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    DPC Ohio Unsummit Review & Family Doc Spew

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    Dr Jonas, your host on the Dr. Synonymous Show, will review the DPC Ohio "Unsummit" that was previewed on last week's show.  Lots of energy and ideas flowed as the enthusiastic participants shared their situations, dreams and plans.  The Presdent Elect of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Ryan Kauffman, MD announced his DPC leanings and represented the OAFP well with an update of OAFP DPC perspectives and acting as the "price police" fot our meeting.  He introduced the rules about prices being taboo and clarified, a couple times, the importance of the rules for fairness and protection of all involved in meetings and presentations.

    Dale Bellis, Executive Director of Liberty Direct was a well received participant who had a back end plan that's affordable and off the grid of ACA administered by Liberty Healthshare, a non-profit organization of Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan, Inc. that is recognized by the US gov't as a healthcare sharing ministry, exempt from the ACA.

    Mike Strickland, MD, trained in the AtlasMD DPC system, and Ryan Kauffman, MD, soon to go to Brian Forrest, MD's bootcamp for DPC presented about "pure" DPC practice while Phil Whitecar, MD and Dr. Jonas presented about their hybrid practices in Beavercreek.  Will Sawyer, MD from Cincinnati, who operates a subscription practice in Cincinnati, reviewed the legislative situation in the nation and Ohio for DPC.

    We had fun.  Listen in and join the chat room to comment live.

    Dr Jonas will also add some comments and review the Dr. Synonymous blog about "Grain Gonads".

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    St. Bertulf of Bobbio

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Saint Bertulf (died 640) was a German who converted to Christianity. He was the son of a pagan nobleman and was a near relative of Arnulf of Metz, whose example had such an influence on Bertulf that he became a Christian and in 620 entered the monastery of Luxeuil.

    A few years later he became acquainted with Abbot Attala, who had come to Luxeuil on a visit, and, with permission of Abbot Eustace of Luxeuil, joined Attala's community at Bobbio in Italy. Upon the death of Attala in 627, Bertulf was elected by the monks of Bobbio as their abbot. Like his predecessor, he insisted on the observance of the austere rule introduced by St. Columban, the founder of Bobbio Abbey, and preached fearlessly against Arianism, which had gained a firm foothold in Italy under the Lombard kings.

    When the Bishop of Tortona endeavoured to bring Bobbio under his own jurisdiction, Bertulf hastened to Rome, where Pope Honorius I received him kindly and granted the monastery entire exemption from episcopal jurisdiction. Jonas, a monk of Bobbio, who accompanied Bertulf on his journey to Rome, relates that, while returning to his monastery, Bertulf was attacked by a deadly fever, and cured miraculously by St. Peter. The same author ascribes a few other miracles to the prayers of St. Bertulf. Most martyrologies give him the title of saint. His feast is celebrated on August 19.

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    Direct Primary Care Conference in Ohio, FM Pot Pourie

    in Health

    Tonight Dr Jonas, your host on the Dr Synonymous Show, will review the upoming DPC Ohio "Unsummit" and comment on the state of flux in the healthcare system at the primary care level.

    Some Tweets and Blogs are waiting for Dr Synonymus to comment on them and Dr j will accommodate.

    Let's move ahead  with DPC.

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    Health Care: Who Pays and Who Cares

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    Tonight Dr Jonas discusses payment in health care.  Who pays and Who cares?  We'll go through the usual Twittere and Blog review with comments along the way.

    Is Direct Prmary Care really the answer to all the questions about payment reform in primary care?

    We'll peruse the updoming "Unsummit" in the Dayton area on the way through this show.  Tune in and join our chat room too.

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 106 Celtics one of the winners in NBA Free Agency?

    in Sports

    The Celtics have officially introduced their newest members. The Celtics did not get no big name free agents to come this way. But the Celtics did get some legit talent to join them and managed to improve the roster in a way that makes them a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference and possibly not the 8th seed this season. The Celtics bringing in Amir Johnson from the Toronto Raptors. Trading for David Lee of the Golden State Warriors. Resigning key contributors from last years team like Jae Crowder and Jonas Jerebko. The Celtics have been projected by sports illustrated to finish as the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference with 47 wins behind the Raptors, Cavaliers, Bulls and Hawks. The Celtics Talk Crew on this show will be joined by John Karalis of RedArmy.com. He along with the crew will discuss did the Celtics do enough to get a passing grade in free agency. Did Danny Ainge's accomplishments get the team ranked with the teams that got the superstars to join them in the Celtics Talk Crew and MR.Karalis's mind. You will jsut have to tune in to find ou

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    Direct Primary Care: Now is the Time to Act

    in Health

    Dr Jonas will review numerous web sites, blogs and tweets about Direct Primary Care.  Join in the chat room to participate.  Radical innovation is needed to bypass the sludge in the Medical Industrial Complex that is bankrupting America, medicalizing life and numbing the practice of medicine into a series of "Meaningless Use" bonus-based medicine misguided quality initiatives.  Dr Synonymous is about understanding the human condition and how that applies to the practice of Family Medicine.  DPC is the way to go next to help the human condition to realign with the world of healthcare.

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    West Point Glee Club Reunion 2015 and Buckner Graduation 2018 W/1968 Input

    in Health

    I had a great time at West Point during the Reunion Weekend and I'll go through each element and spew happiness in this show about The West Point Glee Club Reunion and The Class of 2018 Buckner summer training graduation ceremony.  I was touched by the waythe Academy connected so many facets of soldiering and tradition into this ceremony, including a piece for the Class of 1968.  Join the chat room and comment.

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    Night Search with guest Jonas Ogland

    in Spirituality

    The show on Tuesday

    night is a friend from Norway who

    is speaking about the "Flying Saucers" of

    the German NAZI Luftwaffe during WWII.  His name is Jonas Ogland. 

    Much evidence is showing they made a good amount of flying discs. 

    He has researched the different crafts and their removal to the Antarctica after the war, 

    where many of the the high ranking German officers escaped to, and where they still may be.

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    Live Musics

    in Culture

    Listening to live musics all day long. you will be happy ato listen to me.

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    Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana, Solutionists and Inflictionists

    in Health

    In this show Dr. Jonas, your host, will review a couple JAMA perspectives on Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana and ED Drugs that may stimulate malignant melanoma.  Tweet and blog reviews follow, with the Dr Synonymous blog reviewed for a quick hit on Solutionists versus Inflictionists and a brief discussion.  Join the chat room.

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    Office Genomics, Pain Paradox in Family Medicine

    in Health

    How might we look at genomics in office practice in Family Medicine?  Dr. Jonas, your host for the Dr. Synonymous Show, will dream a bit about what we are doing now and what might be.

    Responding to patients with painful situations is challenging in Family Medicine.  We love our  patients.  They hurt- we help.  But, their brain might get dysregulated by the pain via "wind-up" and potentially by opiate medications for persistent moderate or severe pain.  With FDA tightening up on prescribing rules for , many more patients are seeing their doctor monthly.  How do we respond to their frustrations at having to come in monthly for their pain management?

    Pain is a paradox in Family Medicine.  Listen in for further discussion.