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    Juan Acevedo Cutting The Negativity and Spreading Awareness of Positive Things!

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    I Am Mathell Givens Host Of The Good News Show My Guest Is Juan Acevedo Jr. He has been in the barber industry for 17 years; Juan Is a professional barber, owner of Seven26 Barbershop and creator of Chicago's 1st ever 24Hours Haircut Challenge. As professional barbers Juan and his team cut hair 365 days of the year; a group of them have taken one day out of the year, without it having to be a holiday, and are giving back to the community to show that they, as barbers/lady barbers/cosmetologists- care. Inspire others to truly follow their dreams and see that you don't have to be a celebrity or have millions of dollars to make a difference. Juan created the 24Hours Haircut Challenge to continue to raise awareness of @CuttingTheNegativity and spreading the awareness of positive movements in the Chicagoland area.

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    BeSimply...Ramon Rodriguez {Bolivia}

    in Art

    Join 'She'...Ramon and Debbie Rodriguez as they explore Ramon's art. They share stories about the culture in Bolivia and how it feeds Ramon's art, family and community. To see the images we are discussing (click here).

    Ramón Rodriguez Painter And Sculpture Artist
    Rodriguez was born in 1966 in an isolated village in Cochambamba, Bolivia, called Chaco Pampa. From a young age he was helping his family farm, raising animals and crops, but soon realized he was distracted by art. Contact Debbie for more information at madera_rodriguez@yahoo.com

    Connect with
    Suzanne Toro
    Banyan Botanicals
    Bare Naked Bliss
    Sessions with 'She'

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    XXX. Down To Juan (Mike Lawrence)

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    Today Mike Lawrence joins Luis J Gomez and the rest of the guys to discuss all of the real ass topics such as success, acting, and even some self deprecation.

    Follow @LuisJGomez @ChrisScopo @zacisnotfunny @themikelawrence and @StandUpNYLabs.

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see when Luis is performing live. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    Alejandra González, Distrito Federal México

    in Health

    Entrevista con Alejandra González del Distrito Federal México sobre su lucha con la Leptospirosis. 

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    The HOT CORNER Show with @DrRayT

    in Sports

    The HOT CORNER Show with Dr Ray Tolmos!


    Talking about Health, Sports and More!


    Every Wednesday nights at 7pm EST on ISPS Radio on BLOG TALK RADIO.


    Call 347-637-3978 to talk to the host!



    Talking to JUAN ALLER from MIRACLE SMILE and HANSEL CHACON from The FIRST TEE Foundation.


  • Author Rhys Flint...makes his way to the platform on LETS TALK URBAN 1

    in Books

    AuthorRhys Flint is from Atlanta Georgia,  and lives in northern California with his wife and family .  His Passion for writing started early.  Poems,  short stories, and plays all became an early part of his development. An avid reader,  Rhys enjoys all genres of literature , music,  and Art.  Hobbies include,  sports,  Mixed martial arts, travel and networking. CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING,  Rhys And his staff are dedicated to bringing the hottest Work Around!


    Synopsis Part 1: Devin Kross is a successful Atlanta attorney with an interesting sideline. The powerhouse attorney is a ruthless paid assassin.

    While on a contract, Devin meets an attractive executive, Portia Scott, whom he immediately falls for. Portia comes to Atlanta on business, and they spend time together. While out with Portia, someone attacks them, but neither Devin nor Portia knows why or who may be out to get them.

    This leads Devin on a journey through her past and makes him wonder who Portia Scott is.

    Flacco Gonzales is not your average drug dealer. His street smarts and above average IQ take him to the next level in the game, or so he thinks. He is in love with Raina Ford, the mayor’s daughter, whom trouble seems to follow. A series of events lead Devin to the truth about who he really is.

    Devin gets instructions for a mission After Raina is targeted. Flacco puts a bounty on the head of whomever tried his woman. 

    This mission will bring answers not Only to Flacco but  will  change Devin's  life and bring him closer to finding answers to questions he never knew he had.  

     Flacco prepares to take over and claim his rightful place. Does he? 

    Will Devin allow his judgment to be clouded by the beautiful Portia or does she really matter? 

    Who is the real puppet master? Papa Juan ?  Issaac?  Dan

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    The Fastest & Easiest Way to become an Author -The Power of Leverage

    in Business


    With Karen Rowe

    The Fastest & Easiest Way to become an Author -The Power of Leverage 

    My Guest this Tuesday is Shamayah Sarrucco. She is the founder of World Class Writing LLC. She is a very gifted writer, an international speaker and the author of multiple Best Sellers. She received the Paoli Award of Excellence for her book The Diamond from Within – Overcoming Obstacles in Life and business. Shamayah’s passion is helping entrepreneurs write their book and become a Best Selling author, so they can inspire the world and make their business prosper. Her clients include, Mitch Russo, former CEO of Tony Robbins’ Business Breakthrough International, Greg Reid with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and former Miss Bolivia and business woman Elizabeth Bress. 

    What makes her unique in the industry is that she incorporates her extensive international business expertise in the writing services she offers her clients. Her next book, Happiness is a Verb – The Journey to Living will be released in the fall of 2015 www.worldclasswriting.com

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:00pm EST.  Its' Time To Get Writing!  With Karen Rowe.

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    Laynee Bluebird Reyna: One Earth One People One Vision

    in Motivation

    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. www.svetlanakim.com

    Our Guest: 

    Elayne Silva-Reyna, familiarly called "Laynee Bluebird Reyna" is the "Painter of Spirit". She is a national award-winning artist and her lifetime creation of art, poetry, and storytelling has inspired collectors internationally. She is a national award-winning artist for her painting of Kashaya-Pomo California Indian, Bernice Torrez, "Medicine Song Woman, 2006." Elayne wrote of her ceremonial relationship with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, renowned author of "On Death And Dying", in the book "Tea with Elisabeth" by Fern Welch, Rose Winters, Ken Ross, 2009. In "The Ways of Spirit, 30 Visionaries Share Philosophies, Paths & Practices", co-authored by Susan Averett Lee, Elayne honored Nature as the Great Sacred. In "Real Moments", author Barbara De Angelis, PhD, dedicated the chapter on Women to Elayne as her "Big Sister" and teacher. Barbara honored Elayne's "One Earth One People Peace Vision, Inc." 501c.3 nonprofit organization which promotes peace through Native American arts and crafts, dance, drum, music and storytelling the first weekend annually in May in San Juan Bautista, California. 


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    Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD "The Children of Now Evolution"

    in Self Help

    Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. is the is the author of 9 books including, "THE CHILDREN OF NOW EVOLUTION" (11/1/2014), the Bestselling books "Touching the Light," "The Secret History of Consciousness," the International Bestseller "The Children of Now," The Living Light Cards other great books. She is also the author of the "Online Messages" and a contributor to "What Wags the World" and the Bestselling "The Mystery of 2012 Anthology."

    Dr Meg is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses. Information is available at http://touchingthelight.org.

    She is a national and international Keynote Speaker and also lectures worldwide. She facilitates group journeys to Sacred Sites including Scotland, England, Ireland, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and Mexico. She is a recipient of the Culture of Peace Award. Dr. Meg has also served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20 and most recently A&E Lifetime Movie Network.

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    Wed Rewind Show - Signs of Depression pt. 2 ~ LJT Radio w/Host JuanG and Evanie

    in Lifestyle

    Join us today and every Wednesday at 3pm for our Wed Rewind show... If you missed Friday nites hot topic show you can catch it today at 3pm... Topic for today: Signs of Depression pt. 2 ~ We are continuing our discussion of having a health mental state... Sometimes the thing holding us back is our emotional state of mind... In order to move and be successful we have to insure that we are emotionally healthy as well... Isn't it funny that when we have a physical ailment we seek help immediately but the same cannot be said about our emotional health... we tend to just try to reason it away instead of exploring what is needed to be healthy...

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