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    Wicked Twinz Interview

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    Welcome everyone to the Joker's Hatchet Talk Show @ 11pm eastern time with the number 5165319993.....now remember after you dial hit 1 then you'll be on the show, now anyways I'll be interviewing the Wicked Twinz concise & skitzo.
    Come join and show your support!!!

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    Avery Mcguire Interview

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    Tonight 11 eastern time on the Joker's Hatchet Talk Show, I will be Interviewing the beautiful model Avery Mcguire.

    i will be decussing about her success as a model on the show also about her future as a model.

    now stay tuned and show your support by calling in and listen on the show as i interview her :)

    the number is 5165319993 then press 1

    thank you all and i hope you'll enjoy it

  • EyeLezz interview part 1

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    On tonights episode Joker's Hatchet Talk Show, I will be interviewing another rapper from Abandon Records,EyeLezz. Now I will talk to him about his latest album....crust life and his future plans as an artists!!!!
    So show your support at 11 eastern 10 Pacific and 9 mountain.
    Whoop whoop!!!!!!

  • EyeLezz interview PT.2

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    whoop whoop fam, tonight on the episode of Joker's Hatchet Talk show, I will be interview the homie EyeLezz again for round 2, now tonight I will get into the mind of Eyelezz and see where is and his future plans in his rapping career.

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    Bubba Live Interview

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    Whoop whoop fam come show your support by calling in and listening in or ask the homie questions about his album.

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    Bubba Da Clown Bubba's Orange Mile interview

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    Whoop whoop fam we are back and we will give nothing but wicked shit and awesomeness for your ears. Now on This Episode we are interviewing our homie and yours Bubba Da Clown mutha Facko!!!!! Come call in with the number 516 531 9993 Also we will be discussing his latest album, his future collabs And his future as an artist. Also later in the show in the show you can ask questions if you like, thats entirely up to you. Now to reach mutha facko hit up at www.facebook.com/Bubbadaclown2 Hope to hear from all of you homies. Mcl!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!!

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    An Interview with Impractical Jokers Murr & Joe

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    As the new season on TruTv of Impractical Jokers nears we welcome two of the Impractical Jokers to the show James "Murr" Murray & Joe Gatto. These two guys make us laugh every episode and come up with some of the wackiest jokes to play on complete strangers. Come hear as they will tell us what makes this show so special and what their looking forward to with the new season!

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    total free chat line 712-432-4234 712-432-4562 712-432-3744

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    hello and welcome to the jokers wild chat line its a place where u can talk to people and make new friends

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    S07/E01: With New Congress "We Lived Happily Ever After". YEAH RIGHT! DREAM ON!

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome to the People's Show. Happy New Year!

    NEW YEAR, NEW ATTITUDE? Or is it the same ol' tired bullsh*t or worse on Capitol Hill?

    What can we look forward to this New Year as the 114th Congress takes over with a Republican dominated majority in both chambers. 

    What is happening in your State? Will Democrats finally step up and represent or will it be the same ol' sh*t on a different day? The Clown parade for the 2016 GOP nomination has already begun. We won't waste time talking much about those jokers. What we'll talk about is:

    How will Immigration Reform, XL Keystone Pipeline, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, Marriage Equality, Open Carry Laws and other major issues of the day play out with this new GOP majority?

    Is Obama a lame duck president for the next 2 years? 

    Join us to talk about this and many other hot topics and how it affects YOUR State and America in general. We love hearing from everyone.

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    No Joke - Jokers Club is a scream!

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    Grab your fuzzy slippers, warm glass of milk, and your nightlight, because you are NOT going to want to sleep after you read the book we will be talking about on this week's show.  The Jokers Club written by Gregory Bastianelli is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride from start to finish.  
    This is a story about some kids - some not-so-good kids.  The things they do as children will haunt them all the way into adulthood.  The mistakes they make will haunt many of them until their dying day - for some of them, that day comes sooner than they ever could have expected.  
    We have another round of the three facts game as well guest host, BRETT TALLEY!  He loved this book so much, that he wanted to interview Gregory himself!  There is going to be more testosterone on this show than EVER before!  You DO NOT want to miss this!!

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    HEY ITS SARGE!....Open line calls, political debates, and passionate perspectives. I talk about world news, politics, & entertainment. Call in and get quick to your point. Trolls are welcome but better come with there A game! I do this for fun,so my shows are not always on the same nights. I do them when I feel like it. So if you want to catch them, like this show and you will be able to see when I go LIVE. 

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