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    PRW Radio Episode 160: Victoria Larvie and Jodi Miller

    in MMA

    Our first guest will be Victoria Larvie. Victoria won her IFBB Pro card at age 17 in 2009. She last cometed in 2011. We will find out what she has been up to these days, future plans, her competing days and more.

    Next will be Jodi Miller. Jodi won her physique pro card this year at NPC Universe and made her pro debut at the Texas pro taking 9th place and 5th in Masters. We will talk to her about winning her pro card, competing as a pro, future plans and more.

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  • Jodi Flynn on Win's Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Jodi Flynn. After a successful career in Mutual Fund Operations as the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Quality, Jodi set off on a new adventure and founded Luma Coaching. Her specialty is partnering with business leaders who experience self-doubt and overwhelm to overcome stress, get organized, and start creating the business and the lifestyle they dreamed of having. Her podcast, Women Taking the Lead, inspires women from humble beginnings to overcome self-doubt and lead with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor. The podcast has hit #1 in 3 categories of iTunes New and Noteworthy: Business, Careers, and Society and Culture. To learn more about Jodi vist http://womentakingthelead.com. To learn more about your host visit http://www.wincharles.com/ and be sure to FOLLOW this program http://www.blogtalkradio.com/winswomenofwisdom

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    Frat House Saturday #60

    in Sports

    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way (after a few weeks off) and, it couldn’t be too soon. But, be warned, it’s football-centric as one would expect for nearing the end of November.

    We start it off with a conversation from our weekly all-NFL Frat House Sports’ Red Zone Blitz program where Frat House Mike & Brandon got into a conversation about the “Golden Age of Mediocrity” we’re living through right now in the NFL.

    Then our good friend Eric Purdy joins us LIVE to trash talk some college football as we wind down to the end of the seasons and now we’ll be looking at Bowl bids – and, the stupid College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

    The legacy of Peyton Manning came up on our weekly Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday show. THAT’s a MUST listen. And finally, you do not want to miss our always classic, Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Dallas Cowboys – Miami Dolphins / Denver Broncos – Chicago Bears / Green Bay Packers – Minnesota Vikings / Cincinnati Bengals – Arizona Cardinals.

    We’re giving thanks for the fact Frat House Saturday is back! . . . and, taking your calls as well to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Deciding Your Fate... and walking the talk of a true Master

    in Education

    Who are you choosing to emulate in your life?  Finding your true north takes allowing the mind chatter to release.......

    Come join us for an hour of exciting dialogue with Reiki Master, Jodi Friedman and Conscious Business Consultant Denny Morales as they bring Spiritual Love into your experience this week!

  • Frat House Saturday #57

    in Sports

    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way and just when you might think we’d be bringing you football, football, and more football . . . ahhhhh, it’s exactly baseball – college football – Chicago Cubs baseball – oh. . . and, then we’ll throw in a little NFL football to close.

    A terrific debate ensued on our Tuesday night all-MLB Frat House Sports’ Clean-Up Hitters program about . . . “The Slide”. . . you know the one; the one from Chase Utley that broke Ruben Tejada’s leg. You MUST hear this! (Frat House Mike was kinda’ in the minority.)

    It wouldn’t be a “relaxed” Frat House Saturday without a bit of “Trash Talking with Purdy” as we’re joined LIVE by Eric Purdy and we look around the college football landscape including a monster Big-10 match-up between the Michigan Wolverines and MSU Spartans. The “trash” will fly here, for sure!

    We were joined by Chicago Cubs writer Robert Davis of CubsRants on our “flagship” Frat House Sports Show on Thursday night. You get a chance to re-hear his comments on the improbable journey of the “Back-to-the-Future” team.

    Finally, you do not want to miss our always classic, Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Cincinnati Bengals – Buffalo Bills / Arizona Cardinals – Pittsburgh Steelers / Baltimore Ravens – San Francisco 49ers / New York Giants – Philadelphia Eagles.

    THINGS have really ratcheted up . . . but there’s plenty of time for your calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Notorious Justice: America's Most Infamous Cases w/ Crime Writer Donna Thomas

    in Current Events

    Justice junkies this one is for you!

    Amy Beth welcomes noted crime writer Donna Thomas for a  lively conversation about murder, motives and media hype.  From Ted Bundy and Charles Manson to Scott Peterson and Betty Broderick, Donna has interviewed a Most Wanted list of infamous criminals. Her latest book, Intended For Mature Audiences chronicles the deadly demise of adult film star Timothy J. Boham and reveals lurid stories from the industry.She's now working on a book about Jodi Arias. Tune in to discover how Donna has gained access to some of America’s most notorious murderers.- and why!

    And we scare up the usual hoopla: Free flow Pop Culture convo, Inspiration to Action shout-outs, humor, music and more!

    Questions/comments for Donna?

    Tweet before/during show @abwrites 

    Call during the show 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books & most music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and where ever fine work is sold.  

  • Frat House Saturday #56 & Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday #8

    in Sports

    A very, VERY different “relaxed” Frat House Saturday comes your way here as it’s really two-shows-in-one!

    For the first hour Frat House Mike will get you up-to-date with the MLB playoffs; bring you our famous Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week as heard on our Thursday night “flagship” program, The Frat House Sports Show; and STILL have time for a bit Week 6 College Football chat with our good friend Eric Purdy on our weekly “Trash Talkin’ with Purdy” to find out which games are on Eric’s radar! (THIS is “must listen” Saturday afternoon radio!)


    We bring you our immediately popular Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday program with Nik “Sweetness” Swartz and Caleb “On Sports” to look around the fantasy world of Week 5 in the NFL.

    They’re bringing their position rankings; specific match-up’s; who to sit – who to start; and the controversy / scandal that broke this past week with both Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

    But MOST importantly, they’re taking your fifth week fantasy questions and dilemmas via Twitter (@FratHouseMike @CalebonSports @Sweetnesz13) & on the phone at 347 – 826 – 9964.

    Be sure to just tune in at 2 p.m. ET and give a listen to our two-for-one program day! 

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    Frat House Saturday #55

    in Sports

    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way and IT IS packed with NFL football chat – and, just so much fun for a Fall afternoon.

    We’ll kick if off with some conversation that took place on our weekly all-NFL Frat House Sports’ Red Zone Blitz program where Brandon and Frat House Mike got chatting about 3-0 teams . . . AND, 0-3 teams.

    THEN a “relaxed” Frat House Mike gets into it LIVE with a bit of “Trash-Talking with Purdy” as he & Eric Purdy get chatting about the return (finally) of “conference play” in college football and look around the landscape of Saturday afternoon play. You got to know, Frat House Mike is paying close attention to the Big-10.

    Ryan Willis of the “Whatchu’ Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis” show joined us Thursday night to chat about the San Diego Chargers and their lackluster start to the season.

    The BEST comes to those that wait and that means our always amusing “4 Minutes of Football” segment immediately followed by our always famous Frat House Sports’ Picks-of-the-Week: Baltimore Ravens – Pittsburgh Steelers / New York Jets – Miami Dolphins / Oakland Raiders – Chicago Bears / Kansas City Chiefs – Cincinnati Bengals.

    THINGS have really ratcheted up now . . . but there’s plenty of time for your calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    THT Ep#15 Table for 3: The New Day (AUDIO)

    in Wrestling

    Table for 3: The New Day (Audio Only Version) Twitter.com/Dramamedia & Heelturnx.blogspot.com

    Welcome to "The Heel Turn" Wrestling Podcast, home of WWE Network audio rips for you "non-subscribing rebels" out there! If you support our efforts, please leave a like, download, comment, or follow us @ Twitter.com/dramamedia & heelturnx.blogspot.com

  • Frat House Saturday #54

    in Sports

    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way and IT IS packed with interviews – far from “relaxed” – and, just so much fun for a Fall afternoon.

    We’ll kick if off with a chat we had on our Thursday night’s “flagship” Frat House Sport Show with a conversation we had with Dennis Koulatsos of WNST 1570-AM about the Baltimore Ravens

    THEN a “relaxed” Frat House Mike gets into it LIVE with a bit of “Trash-Talking with Purdy” as they scream about the Michigan Wolverines being favored over the BYU Cougars. Eric Purdy is ALWAYS a MUST listen!

    “Eagle Jeff” Warner of FOX Sports 1470-AM Lehigh Valley joined us Thursday night to chat about the Philadelphia Eagles and their mess going into their match-up against a tough New York Jets team.

    Hey, does “fantasy football” bring out the worst in your family in the living room as it does here at Frat House Sports? WELL, it certainly DID right ON-THE-AIR on our Fantasy Friday program as Frat House Mike and Nik “Sweetness” Swartz engaged in an on-air bet. Who do you think won? IT’S GOLD!

    THINGS have really ratcheted up now . . . but there’s plenty of time for your calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!