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    Biden Time: The Movement to elect Joe Biden for President

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    As former secretary of state Hillary Clinton slips in the polls and Bernie Sanders soars could VP Joe Biden be the dark horse thurned saving grace of the Democratic Party? And why are the mainstream liberals so sure he can't win? Tune in and join the conversation. Tune in and join the conversation.

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    Joe Biden: In or out? Criminal Domestic Violence plagues America (including SC)

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    VIce President Joe Biden will soon be throwing his name in the proverbial hat to become the next President of the United States. Yep, I believe Biden is not only ready, but wants to be the next POTUS. What will this mean to the Demo race? The big question is can he win the Democrat Nomination? 

    Criminal Domestic Violence continues to contaminate the lifes of many people. Jennifer Guiles Robinson, Executive Director of Empowered to Heal, will be joing us to discuss this issue. In addition,Joyce Ford from the Naomi Project will join the discussions.

    Look forward to having you join us "In the Pickle Barrel" and share your thoughts in the live Chat Room or by calling (toll free) 855-236-2486 to speak live on air.


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    Joe Biden has decided not to run for president

  • Barack Obama: Millennium Man

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    American Vernacular highlights the accomplishments of President Barack Obama and discusses what lies ahead for the nation when he leaves office. Tune in and join the conversation for 30 minutes of real talk. 

  • Will Joe Biden really run in 2016? Ronni Council gives me the inside scoop.

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    So is Joe Biden running in 2016?  and the Boehner resignation.  What does it mean?


    My guest has some insight and maybe some answers.


    Ronnie Council is a political operative from Nevada.  She has run many successful campaigns.  Her company is called Organized Karma.  It is online at organized Karma dot-com.


    She is an old friend from my days in Vegas.  And she ran Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign in Nevada.


    Ronni, welcome to the show.




    So is Joe going to run?




    What are the factors?  How soon will we know?




    Isn't it kind of late when you consider all the pack money?




    In politics, isn’t he just muddying the waters?




    What about Joe emotionally?




    A lot of people argue about his age?


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    C.D. - The Criminal Justice System "Reforms" by Barack Obama

    in Islam


    At this writing, I've not gone into great detail on Barack Obama's criminal justice system "reforms", as they apply to the "rights" of ex-felons, as they attempt to re-fold into civic life.

    As I understand, there is much ado, regarding disclosures on job applications, which arguably, has precluded former inmates' ability to obtain an honest job, and be able to create distance between their past violations and present life-circumstances.

    In this, one can argue that this very policy, as it severely limits one's ability to function in his or her "new" society, puts such persons in a situation where a return to crime is inevitable, so of course, questions arise as to the very purpose of incarceration, and the perception that these long-standing policies, including the loss of the privilege to vote, were at their inception, targeted at black Americans.

    How can these policies be justified, if one has "paid their debt to society"?

    Indeed, there are many people, ex-felons, given a chance to more forward, who have indeed proven themselves worthy of respect, honor and being seen as living examples of Allah's / God's redemption.

    On the other hand, what about their victims; When and how are they "paid"?

    I will research this issue in more depth, so we will have a most meaningful:


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    Hard Starboard Radio: Barack Obama Always Gets What He Wants

    in Politics Conservative

    Just for the record, Barack Obama has clinched his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement; Desperation or stupidity? Jeb Bush is about to send Dubya out to campaign for him; Baltimore still drowning in its own self-shed blood; Barack Obama is preparing to terminate the Second Amendment by Executive Decree; Russia is pouring troops and equipment into Syria; "In Defense of Looting" at Yale University; Donald Trump childishly lashes out at Marco Rubio; The Muslim invasion of Europe is reviving Danish nationalism; and is Hillary Clinton giving up on Iowa and New Hampshire?

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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    Will Joe Biden Dropping out of the Presidential Race Help Hillary Clinton?

    in Current Events

    Peter Solomon
    "Conversations with Peter Solomon" CBS Radio Radio

    Itay Hod
    The Daily Wrap

    Jeff Crouere 
    Host of a Louisiana based program, "Ringside Politics"
    WGSO 990 AM

    Robert George
    Editorial Writer for the NY Post



    At Benghazi Hearing, Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails

    5 ways Joe Biden's decision changes the 2016 race

    Trump's 9/11 Attacks

    Ben Carson Overtakes Donald Trump in Iowa, Leads by 8 points

    Two days after NYPD cop gunned down, anti-cop rally held in Times Square

    Obama Vetoes Defense Bill Over Gitmo and His Demands for More Non-Defense Spending

    WikiLeaks publishes second batch of docs from CIA chief's personal email

    Fruit fiasco: High school students face punishment for "racist" fruit basket

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    Say It Ain't So, Joe -----> Biden "On The Run" About A Possible Run!

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    Joe Biden is a nice guy, virtually everyone will vouch for that!

    He's prone to "gaffes"!

    He's also 72-years of age and has already been Vice President for close to 8 years.

    He's already missed the 1st Democratic Presidential Contenders Debate, held last night in Las Vegas!

    More importantly, however, in this year of "outsiders" outdoing "insiders", Joe Biden, even more than Hillary Clinton, is an out-and-out insider!

    He's also tied to Barack Obama & all of his policy choices since 2008 by virtue of being Obama's vice presidential pick.

    There's far more to lose by running for Biden than any small hope of actually claiming the Democratic nomination.

    The clock has been ticking for quite some time now. Barack Obama started his run for the Presidency in February, 2007. Here it is heading into November, 2015 and Biden has still not made any formal pronouncements on this matter.

    Joe, history is on the side of Hillary.It IS time for a woman president and while Hillary is not blemish-free and has her "baggage" she is an extremely accomplished and gifted woman in her own right. History wins, Joe. Sorry. Life often is not fair but that's life. Sorry, Joe, but you'd be best served by making a classy announcement this coming weekend making it perfectly clear that while you gave it serious thought you have come to the conclusion that the country already has two fine, upstanding candidates from which to select from, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

    Do the right thing, Joe. History will be more than kind to you. You can go out a real winner and your legacy will be sterling forever!

    After all, Joe, you're not really running because you want to - it's more like you're running because you have to & that's no good, Joe. That's not reason enough & you know it!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Joe Biden Strokes His "Inspirational Figure"

    in Politics Conservative

    The strange resiliency of sea ice; California Democrat: Obama can override Congress's override of Obama's veto of Congress's rejection of Iran nuclear "deal"; National Abortion Federation finds its federal judge, illegally censors further CMP video releases; Stephanie Blake & Baltimore's orgy of violence; The Iranian guide to destroying Israel, Barack Obama's guide to destroying U.S. power plants; Joe Biden an "inspirational figure"?; Obama authorizes airstrikes to defend ISIS; Big Labor civil war deepens; First GOP debate: Ignore Trump; and the Democrats are going to draft....Jon Stewart?