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    What kind of joint venture Opportunities are there?

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    A tradtional JV opportunity is the sale of something at a single event.It can occur at a webinar,live event,or a build up-but at it's two parties coming together to sell the product. It's different than an affiliate because it's a focused,one time event.Co-marketing is another option,where you and your partner market to the same list.The rule of thumb,is that there has to be a message to market match.Anything that helps solve the problem of your audience is fantastic,everthing else should be ignored.Affiliates are essentially automated commissioned sales.Any decent large e-commerce system will make it possible for people to sell your product.The key to success with affiliates?You have to make the process incredibly easy for them.

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    Generating Sales Through Joint Venture (JV) Relationships

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    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, creators of the JV Insider Circle, the #1 joint venture community for coaches, about how to leverage joint ventures relationships to generate sales.

    Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. As the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution and the author of “Coaching Millions,” Milana has been called the “MEGA Coach” of the industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals helping them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create a business that supports their lifestyle.

    Rich German became a coach back in 1999 and has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls in his career. He started his own company in 2008 and has taken the world of coaching coaches by storm. He has written 2 best-selling books and founded the extremely popular Epic Coach Academy.

    Claim Your Free Gifts from Rich & Milana – “The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will Never Promote You” – Get it HERE Special Offer – Get it HERE

    For more information on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.successtsunamisummit.com

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    Sports Chat: Arthur J.R. Lugisse Talk Sports , Caribbean &USA Joint Venture

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    The Andrew Dixon Foundation is  a not-for-profit foundation established to develop self- esteem and motivate youth through the eyes of baseball.  The past 3 years has been developing baseball throughout Jamaica primary schools, certifying and teaching Physical Education teachers baseball.  Along with the annual back to school and Christmas projects give-a-ways. 

    Mr. Arthur J.R. Lugisse has been an advocate for International Affairs Programs between USA and the Caribbean for many years. The St.Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he has also served as treasurer is continuing to give support to him for opportunities to bridge the gap between St.Maarten and the USA for Business development in all areas of business.He has developed within that framework of a 10 plus -years sister city agreement between the Caribbean and the USA communities opportunities for socio-economic development, he has also received recognition from the and Industry in New York and was named their Roving Ambassador 2003,he was also recognized and awarded for his ongoing relations in bridging the gap between Tallahassee and St.Maarten by the Mayor John Marks of Tallahassee.His present focus is to create joint venture opportunities between the USA and the Caribbean All Business Construction Inc. Executive Director of Tallahassee-St.Maarten Foundation, International relations Direct of Florida Developers International department, And Carimerica affiliated Partner, presently he is the Government of St.Maarten Deputy Prime William Marlin and Minister Romeo Pantophlet liaison in Florida for socio-economic development.

    850-576-8177/ 850-391-3486,1-721-587-9367 Cell: 850-549-9444 www.tlh-sxmf.org / alugisse@gmail.com / skype : positivecalls www.wtntv.com

    www.crsradio.com 661-467-2407

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    Holly Stephey & Ed Kleinman Joint Venture, A Backstage Rock N' Roll Journey

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    Join Holly Stephey as she talks to Ed Kleinman who in his words "This is my journey from listening to the bands of the mid 1950's to working with bands in the 60's and 70's. It is filled with stories regarding musicians in a time where the music industry was changing as quickly as the social and political climate."


    One tells a story of days gone by. A flash of your history, a snapshot of an instant.
    Be it a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, it matters none.
    Something jogs your brain cells where past history is stored.
    You smile, and you think you have something worth telling.

    *Ed Kleinman’s story chronicles his 18 years in the music industry from 1966 to 1984. He started as a part-time roadie making just enough money to buy cigarettes and put gas into his car. Eventually, he was able to hang out with musicians and tell lovely young ladies, “I’m with a band. You wanna meet one of ‘em?”
    It tells how he was able to form his own entertainment company until he left the business world of rock and roll.
    Those years brought a great deal of change to the music world and to all corners of society. The youth fought for equality for all, protested the Vietnam War and marched against it. The music got stronger, more political and more active in supporting change.
    The 18 years he had in the music industry helped him further his career and enrich his sales force development role.
    Join him as he reminisces and relives his rock and roll journey.

  • Venture Sports Show's 16th Annual Toys For Tots !

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    Remember your excitement on Christmas morning, when you were a child, wondering what Santa had brought?

    Join us in helping bring that same excitement to underprivileged children in and around the Atlanta area.

    Bring a new, unwrapped toy worth $10 or more and receive a ticket good for an autograph from one of our celebrities.

    Mr. Doug Reid of Venture Sports Show will be reporting on their recent Toys For Tots Show. He will discuss the increasing need for For Profits to start working with their local Non-Profits, for our people's presence and future!

    For more info , please visit   http://dreidvss.wix.com/vss-toys-for-tots

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    Free Flow Friday - Income & Business Venture

    in Spirituality

    Are you seeking or trying to trust and follow through on a new business idea or income venture? Are your ideas or intuition solid & good? Practice a different way of checking & balancing.

    Is there help?

    Email wellness@healingpaq.org
    Private assistance http://www.healingpaq.org/services.html#eamen
    Group help http://www.healingpaq.org/self-healing.html
    2013, 2014 Reviews http://greatnonprofits.org/org/healingpaq


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    Netanyahu Addresses Joint Session of Congress -50; Opinions/Responses Vary

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me at 8AM-10AM EST as I share my take on the controversial speech by Israli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Condemned by the Obama, boycotted by fifty (50) Democrats, Iran and others of like mind, Mr. Netanyahu presented his speech. This morning we will discuss the speech and attempt to clarify some the comments. Of course, we will also take a look at the comments of those who opposed the speech and ridiculed his comments. 

    SC State Representative Alan Clemmons will be joining us during part of the discussions.

    Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" and share your thoughts (pro or con). Join the conversation in the online Chat Room, or feel free to call in and share your thoughts live on air at 855-236-2486.

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    Ideagen Interview - Venture Philanthropy Partners CEO Carol Thompson Cole

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    Carol Thompson Cole is President & CEO of Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP), a philanthropic investment organization that helps great leaders build strong, high-performing nonprofit institutions. Cole brings to VPP over thirty years of management experience in the public and private sectors.  She served as Special Advisor to President Clinton on the District of Columbia and Executive Director of the DC Inter-Agency Task Force and in the Executive Office of the President.  

    She is a member of numerous boards, including the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers Board of Directors.  Honors and awards include Most Powerful Women of 2011 and 2009 by Washingtonian Magazine, 2010 Sophisticated Lady by Arena Stage; 10 People to Watch in 2009 by the Washington Business Journal; Phenomenal Women of 2008, by the Thurgood Marshall Center Trust; and Washingtonian of the Year in 1990 - Washingtonian Magazine.

    Cole earned a BA from Smith College and a master’s in public administration with a concentration in urban public policy studies from the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University. She also attended the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 


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    Third Rail Radio: A R3belution Radio Joint

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    dalek filling in the cracks tonight, will be prety fun... lets see what kind of chaos can we arise. XD


    Call in live, (646) 929-1480

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    Lets Talk Net Neutrality : Third Rail Raido - A R3belution Radio joint

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    Tonight we get a REAL disscusstom Net Neutrality. @shadowDXS wil come on and he'll tell us why is net neutrallity is good and why i think it's not what everybody expected for protecting the net.

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    Celebrity Hairstylist Dr. Boogie talks career, new venture on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back Celebrity Hairstylist and entrepreneur Dr. Boogie to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his longevity in the business, continued success and new venture, the "Butter Entertainment Male Exotic Experience". 

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