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    Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide: Was It Preventable

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    What went wrong that caused Javon Belcher to snap and kill his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins leaving their three month old daughter Zoey parentless. Belcher's mother Cheryl Shepard told police she heard Belcher say "you can't talk to me like that" just before he shot Perkins.

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    Speak Up & Speak Out.. The Jovan Belcher Story

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    Welcome to The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope Speak Up and Speak Out Mid-Week Strategies for Families & Communities.
    No matter what your day was like, we have committed ourselves to give you a BRIGHTER EVENING! So, seat back relax with some herbal tea or favorite brew coffee.
    This week Min. Kim’s round table will discuss Jovan Belcher’s story. Is violence triggered by childhood abuse or substance abuse (Alcohol/Drugs)? What is the REAL story that lead Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher to kill Kassandra Perkins and later himself? Do you believe this was an act of Domestic Violence or trigged by the consumption of alcohol?
    Meet Ms. Carolyn Empress Poetry Lyne
    Meet performance artist, poetic activist, author, motivational speaker and mother EMPRESS POETRY. Barbados born and Brooklyn, New York bred; this culturally rich and diverse combo gives her a creatively unique edged color palate and a horizon- wide canvas. EMPRESS POETRY cleverly weaves language and molds character through the power of the pen. Her signature performance poetry captures the delicate intricacies of life. These natural, God-given creative abilities were evident early on. Today, EMPRESS dynamically brings uplifting messages of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing through her God given gift of writing poetry and prose to every onstage/offstage encounter.                             Meet Mr. Talib Winston
     I am a man who has overcome the trials of life and been blessed long enough to see Jesus use me to in ways to further his kingdom. I am very joyful about my future in Christ. Being a Father of 8 and a Husband i know that life is about Loving, Forgiving, and Growing beyond what we think with our natural minds!!

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady Voncile Belcher and Velvett

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    This evening we welcome Lady Voncile Belcher. Lady Voncile is a Gospel music recording artist who has been nominated 3 times for the Rythm of Gospel Awards (Traditional Artist of the year; Traditional vocalist of the year and Radio Show of The year).

    This evening, you will have the pleasure of listening to some of her music, including her new single entitled: It's Time To Celebrate" (available on cdbaby)

    We also welcome an artist known as VelVett. 
    Actor, Song Writer and Christian Hip Hop recording artist VellVett is blazing across the country! Passionate about spreading the encouraging message of God's love and positive living all while staying true to the vision "Living What I'm Giving", this vibrant artist brings a contagious energy, and positive message with every song and performance. His message is delivered through propitious and engaging lyrics, hot tracks, and a seamless delivery that attracts both the young and mature audience.  Dream Big!!!


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    " ACTIVATE THE SEASON " with Lady Voncile Belcher & Apostle Natalie Young

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    Join Apostle Natalie Young activating the Christmas Season with LADY VONCILE BELCHER " The Voice that Rejuvenates Traditional Gospel Music" Born in the small town of Ozark, Alabama, she enjoyed singing for her family. She hails from a strong religious background; her father was a noted minister while her mother was a well-respected missionary. With deep gospel roots her yearning to sing thrived. Today, her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music, and has led Lady Voncile Belcher to pursue her fourth solo project. Her opportunities have enabled her to perform with small, medium, and large ensembles, which have included professional choirs, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Battle of the Bands, along with Radio and Television shows. Now, under her own newly formed Glory Bound (GB) Records, and working with Producers Tim Fryar and Rodney Edge and New Me Productions, her single release of 'Alright' is playing on the radio in the U.S. and International markets. She will release her fourth and most anticipated solo project in early 2014 entitled 'Unstoppable" and her Christmas Single available NOW for all of your Holiday listening!
    Follow Voncile on Social Media
    Facebook: Voncile Belcher
    Twitter: @LadyVoncile 
    For Bookings Contact:
    A.C.T.S. Entertainment Management 
    Phone: 404.432.7648 or via EMAIL: ActsManagement@live.com 



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    The Sports House with Network Sponsor and retired NFL player Jovan Haye

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    Today on the show we will be joined with our sponsor for The Wacko Radio Network, and retired NFL player Jovan Haye to talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his wonderful and awesome app Post Share. We will of course look ahead to tonoight's Thursday night game between the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins.


    We will look ahead to all the game for week 11 in the NFL, giving our week 11 NFL picks and let you know who we think will win and lose this week. We will talk some NBA and NHL as well.


    We will take your calls at 646-478-5337 and read your tweets via twitter to @Sonnycruise1, and @rmdest.

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    Interview with, Jovan MrShowtime Johnson/The Man U picked, hurt your "Child"

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    Blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow                  Callin# 1-646-716-5495

                                                   9:30pm to 11:30pm Est. 

    If you want to speak with the host or guest, please press#1 on your phone and the host will be with you shortly.

    Your Opinion Matter


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    Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher Murder; suicide

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    What makes us so angry? What can drive someone to the point of murder, then suicide?
    Belcher shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins multiple times at their home on Saturday. Soon after, he drove to the Kansas Chiefs practice facility, where he committed suicide in the parking lot. The couple had just given birth to a baby girl only three months old.
    It seem's as if Belcher was living the American dream. A professional football player, with a beautiful companion, beautiful child & beautiful home. What went wrong? Where there warning signs? What made him shoot the love of his life nine times? Lets discuss it on todays show!

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    Baby Boy Belcher: What Bob's Burgers gets right about modern parenting.

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    Hello folks! 

    This ep we're gonna be talking about a beloved television treasure that's fast becoming an instant classic: Bob's Burgers. The show definitely draws heavy influence from predecessors like the Simpsons and Home Movies, yet at the same time it modernizes the themes of those that came before it by showing us how to parent kids in an ever changing information saturated world. 

    but before we get there we'll talk briefly about Tyrese, Green Lantern, X-men next class and hiliarity is sure to ensue. 

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    Everything with Kathy B Indie Soul Saturdays Irene Renee & Voncile Belcher

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    Irene Renee - R&B Artist 2:15pm

    At the age of four or five, Ms. Irene Renee was scheduled to perform a duet with her sister for the Easter Sunday children’s show.  She rehearsed “Yes Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine” for weeks, knew her lines, and was all set to perform.  But stage fright struck, and she chickened out, leaving her sister to render the songs on her own.  Despite that experience, Ms. Irene Renee went on to develop a love for performing and singing. She joined the children’s choir and the adult choirs at both Northwest C.O.G.I.C. and Glad Tidings C.O.G.I.C churches in Detroit, MI, where she was a member for most of her young adult life, thereafter graduating to performances in gospel groups, church plays, and school talent shows.

    Voncile Belcher - Gospel Artist 3:15

    She's voice that rejuvenates traditional Gospel Music. You first heard her sing lead on the hit single "Look Where He Brought Me From" with the  Georgia Mass Choir. Today her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music and has led her to pursue her forthcoming solo project.

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    BME LLC Presents Promote Yourself

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    Checkout BME LLC Presents Promote Yourself.  Where the independent artist can call and show support to other indie aritsts as well as request their music to be played. Join us each Sunday Afternoon from 8pm to 10pm on Home Team Radio.

    Tune in tonight 8-10pm eastern for a good show with good music followed by some interviews! I will also have some resources for people to use and get their career on to the next start. This will be my last show on Home Team Radio tonight so tune in and turn up to the max with me. I will be accepting requests and calls for music so lets make sure we pack the house, all indie artists you definetly want to be in the building.

    Make sure to check my show out where I will still be promoting indie artists and giving them a chance to promote them self here: 


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