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    Inspirations with Jocelyn Epps and co-host SEAN' Rafael Epps, Welcome you to TGIF, OPEN MIC. FOLLOW UP FRIDAY,  This is the day that we get to follow up on our pass guest,. to make sure that everything is Blessed on their life, Our own SEAN will be in the Highchair on the pulpit giving the words of Inspirstion. Please join us and help inspire and loft up the world,     Callin number; 347,850,1574  Contact us The Psalmit: 313,307,7172                                           E-maol; jocelyneppsinspirations@yahoo,com / Facebook: Jocelyn Epps Inspirations          Administrative Assistant; Dianna Blair; 248,727,3640.                                                        Programmer. Kc Chatman: 313,686,3576                                                                                   God bless

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    TGIF,,,,OPEN MIC FOLLOW UP FRIDAY, with Rafael 'SEAN' Epps inthe Highchair, Yes. today is the day we open up the moc to let you halp uplift the world and talk about how good God has been to you, This is also the time I get to call our pass guest and check up on them,  Please join us     Callin number; 347,850,1573 To listen or talk with Jocelyn Epps.                                  E-mail; jocelyneppsinspirations@yahoo,com / Facebook; Jocelyn Epps Inspirations   Contact us, The Psalmit Studios; 313,307,7172 / Admonistrative Assistant, Dianna Blair; 248,727,3640                                                                                                                                       God bless. Jocelyn Epps

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    Inspirations with Jocelyn Epps, and co-host Rafael 'SEAN' Epps                                    SOMEBODY OUGHT TO TELL GOD 'THANK YOU',   Tonight  I welcome you  to Monday Night. Ladies Night. wht Rev, Zondra Taylor. from WHOSOEVER MINISTRY, helping uplift and inspire women all over the world. Please join us  .  Callin number; 347,850,1573,         E-mail: jocelymepps inspirations@yahoo,com      Facebook; Jocelyn Epps Inspirations         Contact us. The Psalmit; 313,307,7172.  Administrarine Assistant. Dianna Blair: 248,727,3640    Programmer, Kc Chatman; 313686,3576                                                God bless,

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    Inspirations with Jocelyn Epps. and her Untouchable Team co-host Rafael SEAN Epps. Dianna Blair. Kc 'keepitmovin' Chatman and all her Untouchable members. from all over the world, is a Testimonial show to help uplift you to hold on to your FAITH.  every Monday. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Re-Birth Nights. from 8:00 pm - 10;00 pm           PLEASE Callin: 347,850,1573 and join us with your uplifting testimonies                                      E-mail; jocelyneppsinspirations@yahoo.com / Facebook Jocelyn Epps Inspirations           Contact us. The Psalnit; 313,370,7172 / Administrative Assistant. Dianna Blair; 248,727,3640

    God bless. Jocelyn Epps

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    Midwest Pop/Rock band Jocelyn joins us to talk about their debut album, their alternate way of spreading their music to the masses, and the people that make up their (super smart) group!

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    Who Is Jocelyn Epps & Derrick Davis

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    Jocelyn Epps and Derrick Davis talk about the up coming Inspirational show. Tellin why this is a dream of hers to inspire the world, on not giving up, Because I belive that we all go through the same things, but knowing that someome else when through and made it, then you know you also can make it 

    Callin number: 347.850.1573

    God bless,

    Jocelyn Epps



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    Jocelyn Maminta: A Journalist Making a Difference

    in Self Help

    How can we use our talents and resources to lead a fulfilling career and make a difference in the world?

    Tune in for this inspiring conversation with journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Jocelyn Maminta.

    Over her 20-year broadcast career, the Emmy Award-nominated medical reporter has anchored and reported for television stations in North Carolina, Milwaukee, Texas and Connecticut. 

    Jocelyn has been honored numerous times for her volunteer efforts, helping numerous nonprofit organizations across the state of Connecticut, and she is the co-founder of Caroline’s Room, a safe haven for families coping with the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the birth of a premature baby. Jocelyn is also CEO of the hosiery company Frangi Pangi (www.myfrangipangy.com). Some of the proceeds from her company benefit Caroline’s Room.   

    Learn about Caroline’s Room here: http://www.carolinesroom.org/


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

    Follow Cloris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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    New Music Inferno w/ Kush McCloud, Jocelyn Arndt & Summertime Dropouts!!!

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    Kush McCloud - Hip-Hop Artist from Missisauga,ON,CA...Brand new track "Back 2 The Streetz ft. Mark Jordan" out now...Won a spot on the show via the Reverbnation Submissions...Check out his shows, music, videos & more @ www.reverbnation.com/kushmccloud

    Jocelyn Arndt - Boston based 19yr old Singer/Songwriter...New EP "Strangers In Fairyland" ft.single "Cinderella" out now...Check out her shows,music & more @ www.facebook.com/JocelynArndtMusic

    Summertime Dropouts - Pop/Rock band from Minneapolis,MN...New single "Young & Dumb" out tomorrow...Premiering it here today on the show...Check out their video for the song too...New album out soon...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/SummertimeDropouts

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    Afronerd Radio Welcomes Back Jocelyn Cooper of Afropunk!, Wed @7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Howdy Afronerd cititzens!  Again, we have a stupendous show lined up for you this Wednesday evening when music industry veteran and Afropunk manager, Jocelyn Cooper stops by Afronerd Radio studios for our second tete a tete.  We will undoubtedly discuss the current state of urban alternative music, the commercial music landscape and more importantly, the highly anticipated Afropunk Festival scheduled for August 23rd and 24th at Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park.  This year's lineup includes phenomenal artists such as: Fishbone, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, D'angelo, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, Ice T's Body Count, Bad Brains and more!  Whew!  Folks, this Afronerd broadcast and, of course, THE AFROPUNK FESTIVAL are NOT the events to miss!  Call in live at 646-915-9620.    

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    Inspirations with Jocelyn Epps and co-host Rafael Epps, Tonight's show KEYS TO THE BLESS LIFE,  with our own Brother-Teacher Eldridge Mason. teaching us how to recive all the promises God has for our life. Please call in and have all your questions answered                      Callin number: 347,850,1573  Please join in and be inspired and uplofted by his teachings,  E-Mail: jocelyneppsonspirations@yahoo,com / Facebook: Jocelyn Epps Inspirations            Contact us, The Psalmit: 313,307,7172   Adiministrative Assistant. Dianna Blair: 246,727,3640  Programmer. Kc Chatman: 313 686,3576                                                           God bless

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    Inspirations with Jocelyn Epps. and her co-host Rafael SEAN Epps, welcome you to Wednesday night KEYS TO THE BLESS LIFE. with Eldridge Mason our brother teacher. Teaching us how to recive all the promises God has given to us                                Callin Numbe: 347.850.1573                                                    E-mail Adress: jocelyneppsinspirations@yahoo.com                  Facebook: Jocelyn Epps Inspirations                                            If you have a testimony you would like to share please call us         The Psalmit 313.307.7172                                               Administrative Assistant, Dianna Blair: 248.727,3640                     God bless,                                  

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