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    APOCALYPSE; Royal Spirit Twins, and WHO was JK Rowling?

    in Spirituality

    In this very upbeat mid-summer impromptu show, I will begin by discussing the Royal British Family's William, Kate and their newest member, George.
    But then will swiftly move on to discuss exactly WHAT glamorous woman of the East-- tributes by way of symphonies and books written specifically about her  Ancient Identity--was JK Rowling in her very exotic Past Life. Her unusual experience back then provided the basis for her for her remarkable writing talent today, the most famous of her stories being the long involved series for children, HARRY POTTER.

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    ACO UFO Club - Alien Cosmos Expos Phenomenology Topics Breakthrough

    in Entertainment

    ACO UFO CLub of the Ascension Center Organization as ACO sharting the ACE Folklife Historcal Society as ACE for knowing Alien Civilizations Exist! We celebrate with K.C. Patrick, J.K. Lessin, Stephanie Parrish join Theresa J Morris on the TJ Morris ET COSMOS RADIO SHOW , A Blog Talk Show about Alien Contact Organizers a Fellowship of Womanship.  We share our ALien ET UFO Community and our experiences. Steaphanie is Theresa's daughter and comes on the last 30 minutes of the show. We are offering a support group and an annual meet and greet for those who share interest in the Alien Contact Organization. We are the ACO UFO Club Members who share the ERA COP Magazine, Alien Contact Organization and Alien Cosmos Expos. 

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    A Kind Voice on Books

    in Books

    Host Erin Rae Daniels will be discussing David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks, J.K. Rowling's novel The Casual Vacancy and a YA novel by Alissa York called Effigy. 

    To join the conversation cal (347) 850-8907.

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    in Politics

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    30JK -- Princess Zuma Jams with JK!!!

    in Entertainment

    What up, 30JK Nation!!! It's your man JASON KELLY!

    Join me as ZUMA "The Puerto Rican Princess" kicks it on "The J"!
    Singer, dancer, rapper... who can ask for more?

    Can you say "mucho calor"? I knew you could, baby! That's exactly what's gonna happen when she does her thang!
    BE HERE OR BE NOWHERE!!! It's gonna be a fun time! Call the party LIVE at 347-857-2310.
    Again, the LISTENER LINE is 347-857-2310... or go to blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; we'll be here!

    And as always... the party starts the second YOU get here! Flipside!

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    Epilogue Removed & Rough Trade Stuff

    in Entertainment

    No, really I cut it out with a box cutter and I have no regrets. I also burned the pages in a ritual of my own design to ward off all that negativity and creepiness.

    Albus Potter really doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.

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    August 10th, 2015

    in Writing

    Join host Donna Wright on the couch talking to authors JK Ensley, PJ Sharon and Leanne Tyler about their new releases. Mallory Kane will bring us the latest in Romance News sponsored by Dark Hollows Press. All of this and more this week on Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance. Coming to you from the Secret Cravings Publishing studio.

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    30JK -- Msg to a Certain Mayor...

    in Entertainment

    30JK NATION... eyes up here!

    HOW DARE HE!!! Man... makin' fun of the First Family... now ya done did it!
    Now get this! Your man JK has a message to the mayor of Washington. Exclusively on "The J"...
    Do NOT miss... ONE... SINGLE... MINUTE!!!

    Miss me... and you miss OUT!!! WORD UP, YO!!! The party starts, of course, the second YOU get over here!

    And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX!!! Come on!

    Also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube too!

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    Interview With Paranormal Expert Jessica Stone - Spirits Speaking Series

    in Spirituality

    Join Roxie and Carrie for a special interview with talented paranormal professional and artist Jessica Stone.  

    Jessica says..."The paranormal fascinates me. It always has and I think it always will. From ghosts, to aliens, to cryptozoology it all has me hooked. For me I think it's the mystery that's been presented by these things, all of the unending questions that follow, with no clear answers. But the answers are what we've all been looking for right? Personally, part of me that I often tell to shut up, doesn't want the answers to ever be found. Once it's all out in the open the world will lose some of the magic it has left. I know there's something to all the stories, to the feel that shivers down your spine, the absolute certainty that something is there but you don't see anyone, and to the glimpses of movement you catch out of the corner of your eye.  It's in these moments that believers are made because it's not always about seeing; sometimes the greatest evidence is what you feel."

    She is co founder of JK Paranormal, writer for Paranormal Enlightenment,  Reiki practitioner, voodoo doll artist (Haunted Voodoo), and has survived law school.  She loves having new experiences, meeting new people, and learning more about the stranger things out there in this world of ours.  Contact: jessicastone83@gmail.com JK Paranormal: www.facebook.com/JKParanormal

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    The JK Rowling-History of Thanksgiving Commentary Show

    in Culture

    For the first time, I'm going to try to ad-lib some of this show in addition to reading copy. My subjects will include J.K. Rowling, mentioning her new movie, and the history of Thanksgiving.

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    Famous Failures - Coach Joyce E. Barrie - Part 2

    in Motivation

    Anyone who has achieved anything great, anyone who has CHANGED THE WORLD has at some point made a choice to learn from failure and move forward.  If you look at the most inspirational innovators, athletes, celebrities, geniuses, and icons throughout history, they all shared the belief that the failure was merely a stepping stone to the success they seriously sought.  

    Failure is feedback.  It points out what is not working so you can go on to discover what will work.  "Turn that lemon into lemonade and enjoy the journey," says Coach Joyce Barrie.

    On June 15, we talked about very famous successful people who failed at first. This list included Oprah, Michael Jordan, Norman Vincent Peale, Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, Thomas Edison. Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein and others.  http://tobtr.com/s/7698719

    Today, we will include many other very famous failures who did not give up until they failed their way to great success.  We will include such extraordinary notables as J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, Fred Astaire, Socrates, Sidney Portier, Lucille Ball, Elvis and the Beatles.  

    Be sure to listen to both shows on Famous Failures to be inspired and motivated to keep on going, no matter what!