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    The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio To Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Starhawk on City of Refuge, her sequel to Fifth Sacred Thing, and Zarna Joshi on Climate and Oppression.   Starhawk is launching her new novel: City of Refuge: The Sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thingin Seattle,Nov. 6th.  In The Fifth Sacred Thing, the people resist a brutal invasion using nonviolence and magic. They ask how do we resist violence without becoming what we’re fighting against? In City of Refuge, Healer Madrone has a dream. “Build a city of refuge in the heartland of the enemy.” She and musician-turned-guerilla Bird go to the Southlands to liberate them. But how can you build a new world when people are so deeply damaged by the old?  Zarna Joshi will share how climate solutions can fix more than the climate.  In her work as a climate activist, Zarna is always thinking about how solutions to the climate crisis can also address the oppressive systems that caused the climate crisis. She looks to ancient indigenous cultures for inspiration, particularly her own culture as a Hindu daughter of Indian descent. "The wisdom of our elders is not based on the modern western system of rewarding greed. It is based on the welfare of all life and that is why it works. It is based on the wisdom of Earth Herself and if we look to Her, we can begin to radically heal our society and planet."

    The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: 4 Things You Can Use to Eliminate Limitation for Good & Transform Your Life with Co-host Dr. Glenna Rice & Guest Dr. Gardella.  Find out more about the Access Consciousness Workshop "5 Days to Change Your Life" that includes The Bars, Foundation and Level One with facilitators Dr. Glenna Rice and Dr. Andrew Gardella

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    The Wrestling Call In Show Ep 272

    in Wrestling

    On this edition of the podcast, we get WWE Battlegroud picks, Randy comes on to defend his pick on EC3 and should Brock Lesnar be punished for his actions on Monday Night Raw.  Also ask the question of if the inter-promotional plan and GFW and TNA will work,  are these lawsuits against WWE valid, and why is America so caught up with the Bella Twins?  All this and more on this edition of The Wrestling Call In Show.

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    Rematch of The Joshi Tourney Pre-Show

    in Sports

    Listen in as wrestlers from around the world talk about the Joshi tourney, before it happened.
    Some of those that were on are:
    Barry Savant
    Christina Von Eerie
    Darin Childs
    Jakkus Plyskin
    Berry Breeze
    Davey Vega
    Lillie Mae
    Amanda Fox

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    Mindful Shift - a conversation with author J.A. Joshi

    in Spirituality

    Mindful shift - a conversation about the evolution of consciousness and sacred economics.  The world is changing "the awakening" is happening.  All over the world people are waking up to a new understanding about love and unity. We can live a more beautiful life our hearts know is possible.    Joining me today is J.A. Joshi, the author of several historical fiction books about the journey within.  

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    Magical Pain Free Living in a nutshell right here! Tap that stuff out...

    in Entertainment

    Hey hey y'all! It's our first 2015 show on The Quirky World of Mama Char and boy is it a doozie! Our theme for tonight's show is "You can have and do whatever you want" and I have just the guests to prove this statement is TRUE!

    Our speaking guest tonight is Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, an International Physical and Emotional Pain Relief Expert. She is also the co-author of the #1bestselling and award winning book Pebbles in the Pond-Wave 3.  She is going to share her story of how she beat a dilbilitating disease and chronic pain  defying the doctor's prognosis of bed rest for the rest of her life!  She has a gift for the listeners that will rock your world so y'all do NOT want to miss this show!  You can find Shalini on her website eftthailand.com.

    Our musical guest is Kendall Triplett sharing his song "You Can Do Anything"!  Baby boy has a great groove with a FANTASTIC message.  You can find Kendall on artistecard.com/KendallTriplett and on all social media @kendalltriplett and snag his music on iTunes and Reverbnation. 

    Join us at 6pmPST/8pmCST/9pmEST and be blessed beyond belief!

    Of course, y'all can always find me at mamachar.com and on all Social Media @MamaCharBlessed. And just for my listeners, for a FREE Angel Card Reading message me on my facebook page Hear From Angels.

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    Michael Aronovitz joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    Michael Aronovitz’s debut collection Seven Deadly Pleasures was published by Hippocampus Press in 2009, and his newest novel Alice Walks is presently available in collectable cloth hard cover through Centipede Press and trade paperback through Dark Renaissance Books. Aronovitz’s second collection The Voices in Our Heads was released by Horrified Press in February of 2014, and Hippocampus will publish Aronovitz’s second novel, The Witch of the Wood, this coming December or January. Aronovitz’s first young adult novel titled Becky’s Kiss will be published by Vinspire Press in late 2015. Aronovitz’s short story “The Girl Between the Slats” appeared in S.T. Joshi’s acclaimed anthology Searchers After Horror last Spring, and his short ghost story “How Bria Died” was featured in Paula Guran’s The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, 2011.

    Underwriting for Haunted Nights LIVE! is provided by PML Media and Author Marketing Hub, on the web respectively at http://pmlmedia.com and http://authormarketinghub.com  

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    Former wwe diva Kharma joins us live tonight on Pipebomb Radio

    in Wrestling

    Moral causation be damned. When you cross Kharma, your fate is sealed.

    Beneath her black leather gladiator-like garments is a woman who’s trained in the dojo of joshi puroresu (female Japanese wrestling) and mixed martial arts – experience garnered while on a quest to prove WWE wrong after being told at a “Tough Enough” audition that she was “too fat” to make it as a WWE Diva. Kharma responded vehemently to her detractors by winning championships around the globe and decimating her opposition until WWE could no longer ignore her. Then, weeks before her WWE arrival, she made certain that the Diva division’s ring warriors also understood she wasn’t there to play around through vignettes in which she gleefully tore the heads and body parts off dolls. On May 1, 2011, the braided brute made a startling debut at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and left Michelle McCool as battered and broken as Kharma’s creepy collection of dismembered dollies. The only visual more frightening than Kharma decimating the first-ever Divas Champion, however, was how much she visibly seemed to enjoy doing so. In the weeks that followed, Kharma traversed between Raw and SmackDown, where she viciously annihilated any Diva she got her hands on. Then, almost as suddenly as she first appeared, she left. We will be discussing her start in professional wrestling as well as her time in TNA and what she is up to today. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS A MOMENT OF THIS HISTORIC INTERVIEW WITH UNDOUBTEDLY THE TOUGHEST WOMAN IN PRO WRESTLING.

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    The Shift Episode 12: Deadline Day - July 31, 2014

    in Baseball

    On this episode of The Shift Bryan, Stu are talking about the many, thrilling deadline day moves. To discuss them all, they're bringing on Beyond the Box Score contributors Stephen Loftus, Anthony Joshi-Pawlowic, and Ryan Romano! Price! Lester! Lackey! All these deals and more!

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    Ayurvedic Medicine - The Future of Primary Health Care?

    in Health

    Ayurveda deserves a great deal of respect as a more than 5,000-year-old science of health. Learn from leading experts--Dr. Vijay Jain, Medical Director of Amrit Ayurveda for Total Wellbeing, and Ayurvedic Specialist, Shekhar Annambhotla, Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America—how Ayurveda, could easily become the basis of primary health care in the U.S.

    Dr. Vijay Jain brings more than 40 years of experience in General Surgery and 18 years of focused study of integrative medicine to his integration of traditional/Western medicine with ancient medicine and well-tried systems of healing from different cultures. He has studied mind/body medicine with Deepak Chopra, MD; Yoga Therapy at the Vivekenanda Research Center (Bangalore, India); Ayurveda medicine with Sunil Joshi, MD (Nagpur, India); and Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil, MD, (Tucson, AZ). 

    Shekhar Annambhotla is an Ayurvedic specialist classically trained in India. A practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda since 1988, his education and mission--to help people live healthier lives with Ayurveda--began his eight-year course of study in Ayurveda at the age of 17. The Licensed Integrative Bodywork and Massage Therapist (LMT), Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, and instructor of therapeutic Hatha Yoga, has a Masters Degree in Ayurveda.

    Shekhar, foundiing director of Ojas LLC Ayurveda Wellness Center in Pennsylvania, and Dr. Vijay Jain instruct participants in the Amrit Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida. (http://www.amrityoga.org/amrit-ayurveda-training.html). 

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    NY Track at NGS RIchmond 2014

    in History

    Jane welcomes the presenters of the NYG&B-sponsored NY Track at the NGS 2014 conference in Richmond. The NY Track team will talk about the lineup of NY topics at this year’s conference. The track includes Naomi Joshi on Navigating the Past: Gazetteers and Genealogists, Terry Koch-Bostic on  Upside Down Migration: South Carolina to Nova Scotia to New York, and Joan Koster-Morales on New York’s Confederate Prisons: Elmira and New York City. Naomi will also give the NYG&B Luncheon talk on How to assemble a weighty genealogical tome and survive the experience! The NY Track and Luncheon take place on 8 May.


    Note: The recording for Terry's Misspelled, Misunderstood or Deliberate? Are Your New York Ancestors’ Records Hidden Under a Surname Variation? and Jane's Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used Resources were lost with some Skype problems.

    Photos: Fort Lafayette, by Deloss Barnum, NY Public Library, Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs

    New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer book cover, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society,

    Westchester County from the New York Family History Gazetteer.

    Rensselaer Manor Mill, from the collection of the Peterburgh Town Historian.





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    Wrestling Superstar Barbi Hayden is live with Pipebomb Radio

    in Sports

    Tonight on Pipebomb Radio our guest is Pro Wrestling Superstar, Barbi Hayden! Barbi Hayden is the inaugural and current NWA Lonestar Womens Champion, she is also the current ACW Joshi Champion and former Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. She began her career in 2009 and was trained by George De La Isla ( Mr. Mexico in Cali/Mexico), and was also under the teachings of former WWE Superstars Funaki, Jaykus Plisken, and Lance Hoyt.