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    What to Look for in a Joint Venture

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    Today we are talking about what to look for in a joint venture. If you like the show, like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie, or fill out a support ticket on our website at https://www.websnoogie.com/support.

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    What kind of joint venture Opportunities are there?

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    A tradtional JV opportunity is the sale of something at a single event.It can occur at a webinar,live event,or a build up-but at it's two parties coming together to sell the product. It's different than an affiliate because it's a focused,one time event.Co-marketing is another option,where you and your partner market to the same list.The rule of thumb,is that there has to be a message to market match.Anything that helps solve the problem of your audience is fantastic,everthing else should be ignored.Affiliates are essentially automated commissioned sales.Any decent large e-commerce system will make it possible for people to sell your product.The key to success with affiliates?You have to make the process incredibly easy for them.

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    The Post Bold Venture Show

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    The post Bold Venture Show


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    Children's Venture Hour Ruth Episode 15

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    Your listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio

    Hello and welcome this is your host Sara and I am happy to have you back for another addition of Childrens Venture Hour. Today we will be hearing the love story of Ruth. This true account can be found in the book of Judges in the Bible. The story of Ruth is not only a love story but it also talks about faithfulness, never giving up and trusting in the Lord to provide. Stay tuned.

    God bless my friends!

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    Children's Venture Hour The Prodigal Son Episode 13

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    Your listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of Children's Venture Hour. This is your host Sara and today we are going to hear the story told by Jesus of "The prodical son" it's a story of one mans journey of rebellion, disobedience and pride and soon he learns obedience, humbleness, and forgiveness. So stay tuned as we start todays broadcast of The Prodical Son. Enjoy!

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    Children's Venture Hour Easter Episode 14

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    Children's Venture Hour Easter Episode 14
    Your listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio

    Hello and welcome this is your host Sara and I am happy to have you back for another addition of Childrens Venture Hour. The story of Jesus's death, burial and resurrection are told by Mark in todays broadcast. Lets hear this awesome historical event and story told by your pals Derrick, margo, and mokie in Hanna Barberas "Easter".

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    Generating Sales Through Joint Venture (JV) Relationships

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    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, creators of the JV Insider Circle, the #1 joint venture community for coaches, about how to leverage joint ventures relationships to generate sales.

    Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. As the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution and the author of “Coaching Millions,” Milana has been called the “MEGA Coach” of the industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals helping them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create a business that supports their lifestyle.

    Rich German became a coach back in 1999 and has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls in his career. He started his own company in 2008 and has taken the world of coaching coaches by storm. He has written 2 best-selling books and founded the extremely popular Epic Coach Academy.

    Claim Your Free Gifts from Rich & Milana – “The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will Never Promote You” – Get it HERE Special Offer – Get it HERE

    For more information on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.successtsunamisummit.com

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    HEIRS OF GOD AND JOINT HEIRS WITH CHRIST, What an awesome priviledge! Today's message concludes our study over chapters 6 - 8 of the book of Romans; Topping it off with the message of a lifetime, reflecting how God is our provisional God. We are here to share bible-based concepts on how to live according to God's will, and especially in difficult times. When you receive the revelation of God’s will, it will strengthen you in your daily walk with Jesus. We will prove to you through Scripture precepts and example that Father is faithful. Get your bible, pen and paper and get ready to hear what the LORD is saying. Our message is delivered by the prophet Mary E. Washington, Pastor of Feed My Sheep World Evangelism located in Irving, Texas. Pastor Washington is delighted to serve under the newly formed COGIC Texas Northeast Metropolitan Jurisdiction! We need your help. Please support our World Evangelism Internet Ministry by giving a gift of $7.00 or more- blessing us to continue the work of “going out into all the world and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.   

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    Children's Venture Hour Jonah Episode 12

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    Welcome to Smart Ministries Christian Radio.....Thank you for tuning in to another edition of childrens venture hour this is your host Sara Marquez. today we will be sharing the story of Jonah. this is an amazing and true account of one mans journey and mission from God. You will hear of obedience and disobedience and learn about Gods heart for mankind. So sit back and relax as we venture off with your friends Derek, Margo, and mokie in hanna barbera's greatest stories ever told...Jonah. 

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    3 Foods That Reduce Joint Pain

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    Chronic pain sucks! You spend every day dreading getting out of bed to go to a job you hate or even a job you used to love before everything hurt. What if I told you how you eat can affect how you feel each morning when you get out of bed? Imagine a day when getting up is not filled with stiffness, but with light, flexible energy? Imagine loving your job again! Your life again! Playing with your kids or grandkids and not eyeing that bottle of ibuprofen. Join me as I list the top three foods to reduce joint and body pain.

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    Third Rail Radio || V @Rebelutionradio Joint Talks Serena Shim

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    Serena Shim was a U.S. Citizen, she was a daughter, sister, mother, and a journalist. Her family and friends affectionately called her Sassy, Her mission in life was to expose the TRUTH and make the world a better place. While on assignment for PressTV in Turkey Serena witnessed ISIL militants being transported into Syria on World Food Organization vehicles via Turkey. Serena said that she had gathered evidence to support her claims. It was then that Turkish Intelligence MIT claimed Serena was a spy and sought to arrest her for questioning. Serena was worried, her next move was to publicly go on air denouncing these accusations and telling the world about her current dilemma in hopes of protecting herself on October 17th 2014 Serena aired a plea live on Press TV. stating that she was not a spy and very concerned for her safety. Two days later On October 19th 2014 Serena Shim and her Cousin Judy Irish were traveling down a 3 lane highway when a truck crashed into their car at full speed not even attempting to stop. After the accident both women were alive no police came only military, Judy Irish was taken to a local hospital and Serena Shim was taken away to another location there is no other information available except that sometime after she was taken away she was killed, and all of her belongings including videos, pictures and reports have mysteriously disappeared. Show with Fatmeh Shim sister of Serena Shim October 17th 2015 https://anonintelgroup.wordpress.com/2015/09/20/the-price-of-truth-intelgroup-interviews-serena-shims-mother-judithpoe/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serena_Shim http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/11/07/mystery-surrounds-death-us-citizen-and-journalist-serena-shim-in-turkey/