendees were grateful that the subject was brought to the forefront.

    We hope this show helps salespersons, insurance managers and real estate brokers.


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    January 7, FEG Sacramento Sales Training Recap of Wednesday Training

    in Marketing

    On January 6, 2016, my company, 321SetAppointments.com, started working with a life/annuity insurance agency based in Sacramento. Freedom Equity Group (Sacramento) or FEG Insurance Services LLC, headquartered in Santa Barbara County, is part of a network of FEG offices across the United States.

    Today's show will serve as a recap of Wednesday's sales training. The full training session is scheduled for January 9, 2016 at the Sacramento office.

    At the request of the Sacramento FEG manager, 321SetAppointments.com is helping agents learn the art of Selling Without Appearing to Sell or SWAS.

    The actual fee-based, SWAS sales training is a 6-hour session that helps insurance and real estate agents, or any company with a sales component, learn how to sell using traditional sales training practices.

    These sales training overview will be 30 to 60 minutes, each Thursday evening, 730 (PT).

    The first four weeks will not include any conversations with agents from the office. By early February, we will showcase agents who are learning and growing.

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    Re-Energizing Your Sales Call

    in Business

    How often have you wished you had that specific brochure, infographic or customer video testimonial, when talking with a prospect, but you did not have access to it real time?

    4DSales has solved your problem. 

    Brian Carpenter, CEO of 4D Sales will share the issue he and his partners were trying to solve for salespeople.

    4DSales provides the ability for sales professionals as well as owners and executives to present their products and services in the best light, and in a very engaging way no matter where they are.  This means they are always ready to present their company and they can do so in an incredibly effective manner.  It also transforms the standard sales calls into more in-depth and persuasive interactions.    According to a study by the Wharton School of Business, 67% of buyers say that salespeople who present information visually are more persusaive.  4DSales is based on visual and interactive presentation.



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    Why top producers may not be good sales managers ( and what to do about it).

    in Management

    We've all seen it. A top producer is promoted and goes from sales superstar to average manager (or worse).  The reason why is that the attributes and skills of a top sales person are not the same as a top sales or branch manager.  In this episode, we discuss what makes a great sales manager and tips to support a new one.

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    Prelude to Judgment Pt 3

    in Education

    Join Mr Hart at the apppointed time, as he continues to develop the case of the Judgment.

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    Judgment on Cities, Chaos and a Message for San Francisco

    in Christianity

    Join Prophecy Quake LIVE @8:00 PM CST as we look at how God had His prophets warn certain cities about coming judgment. Even the Lord Jesus called out specific cities of His time that were marked for judgment. We will discuss how this relates to America and prophetic warnings the Lord has been giving this ministry over the last several years. I will also share a word of prophecy the Lord gave me today for the city of San Francisco, CA. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566 and if you have a comment or question text Kevin at 334-524-2809.

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    Things managers do that kill teamwork between Ops and Sales (+3 ways to fix it).

    in Management

    A lack of teamwork between Operations and Sales hurts customer service, loan quality and creates a lousy work environment.  Typically, teamwork breaks down because of leadership blind spots on both sides.  In this episode, we discuss the common reasons teamwork breaks down and give you a 3 step roadmap to get everyone working together again.

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    The Judgment: Revelation of the LORD

    in Education

    Isaiah 55:6 says, seek ye the LORD while he may be found; but how can you find him if you do not know who he is. Proverbs 30:9 asks, Who is the LORD? That question is answered in this episode.

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    LUwJC#051 The Impact Judgment and Comparison Have On Your Personal Alignment

    in Self Help

    Today on Lighten Up, Jen and Cheri are exploring how Judgment and Conclusions lead to Misalignment and the Symptoms they generate. The habit of Judging and Comparing is common and nearly undetectable, unless you know the Symptoms they create.

    With Awareness comes the ability of make changes and create new habits that Contribute to your Alignment. Are you ready to increase your Awareness? Are you ready to be proactive in Supporting your Alignment?

    Call in and talk to Jen and Cheri directly! (646) 200-0825

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

    Learn more about Cheri Gillham

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    Ed Tech Sales: 2016 Job Market Revealed!

    in Marketing

    Hiring trends for ed tech sales professional and shifts in compensation for school sales specialists -- these are important indicators of the health of the educational technology industry. If you sell products and services to educators, staying on top of the job market is essential. If you are a manager looking for ed tech sales talent, how will you compete for the best sales professionals? What does the big picture look like for ed tech sales in 2016? What sales skills are ed tech companies looking for? Are inside sales channels gaining ground or is a field team the preferred way to sell to school administrators? These are some of the questions we unpack during our fast-paced annual K-12 industry forecast with sales recruiter, Mark Phillips, of HireEducation. Mark joins host Glen McCandless. In just 15 minutes we unpack the hiring landscape for professionals in the 2016 school market. Don't miss out!

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    in Self Help



    EPISODE #141

    In this week’s episode we’re chatting about:


    How to get the most enjoyment out of the holiday season

    4 major lessons of judging others and being judged that I have recently learned / am currently learning

    A challenge for 2016 for you to take on - it'll be worth your while, I'm confident of it









    2. Highlights of my Mont-Tremblant trip (long runs, low amount of snow so absence of tourists and having mountain to ourselves, traveling internationally as a family for the first time, quality time to read, write and reflect with my husband; overall, a great reminder to the value of life and how my real goal and dream in life is to enjoy the time I have).


    3. Coaching spots for 2016 are filled, however, if you are determined to make 2016 your best year yet and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen and want someone to hold you to it, meeting once a month for twelve months in a row, then I’m willing to accept one more, hyper-motivated client. Email me directly at trish {at} trishblackwell.com with the subject line “I will do whatever it takes this year!”

    4. I’m accepting three new gals to join my Beautycounter educational team this January. If you are passionate about health, about helping and empowering others through education and about beautiful skin care and cosmetic products --- oh, and want free weekly mentorship and support from me as your teammate? Then Beautycounter is for you!







    The words of a stranger bruised my heart, but at the same time, allowed for a flower of philos to blossom though the black and blue.


    She approached me with a smile and with so much c