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    Jobs and Economic Disenchantment

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    The Recent Fiftieth Anniversary of the March on Washington has many of us asking if our world has changed so much?
    We are all still so much in need of  jobs and freedom. Why is there so much economic disenchantment in the world today and what are the reasons for it ? What is it's effect on jobs?
    Some university professors are going as far to say that the science behind the heat waves and weather has prodcued much of the discontent and violence in the world.
    But what is this economic disechantment doing to our citizens, our cities, our states, and our families? Cities are going bankrupt and people are still out of jobs everywhere. If the country is changing so much then what is it going to do to our younger generation?
    Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss where we are in 2013 and what impact economic disenchantment can have on ourselves and our communities.

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    Jobs Lost to Government Shutdown

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    The Government Shutdown has finally come to an end. The country is dealing now with over 20 Billion dollars of damage to the economy though. Hundreds of thousands of jobs that should have been created during that time frame were not.
    The loss of jobs hit many different categories and industries. Join Flex Hour Jobs as we talk about the many facets of job losses during the Governement Shutdown.

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    Jobs and the Upcoming Election Choices

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    Voters were recently polled at the end of August showing that 6.7 million americans now hold down multiple jobs. Americans are trying to get as much work as they can and Jobs are the primary focus of the election.
    Election matters are a delicate subject, but we all have to understand what is at stake here and what’s at risk if we don’t all get out and vote this November on the issues.
    Since Jobs are what we are all talking about and surely the prime topic of discussion within the election, then discussion like this is well worth the time spent on it. Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss some of the issues on each side.

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    Helping Veteran Families with Jobs

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    Our Veterans who performed well in the military learned self-discipline and earned a well-deserved sense of self-worth. These are also skills employers look for in hiring their own workforces.
    When it comes to employing them however, we as a nation are lacking. Veterans are among the highest group of America's unemployed in the country. Their trailing spouses are finding it even harder to find long term employment when they must relocate time after time following their spouses.
    Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss the current situation and how workplace flexibility can offer these veterans and their trailing spouses mobility as a great solution in their careers.

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    Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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    Finding a Job that meets your needs as a Mom and a Woman, can be challenging. The US is the only industrialized country without any requirement that employers provide Family Leave, or  Flexible Hours. 
    When the reality is that 40% of children are now born to unmarried women, it has made combining work and family virtually impossible. Luckily there are many companies who do hire virtual workers at professional salaries. "Work from Anywhere Jobs" are on the rise and we value those employers who hire for them. 
    Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss Job which are great for Stay at Home Moms.

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    No Jobs

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    There are no jobs out here

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    Building a Brotherhood/ Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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    Tuesdays are all about building a brotherhood. Today's Topic is JOBS, JOBS JOBS JOBS. WE are asking all business owners to participate. We are looking for any Job opportunities for young men from 18 to 30 years old...If you are able to forward information regarding Jobs you are welcome to call in. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host.You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm

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    Jobs with a Work-Life Balance

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    Most of us resent being tied to our Jobs  at the expense of having a family life. We know we could do great work if we had the ability to control our schedules and be able to work our family needs into the day as well.
    Work-Life Balance is fast becoming a key tool for employee retention. With an increasing number of Baby Boomers and Stay at Home Moms looking for work, offering flexibility in work schedules allows companies to hire and retain the best and the brightest.
    Companies are allowing more part time job scheduling and often full time scheduling that also allows for substantial time off when needed. Flexible work can take on many forms. Options include: telecommuting from home some or all of the work week, project work, temp or seasonal work, job sharing, flexible start and end times,working from home one or more days a week, compressed work weeks, and a host of other options. The most common flex scheduling is work that accomodates doctor appointments or school visits.
    With this session of Flex Hour Jobs Blog Talk Radio, we will discuss the movement toward Flexibility in the Workplace and what to consider when looking for a job that is flexible in nature.

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    Poverty and Middle Class Jobs Now

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    Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss the middle class of America and whether it is falling into the working poor of America. From six figures to the poverty line? How do we recover?
    Flex Hour Jobs discusses how the economy has impacted jobs available and the working class seeking them. Join us today at Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Jobs for Veterans

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    Tune in to hear about the exciting career opportunities our employer partners have available specifically for active duty, guard/reservists, veterans, and military spouses. Each week we will field calls regarding employment questions, and we will also have one of our employer partners available to answer questions and to provide information on the jobs they have available.
    We are thrilled to welcome Andrew Barnes from Wells Fargo in this week's show. Andrew works in the military recruiting program for Wells Fargo and is a veteran himself. He also heads up Wells' cell phones for soldiers program. Be sure to tune in to learn about the jobs available for veterans and military spouses at Wells Fargo, and to ask Andrew questions.
    We welcome all to join us and hope you enjoy the show
    Kevin O'Brien
    Veteran Recruiting Services

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    First Jobs

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     What was your first job? Video Store, Record Store, Paper Boy? Do these jobs even exist anymore?

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