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    Venture Brothers Season 6 Premiere Special!

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    The Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim references everything from Hannah-Barbara to Marvel, Led Zeppelin to the Big Bopper, cult cinema and even Oscar Wilde. The show’s central theme is failure-- the reality of life after the promises and optimism of the 60s space age have faded. But also the positive value of failure as a way to learn and grow, of making unpleasant realities better, and ultimately whether you can learn to keep the joyfulness of youth without its illusions.

    In this podcast episode Elana and Steve explore the series as pop culture history geeks, talking about the episodes, drawing out themes and references. 

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    What to Look for in a Joint Venture

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    Today we are talking about what to look for in a joint venture. If you like the show, like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie, or fill out a support ticket on our website at https://www.websnoogie.com/support.

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    New joint suprise tune in

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    Man it's going down today. We have a new joint coming on the scene. It will be coming from my home away from home Atlanta, GA and i can wait to world premire it. We also will be talking about what trending so do not miss this show it is going down for real. In my florida voice at 12:30 pm PST and 6:30 pm EST and call in to this number (213) 943-3449  to tune in live.

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    What kind of joint venture Opportunities are there?

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    A tradtional JV opportunity is the sale of something at a single event.It can occur at a webinar,live event,or a build up-but at it's two parties coming together to sell the product. It's different than an affiliate because it's a focused,one time event.Co-marketing is another option,where you and your partner market to the same list.The rule of thumb,is that there has to be a message to market match.Anything that helps solve the problem of your audience is fantastic,everthing else should be ignored.Affiliates are essentially automated commissioned sales.Any decent large e-commerce system will make it possible for people to sell your product.The key to success with affiliates?You have to make the process incredibly easy for them.

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    Third Rail Rado V @Rebelutionradio Joint welcomes #OpFlint

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    The water in Flint, Michigan is heavily contaminated by lead, which studies have linked to chronic and irreversible health problems, especially for children, including learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, stunted growth, seizures and even death.

    Despite the severity of contamination and many warnings, it would take many more months before officials did anything. The lack of response was so egregious that The New York Times editorial board described it as “depraved indifference,” suggesting there was “little doubt” that a richer, whiter community would ever have to face such negligence.

         - from http://mashable.com/2016/01/24/flint-water-crisis/#kMuo.ie5kkqA

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    Generating Sales Through Joint Venture (JV) Relationships

    in Entrepreneur

    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, creators of the JV Insider Circle, the #1 joint venture community for coaches, about how to leverage joint ventures relationships to generate sales.

    Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. As the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution and the author of “Coaching Millions,” Milana has been called the “MEGA Coach” of the industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals helping them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create a business that supports their lifestyle.

    Rich German became a coach back in 1999 and has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls in his career. He started his own company in 2008 and has taken the world of coaching coaches by storm. He has written 2 best-selling books and founded the extremely popular Epic Coach Academy.

    Claim Your Free Gifts from Rich & Milana – “The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will Never Promote You” – Get it HERE Special Offer – Get it HERE

    For more information on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.successtsunamisummit.com

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    Third Rail Rado V @Rebelutionradio Joint

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    join us ! we talk swahili


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    Kimberly Parker, founder of KP Femininity, shares how her entrepreneurial spirit transforemed a $75 loan into a sustainable venture.

    Ecomedy Reporthosts this interview to be featured on our flagship podcast.

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    The Post Bold Venture Show

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    The post Bold Venture Show

    Meet us here (646-716-5171) Wednesday, October 28th at 10pm.

    If you are listening live, you may ask a question by pressing 1 on your phone or by joining the chat if you are logged in online.

    If you would like a primer for Defying Gravity Radio, listen to this introductory show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/defyinggravity/2015/04/09/why-defying-gravity-radio

    Listen live or listen on demand at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/defyinggravity

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    Message Defying Gravity Radio to join an ongoing discussion group on Facebook if you like as well.

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    in Politics Progressive


    2.Dr James Gatera wayoboraga Banki ya Kigali, BK, yeguye agirwa umuyobozi wa Christal Venture ya Kagame 

    3.Amatora y'ibanze mu Rwanda yaranzwemo no gutekinika

    4.Pres Paul Kagame yasubiye mubihugu by'Abalabu aho agiye kugaragaza uburyo yarwanyije ubukene mu Rwanda

    5.Congo yatwaye igikombe cya CHAN2016, Akarusho abanyamakuru bakuye mu Rwanda nuko nta Mazi aba muri Hotel 

    6.Abakobwa 96 batwaye inda basubizwa mu rugo ntabikorwa by'itorero bakoze

    7.CNBC yimukiye i kigali Rwanda