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    the book of job

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    All about job

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    The Impact Of REINVENTION with Steve Olsher

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    Steve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients towards achieving massive profitability while also cultivating a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution.

    A 25+ year entrepreneur, Steve is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Liquor.com, online pioneer who launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, author of the Business Technology Book of the Year, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online, host of the #1 rated radio show/podcast Reinvention Radio, creator/host of Internet Prophets LIVE!, international keynote speaker, and in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, Fox Business and other national outlets.

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    Reinvention Radio

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    Reinvention Radio is here for you five days a week! The world is ever changing and life is too! Reinvention is always possible in any area of your life! Dr. Danna McKellar and Dr. Kevin Gray share knowledge, information, tips and tools to guide you through your reinvention!  Call in and join the discussion, share your reinvention stories and advice, or ask any question you like!  You can create a new path for your life and Reinvention Radio is with you all the way!

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    Job Search 300

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    How do you start the job search. Video version available at https://youtu.be/TOxo0euns9A

  • Reinvention Radio

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    Tune in and start your reinvention today! Dr. Danna McKellar offers insight, tips and tools on making positive changes in our own lives and in our own communities. At Reinvention Radio we are about honesty, reality, solutions and results! Today we continue with the Understanding Your Body series!  Knowledge is power and we all deserve the knowledge that will keep our children and ourselves healthy and safe!  Call in to share your reinvention story today!

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    Reinvention Radio

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    Tune in and start your reinvention today! Dr. Danna McKellar offers insight, tips and tools on making positive changes in our own lives and in our own communities. At Reinvention Radio we are about honesty, reality, solutions and results! Call in to share your reinvention story today!

    Email us at ReinventionRadio@outlook.com

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    LIVE! with Cathi---JOB HUNTING-CIRCA 2016

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    JOB HUNTING...CIRCA 2016...


    2016-it's a new year, do you have the same sob story?  Remember 2015 when you pledged to find a new job/career in the coming year?  Well, here you are still hunched over the same deask, still itching for a change.

    O.K. so 2016 IS IT...FOR REAL THIS TIME.  Now the hard part, what do I do next.

    JUMP START your caree/job hunt NOW, not tomorrow or next week, NOW!

    What are your strengths, what are you good at.  Are you an extrovert, do you have passion for helping others...take a hard look at your resume.


    How do you feel when you wake up in the A.M...etc.

    Investigate the market...etc.

    What are you looking to do...etc.

    Clarify your message...etc.

    Why should you be hired...etc.



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    Jamie Job Interview Substitute Teacher

    in Comedy

    Jiame Job Interview for Substitute teacher. 

  • Reinvention Radio

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    Join us in Reinvention Radio today at 5pm CST!  Dr. Danna McKellar shares personal experiences, practical tips and real life stories of life changing reinventions!  We get what we give so we should always have an important question on our minds in every interaction, relationship and choice in our lives. "Am I giving my best to the world?"  Tune in to Reinvention Radio and start your reinvention today!

    To purchase the book Reinvention 101: 30 Days to a New You, by Dr. Danna McKellar call (609)851-1370 or email us at BlogTalkUSA@gmail.com

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    The Book of Job Message of Class Struggle

    in The Bible

    In modern day religion, the man Job is known as the suffering servant, the focus is primarily on his sufferings and how he received more than what he had lost. But what was the argument about between Job and his companions? Job being a wealthy man,is something to keep in mind, while you read the comments his companions made to him. It may be a good idea to consider not only Job sufferings, but also Job's and his companions view on how the rich are to conduct themselves on this earth and if they do not do what is commanded of them they will surely perish. Equitable  distribution will then be made by others who will possess the wealth of the rich, who did not deal in equity. The rich who believe that their wealth is given to them by God, and only them, to consume however  they please, shall be destroyed according to the book of Job.

  • Reinvention Radio

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    Today on Reinvention Radio we are discussing Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse. Every human being is worthy of respect, dignity, and love in his/her romantic relationships.  It may be difficult for a person who has never experienced this type of abuse to understand the complex layers within the dynamics in the relationship between the abused and the abuser, which almost always make it very difficult for the person being abused to simply walk away from the abuser.  This lack of understanding by people who know, care about or even try to help a person who is living with Domestic Violence and/or Abuse can often be an added stressor or barrier for the abused party.  We should all try and understand this complex issue in order to ensure that if/when someone we know needs our help and support, we are better prepared to help. LOVE DOES NOT HURT! Love is NEVER supposed to cause physical, emotional or psyhological pain! If you or someone you know or care about is in a dangerous or abusive domestic situation please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) The call is confidential.