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    The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show - Elvis Moyo Interview

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    The Badlands Combat Radio Show is the show for you if you are a fan of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and all other forms of unarmed hand-to-hand combat sports. Join me for interviews with fighters and overall combat sports news and discussions. You can listen by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/aow_productions or by calling +1 (832) 999-8125 and select option 1. Be sure to follow me on Twitter - @BadLandsCSR and check out my official website at www.octagon8125.com.

    My guest this week is professional boxer and M.M.A. fighter, Elvis "The Bomber" Moyo from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Dan Moyo (standing directly behind the Honorable Nelson Mandela),  joined the African National Congress underground unit in 1979 which led to his membership to UMkhonto weSizwe its military wing later in the same year. He received both military and political training in Angola and redeployed back into South Africa to engage the enemy in the Eastern front area now called Mpumalanga where he was originally born. Early in March 1981, he was arrested and charged under the notorious terrorism act of 1967, and wassentenced to 10-yrs with 5-yesrs minimum and 5-years to run concurrently.

    He was imprisoned to serve his sentenced in Robben Island Maximum Security Prison where all other freedom fighters were kept including former Rivonia trial's ANC leadership. The late President Nelson Mandela was a member of this imprisoned group.

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    Black Family Series: Fatherless Daughters

    in Culture

    This podcast discusses the symptoms of fatherless daughters during adulthood and provides tips on how to overcome many of the obstacles they face.

    The title of the book referenced in this episode is "Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women" by Jonetta Rose Barras.

    Episode correction:  Next live show will be airing September 14th at 8am Pacific and 11am Eastern.

    Below is the private investigation company I used to find my father.  I provided them minimal information but they found him and provided lots of contact info on him:



    1 (888) 949-6996 ext. 217


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    In the house with guest Gilmore T. Moyo

    in Entrepreneur

     “ Business in the city of Kings : With guest Gilmore T. Moyo”
    Exploring the business Sphere in the second largest city of Zimbabwe - Bulawayo with one of the youngest  influential Entrepreneur in the city of sunshine. 
    Join the House of Afropreneurship 

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    in Politics Conservative

    The Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, delves into the Modern Influencers of Society's Cultural Institutions--Education, Economics, Government, Family and Faith--with an Unique Urban Perspective. Mondays through Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST.   JONETTA ROSE BARRAS http://jonettarosebarras.com/   GLOZELL GREEN http://www.glozell.com/   TheExceptionalConservativeShow.com [http://theexceptionalconservativeshow.com/] or ACNation Radio Network [www.acnation.com].

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    Belvaspata v Deistvii

    in Spirituality

    SPROSITE LUCIYU - Belvaspata Grand-Master Lucia Dashkevich otvechaet na vashi voprosy.
    -moya poyezdka v Nevadu: Red Rock Canyon initsiatsiya soyedineniye v nas Bozhestvennoy Zhenskoy Energii, kotoroy ne bylo na planete so vremyon Atlantidy; moyo osoznaniye i chto dayet eto moim kliyentam; - Vazhnost Energii Oktyabrya: na chto obratit vnimaniye ; - Praktika, praktika i eshche raz praktika: "O glandakh i o polipakh v nosu. Na kakuyu oblast zhizni stoit obratit vnimaniye i chego my lishayemsya s udaleniyem etikh organov."
    belvaspata-healing.com   lucy@NewGoldenAgeTherapy.com

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    The Adilah Show with Guest Mzuri Moyo of the Film "Sankofa"

    in Entertainment

    Host Adilah Barnes interviews Paterson, NJ, native Mzuri Moyo, a.k.a Lorraine Therese Pope, on her show "Adilah."  Reared in the church, Mzuri grew up singing in The Solid Rock Baptist Church where her family had strong ties.
    Upon graduating from nursing school Mzuri abandoned her profession to pursue her dream and moved to Paris, France where she sang in various night clubs. This enabled her to develop her unique style of Jazzpel (Jazz and Gospel) wowing European audiences with her extraordinary, soulful sound.
    Upon returning to the U.S., she was cast in the cultural film Sankofa as Lucy.  After viewing Gil Noble's "Like It Is" program on ABC, where she saw the great civil rights heroine Fannie Lou Hamer, she became captivated. Upon hearing Ms. Hammer's story, Mzuri was determined to pay homage to this unknown giant. After years of research she penned an award winning one-woman show, entitled "The Fannie Lou Hamer Story." As a result, in 2001, Moyo  received the prestigious Audelco Award for best solo performance.
    On September 9, 2011, Ms. Moyo sang at the United Nations’ General Assembly for their 911 commemoration. Her credits include: a performance at Lincoln Center, Opera for Peace which she sang in Paraguay, an appearance as one of three sopranos with the NYC Symphony conducted by Dr. David Eaton. She recently released her CD, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, and she made several appearances at the LA Women's Theatre Festival.
    The Fannie Lou Hamer Story is one of five solo shows at the Arena Stage as part of the Living Legends Series at the DC Black Theatre Festival from June 29 - July 1. The show was featured at the Dwyer Cultural Center and Riverside Church in NYC during Black History month.
    Mzuri Moyo's Fannie Lou Hammer performance is on both CD and DVD.

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    New Year New You - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in 2013

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    In our quest to live a full, rich and authentic life it's sometimes necessary for us to step out of our comfort zone. We know it's something that we "need" to do in order to get to where we want to go, but making that first step can be terrifying especially if it means doing something that you're not comfortable with.  Joining us in the studio today will be Life Coach and Journal Artist Jonetta Moyo who will walk us through how to step outside of our comfort zone in our quest to get one step closer to our goals.
    2013 is about setting BIG goals and taking chances.  What are YOU waiting for???
    So grab your favorite drink, get a pen and something to write on, find a comfy spot and join us some good conversation.

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    in Christianity

    Your season does not change according to man's written calendar, it changes by the hand of God. Daniel 2:21 states: and He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding. To hear this live teaching on how and when your seasons change, please click the icon above. To sow a seed into this ministry, please visit http://www.jonettamcclureministries.net and select SEED SOWERS from the menu bar or write us at admin@jonettamcclureministries.org Thank you for tuning in to Manna From On High with Jonetta Henry-McClure

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    Dr Crispin Moyo is clinical doctor on a two year program in United States; the team at “BRIDGING the GAP program” visited with him this weekend. Dr Moyo has a very interesting thought about the relationship between the Zambians in Diaspora and the homeland.
    Join the discussion :
    Place:  Zambia Blog Talk Radio
    Time: 9pm US Eastern Time or 3am ZED time.
    Or listen live on www.zambiablogtalkradio.com

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    Diasporan Truth | Business Forum

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    Diasporan Truth: With the recent arrest of a Zambian Gay rights activist there has been heated discussion about Zambia , gay rights and human rights. Hosts Mukuka and Twaambo shall be discussing what this topic means for Zambia's Justice system, gay rights in Zambia and if religious  teachings should have a persuasive influence on the laws of the land.
    Business Forum: Your hosts Matilda Mwaba-Lucas and Ntheye Kabandama continue the series on the health sector and its impact in Zambia.  Dr Mwamba-Walters is a medical doctor currently in Monrovia, Liberia. Dr Crispin Moyo is a medical doctor working with the Ministry of Health and currently on study leave in the US. The good doctors will be discusing career building, health economics of HIV and its imprint on the businesses in Zambia.