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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Joel Dex Goor 02/03/16

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Joel Dex Goor as my guest for 02/03/16.

    Joel Dex Goor grew up in Brooklyn, New York with his loving mom and sister and always loved writing and helping others, however large or small. His two favorite topics which he loves to talk about are spirituality and classic TV shows/movies. Joel is a first time author. Joel's book is titled: YOUR LIFE IS A BLESSING… SO LIVE IT THAT WAY!!!!

    Joel loves to write on humanity and wants to change and transform lives. He believes we are all one and that if we can all do our part, in what Joel likes to call our small contributions to the healing of the world, we will all be able to find peace. We are here on a mission to be bringers of peace, love, to be kind to one another, and show compassion to all living things.

    In his spare time he loves to watch the classic movies movies and classic sitcoms. Joel also loves reading books on, or hearing talks on, the spiritual realm, and angels from spiritual thinkers, that want to change the world for the better, such as Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, and Oprah Winfrey.

    Joel is devoted to his loving family and friends who help sustain him. Joel resides in Brooklyn New York.

    Joel's book can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

    You can connect with Joel online on his Facebook page:

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    Get Your Smile On with Dr Joel Gould 347-857-3760 on FoRe! Radio

    in Lifestyle


    "Get Your Smile On" with Dr. Joel Gould
    Weds 6:00 pm pt
    ~Wellness Denstistry

    Call to listen to the conversation! (347) 857-3760

    Host - Dr. Joel Gould 

    Producer - Living Royal Productions

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    Turning Your Passion into a Profitable Business: Joel & Dr. Pei Boggess

    in Entrepreneur

    Learning how to turn your passion into a profitable & successful business with Certified Coaches, Top Rated Radio Hosts of "ReLaunch" & Best-Selling Authors:  Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang Boggess.

    At 5, Joel fell off a 30 foot bridge and woke up from a coma 3 weeks later.  He had to relearn basic tasks like walking.  In college, graduate school and the coorporate world, he knew he was good at his work, but discovered his real passion was out of his own life experience: helping people successfully start over.

    "My challenge to you is not only to figure out “what’s next?”, but to gain an understanding of what has brought you the most joy and fulfillment in your journey, what is it that you can not NOT do, because your past leaves clues".

    Dr. Pei, born in China, just a few of years before the “Cultural Revolution” ended.she came to America & earned her PhD, winning many awards for her research, eventually becoming a highly successful Endodotist.  Still, she felt something was missing.

    "I finally had to surrender to what is true for me and what is not. I also had to learn the difference between what I am good at and what put bounce in my steps".

    Visit: ReLaunch

    Connect with Deb:  DebScott.com

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    BILLY JOEL New Year Mix Show

    in Rock Music

    Join DJ Styles as she plays some of Billy Joels biggest and some of her favorites. She will also mix in some hits from toady as well as some classics.

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    Joel Ackerman Being busy with non business activities is the best thing to do

    in Motivation

    Playing an instrument, telling a story, getting on stage are all excellent ways for you to improve the most important thing in this world. You. When you are at your best you are a great leader, listener and supporter.

    Join Joel Ackerman and I as we talk about our non business activities and how you can benefit from being active in your community.

    Joel Ackerman

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen Host
    www.briansos.com - personal website
    www.longislandspeakersbureau.com business website


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    .5% with CJ, Joel, and Zach

    in Lifestyle

    We will have Zach talking about some great stuff about transitioning and his experiences.  He is a president of a Veterans group at his college and does laison work with the community.  School is good, mkay! And he will tell you why and he aint bullshitting!  I am going to con some of my history buffs and legends to get on with us to talk about some prior service greats.  If I can get some good Solid research down and time permits we can talk about Vets contibtions to our current society.  I am looking for some great call ins guys and gals.  Go to the main page and click follow so you can see when we set up other shows.  

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    The Fantasy Insiders Show Powered by SCFE w/ Joel Henard- TheBaseball Show!

    in Sports

    Host Joel Henard will sit down with co-host Mike Hilbig from The Fantasy Insiders Show Powered by SoCalledFantasyExperts.com and Doug Anderson from SoCalledFantasyExperts.com.com to get you up to date on the latest on the 2016 Top 25 Shortstop rankings(http://socalledfantasyexperts.com/fantasy-baseball-early-2016-shortstop-rankings/). Join us in the chat room at 5:30 PM EST on The Fantasy Sports Network. Also Check us out on iTunes and Sticher Radio. 

    Doug “RotoDaddy” Anderson, Co-Founder

    Doug Anderson took on the moniker RotoDaddy with the birth of his son in 2003. Doug, who began writing MLB team previews as a 10-year-old, is now a veteran of the industry and has been playing Fantasy Baseball for over 20 years.

    Joel Henard is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA), and has been a podcaster since his first show “Hoosier Fantasy Baseball Insider” debuted in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Joel met injury expert Will Carroll, who was integral in Joel adding “Baseball Prospectus Radio” and “Baseball Daily Digest Radio” to his broadcast catalog. He’s also hosted the “Sports Illustrated Fantasy Podcast”, “The Nickel”, “Fantasy Pros 911’s Podcast” and “The Fantasy Alarm Podcast.” 

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    Fantasy Insiders Show powered by @SoCalledFanEx w/ @JoelHenard & @TheFantasyDr

    in Sports

    Host Joel Henard will sit down with co-host Mike Hilbig (@TheFantasyDR) from The Fantasy Insiders powered by SoCalledFantasyExperts.com and get you up to date on the latest news and notes from around the fantasy baseball world.Today we start our Fantasy February segment which should get all you ready for you drafts and the 2016 season. Also check us out on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

    Joel Henard is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA), and has been a podcaster since his first show “Hoosier Fantasy Baseball Insider” debuted in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Joel met injury expert Will Carroll, who was integral in Joel adding “Baseball Prospectus Radio” and “Baseball Daily Digest Radio” to his broadcast catalog. He’s also hosted the “Sports Illustrated Fantasy Podcast”, “The Nickel”, “Fantasy Pros 911’s Podcast” and “The Fantasy Alarm Podcast.”

    Mike Hilbig- @TheFantasyDR

    The Doctor has his FMD from a reputable Internet website, also he has his Honours Degree and Diplomas from several Canadian Colleges and Universities. He can be found writing grammatically atrocious articles, appearing on many podcasts, tweeting about sports, and drinking far too much beer and scotch when not operating his practice.


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    Joel Henard from Fantasy Insiders Show

    in Sports

    Joel Henard from the Fantasy Insiders Show comes on the Sports Gal Pal podcast to talk all things sports including:

    Why he didn't want his wife to become a Chicago Bears fan - despite being a Bears fan himself
    How he can be a fan of both Notre Dame and Indiana - I'm still not convinced on that one
    Why his wife lets him have four tvs in the living room 

    Joel can be found on the https://fantasyinsiders.com/pod 

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    Weep Between The Porch And The Altar ~ Joel 2:17

    in Religion

    Please join me Thursday Jan. 7th at 10 a.m. CST as I continue talking about the book of Joel  and Gods prophetic calendar.  It is always Gods desire for us to return to Him with all of our hearts. He isnt looking for lip service. He says  rend your hearts , not your garments. What did He mean by that? He wants true repentance . He wants His people to turn from their wicked ways , and He will come and heal our land. Their are also prophecies that will come to pass  ,that we will talk about. He is coming to make things right. 

    He is calling His ministers , once again. To weep between the porch and the altar. To return to Him . To cry out for our land. And yet, there is that day! When He says- Behold, in those days and at that time. He is coming to recompense His people. That is the day of the valley of decision.  Hope you can join ~ Char





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    Dr. Joel P. Martin: Women Leaders and the Purpose of Power Networking

    in Management

    Exceptional women surround themselves with other powerful and high-achieving women. This is POWER NETWORKING.

    “I believe all people have the capacity to be positively powerful,” says our guest, Dr. Joel P. Martin, author and renowned international trainer, speaker and coach.  She believes women servant leaders are making significant impacts on the lives of others and has created an awards program to honor them. "My goal is to empower all people to go for their highest aspirations because of the examples set by amazing role models.” Dr. Martin is the founder and creator of the annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards program.

    Dr. Martin’s personal mission, and the mission of her company, Triad West, Inc., is to transform lives and businesses for the better.  She is also the Director of Training and Education for George Fraser’s annual PowerNetworking Conference. According to George Fraser, CEO, she is “a class act, a phenomenal woman who knows how to lift up the best and brightest in our community.” She serves as a commissioner on the Human Relations Commission, City of Scottsdale, as a board member of ABHOW (American Baptist Homes of the West) and member of the Leading Age Leadership Circle, a national think-tank on homes and services for the aging.

    Dr. Martin has appeared on the Today Show, in the NY Times, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Fortune magazine.