• Is Your Strength Really Your Weakness

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    Hello Everyone! Welcome to MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY with The Divas!

    With the new year approaching and everyone formulating their 'resolutions' for change in 2015, The Divas think it's important to get back to some basics! Some of us are wanting, wishing and praying for a new start, a new beginning and a new relationship in 2015...but do you really have a 'plan' for getting it? The question has been asked, "Why Are So Many Strong Black Women Single?" and believe me, The Divas have an answer...or two...or three. Lol 

    We wanna here from the masses on this one because when you know better, it's your duty to be better. We have an "Each One, Teach One" tude...sooo, get ya notebooks out cause this'll be another note-taker.

    I better hear from my peeps in the FB group "25 and Older Atlanta"...this one is for ya'll...so call


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    @w989Radio Presents #MookMondays Yungins Takeover wsg/ JPlus

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    This Monday's Guest is J'Plus The Entertainer on @w989Radio's #MookMondays: The Yungins Takeover. 6pm et. We'll be talkin bout his Career and Other things, plus playing Music from Him. Tune in/ Call in, Yall can call in and holla at us too! see ya Monday! #SaluteTheYungins 917.889.3866  

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    @w989Radio Presents #MookMondays wsg/ Yung Flavariztic

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    @w989radio's #MookMondays wsg/ Yung Flavariztic & @FlavaMom 2Day 6pm et. Also new tracks from Tyvion Harris, Aldreco King Roscoe Jones Jplus Entertainer & more Log in/Call in 917.889.3866

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    Against the Grain (ATG) Interview

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    Against The Grain features the combined talents of prominent NY solo artists (Madness, JPlus, Mike Arson, Sin-City, Kaine and Masai) into one eclectic super-group.
    Their first collaborative mixtape features some of the rawest and wittiest lyrical delivery that New York has to offer.
    VISIT www.ATG518.com

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    Teens NTUNED Interviews J'Plus, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson

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    Join Ms.P, Sienna J, Abbey and Darius chat it up with J'Plus, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson. 

    Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson were born in Mississippi in 1990 and 1992 the youngest of 8 boys to an awesome pair of God fearing parents, Roger and Brenda Hudson. The family moved to Jonesboro, Ga in 1998 where the brothers quickly made a name for themselves as the funniest guys in their schools, dancing, joking, and rapping to bring each of their classrooms to uncontrollable amounts of laughter every day.  

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