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    3 Tests of Authentic Christianity

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    Is your faith authentic? Boy, that's  a loaded question, isn't it? But, it's something you really need to take a hard look at. After all, you don't want to find out your faith isn't authentic when it's too late to do something about it. Tune in on Tuesday at 6pm Eastern, as we look to the epistle of First John and discover 3 tests of authentic Christianity.

    Plus, with the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, I thought it would be good to look at the top things people are thankful for in 2014. How does 2014's list compare with 2013's list? We'll look at that as well. 

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    DeFiNiNg "ChRisTiaNiTy"??? Has it lost it's meaning??

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    Dont you dare MISS out... even if you can't show ...you can listen LIVE.....THIS IS A FREE EVENT!!!!  LIVE from LOMA Coffee in downtown Wilmington!  Matthew sits down with a few from the studio and asks - "What is "Christianity?"  Join us from 5 - 8:30 pm TONIGHT LIVE!!.  Open MIC Performances by .....you'll have to come down to find out!!!! Loma Coffee is located at 239 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE.  For more information, contact the station at 813-992-1187




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    Feminism and Christianity: Tension Points

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    Charley will be joined by Ashleigh Hill for a conversation on Feminism and Christianity. We'll explore how women's lives and spirituality are often formed in religious traditions that don't empower them. It is often said that Christianity is one of the sources of male domination, but how is that being challenged or not in our time?

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    Defining ChRiStIaNiTy?? Part 3 "TrUth and NoThIng BuT!"

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    How many of us will take the TRUTH and manipulate it just a little so it's easier to swallow?  How many have said ....Yeah, I love everybody.... but yet spoon feed the not so truth to people?  We "Christians" have a nasty habit of self defining what truth IS.  Truth can NEVER be SUBJECTIVE, it must ALWAYS be OBJECTIVE... Truth can never be based on personal feelings or interpretation but on absolute FACTS. 

    How do we love someone if we walk past them (ignoring the Great Commission) and don't care about where they may spend eternity??  Folks, that's not LOVE, that's HATE.  Tonight is part 3 of our month long series on "Defining Christianity"  Join us LIVE on the air 516-387-1513 with your questions, thoughts, comments... or post them in our LIVE CHAT PANEL - "The Sticks and Stones Zone"  ALL LIVE AT 9 PM EST!!  Dont MISS IT!!

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    Café Christianity--Picking & Choosing What You Want! Get Your Best Jesus Now!

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    This afternoon on EBC†RADIO Richard will be talking about a trend that is occurring more and more in the postmodern church era. Richard has coined this term and trend as  Café Christianity and described it as, "picking and choosing what you want so you can get your best Jesus now."  
    With the advancements in technology and social media and along with the decay of our culture morally we can only expect this occurrence to become prevalent.  So what can we do as God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians?

    Well, tune in and find out! Make sure to check out our chat room and be ready as always to call in with your questions for Richard. While you are listening to the show make sure to check out our website at www.EmpoweredbyChrist.org and our Facebook page at Empowered by Christ (E.B.C)


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    Straight Talkin Ep 3: Christianity Is Under Attack

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    Straight Talkin with Vincent Crow is a hard hitting podcast where we talk about God, politics, important news of the week, and whatever I want. On tonight's show we will talk about how Christianity is under attack and there should be a call for action for every Christian world wide. Call into the show and voice your opinion at (773) 897-6381

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    The Organization of the Church, Part 2 (The History of Christianity #72)

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    Our History of Christianity Scripture verse today is 1 Timothy 5:3 which reads: "Honour widows that are widows indeed."

    Our History of Christianity quote today is from Ignatius of Antioch. He said: "But it is fitting for both men and women who marry to form their union with the approval of the bishop, that their marriage may be according to God, and not after their own lust."

    Today, in the History of Christianity, we are looking at "Christian Life" (Part 9) from Dr. Justo L. Gonzalez's fine book, The Story of Christianity (Volume 1).

    The Organization of the Church (Part 2)

    When speaking of women in the early church, mention should be made of the particular role of widows. The book of Acts says that the primitive church helped support the widows in its midst. This was in part an act of obedience to the repeated Old Testament injunction to care for the widow, the orphan, the poor, and the sojourner. But it was also a matter of practical necessity, for a widow deprived of means of support either had to remarry or to seek refuge with her children. In either case, if the new husband or the child was not a Christian, the widow would be severely limited in her Christian life. Therefore, it soon became customary for the church to support its widows, and to give them particular responsibilities. In an earlier broadcast, the story was told of a widow whose ministry was such that she enraged the pagans, and therefore became a martyr. Other widows devoted themselves to the instruction of catechumens. Eventually, the meaning of the word "widow" within the church changed and came to refer not just to a woman whose husband had died but also to any unmarried woman who was supported by the community and who in turn performed some particular functions within it...

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    Christianity Unplugged

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday Night Bible Study

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    Defining ChRiStIaNiTy?? CuRe or InFeCtiOn

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    Today's message sounds something like this.... "Come to JESUS, He will give you peace, joy and happiness'".... or EVERY day is a FRIDAY, go get that new car, new house or new job ..."YOU DESERVE IT" ...or even worse.....You drive up in a BMW...someone say's "WOW, did JESUS give you that"?? and the response is.... "HE, sure Blessed ME, didn't he!"  so they scream out.."I'll take JESUS wow!!"  THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE ....LACK OF TRUTH

    Here's my question .... When was the last time any American, African, Asian ever said....JESUS is ALL satisfying because YOU drove a BMW............N E V E R!!  That is idolatry... elevating GIFT above GIVER..... Tonight Matthew breaks all this down and gets real!!  Join us LIVE @ 9pm EST.  Call with questions, thoughts, comments we'd love to hear from you 516-387-1513

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    Is TV Helping or Hurting Christianity?

    in Comedy

    We understand Jesus is Black, and we know our Pastors are imperfect.. so why do we need "Black Jesus" and "Preachers of LA" ? Are we "Playing Church" with these shows? The "Playing Church" Series continues

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    Christianity Unplugged

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday Night Bible Study

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