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    The JK LOL SHOW episode #4 TIM YOUNG

    in Comedy

    Listn to our innterview with Comedian TIM YOUNG on his comedy and his new book 50 Shades of Romney Hint They Are All White

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    JK Schaffer

    in Sports

    WLSN Crew interviews Cincinnati Bengal JK Schaffer 

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    JK Rowling and The Cuckoo's Calling

    in Entertainment

    We're so excited for Monday's **LIVE** show.  We're going to find out if JK Rowling's new book measures up to her Harry Potter series.  Also, our favorite cheese guy, Bill Krieger stopping by to enlighten us about some awesome new cheese (the spanish Manchego), and a new voice in music donating her proceeds to buy a couple in need a service dog.
    For Monday August 5 at 6:30 pm pst:
    Bill Krieger--the most passionate cheese monger you'll ever meet, joining us from his famous Columbia Valley cheese store, Cheese Louise.  Call and ask Bill questions about anything cheese! (Today's cheese is Manchego).
    Barb from Books, So Many Books, will review JK Rowling's new work, The Cuckoo's Calling--Rowlings wrote it under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, but was outed on Twitter. Does it live up to Harry Potter? What are your thoughts? Call in.
    And new music from Allye Ratledge--she donated the proceeds from her songs to raise money for a couple in need of a service dog.  .
    Greencards Interview
    History of Walla Walla Wine Country
    R & B with Rock/Pop Chicago's Sonia Khaleel

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    Interview With Paranormal Expert Jessica Stone - Spirits Speaking Series

    in Spirituality

    Join Roxie and Carrie for a special interview with talented paranormal professional and artist Jessica Stone.  

    Jessica says..."The paranormal fascinates me. It always has and I think it always will. From ghosts, to aliens, to cryptozoology it all has me hooked. For me I think it's the mystery that's been presented by these things, all of the unending questions that follow, with no clear answers. But the answers are what we've all been looking for right? Personally, part of me that I often tell to shut up, doesn't want the answers to ever be found. Once it's all out in the open the world will lose some of the magic it has left. I know there's something to all the stories, to the feel that shivers down your spine, the absolute certainty that something is there but you don't see anyone, and to the glimpses of movement you catch out of the corner of your eye.  It's in these moments that believers are made because it's not always about seeing; sometimes the greatest evidence is what you feel."

    She is co founder of JK Paranormal, writer for Paranormal Enlightenment,  Reiki practitioner, voodoo doll artist (Haunted Voodoo), and has survived law school.  She loves having new experiences, meeting new people, and learning more about the stranger things out there in this world of ours.  Contact: jessicastone83@gmail.com JK Paranormal: www.facebook.com/JKParanormal

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    04. Light It Up

    in Hip Hop Music

    So today's show we play another round of 5 mics, Akon lighting up Africa, Iggy Azaleas downfall and more.
    @unpopularmedia - Twitter
    Facebook.com/unpopularmedia612 - Facebook
    unpopularmedia@gmail.com - email

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    APOCALYPSE; Royal Spirit Twins, and WHO was JK Rowling?

    in Spirituality

    In this very upbeat mid-summer impromptu show, I will begin by discussing the Royal British Family's William, Kate and their newest member, George.
    But then will swiftly move on to discuss exactly WHAT glamorous woman of the East-- tributes by way of symphonies and books written specifically about her  Ancient Identity--was JK Rowling in her very exotic Past Life. Her unusual experience back then provided the basis for her for her remarkable writing talent today, the most famous of her stories being the long involved series for children, HARRY POTTER.

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    Playback ALL past shows at: pdradio.site40.net
    Tonight PDRADIO hosts Ms. PD & Black shine our Creative Artist Spotlight on 2012 producer of the year ofTthe Brooklyn All Star Music Awards THE BEAT STILL JK.
    As we learn all about this artist we continue to bring you fun show of Throwback Music, Real Talk and lots of laughs!!
    Doing it as only WE can!!
    { For possible spotlight consideration submit to: pdradio.submit@gmail.com }

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    Join me for 30JK... as we welcome back the uber-snazzy and jazzy Mr. JASOOOOOOOOOONNN... DeCANIOOOOOOOOO!!!

    That's right, Jason DeCanio of the "QUEENS NEW YORKER" on YouTube and his flagship show ooooonnn UStream; "THE JASON DeCANIO SHOW".
    We will talk about "TEAM P.A.W.S (People Against Web Stalkers)"... what it is; what it's not and why should you listen to this particular episode.

    Come join us! The phone number to call in is -- 347-857-2310; again, 347-857-2310
    Or go online and listen live at -- www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; see you over here!

    See ya'll on the flipside... JK out! ;)

    #WeAreProjectJKFX #ShowGottaGO 

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    Join me, Jason Kelly, as I welcome SCOTT WHIPKEY to the "30JK" mic... we'll talk about everything fun from Hooters Girls to his recently new venue called "Whip's Diner"!
    To join the party... you know where to go! 347-857-2310... again, that's 347-857-2310... find me online at www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; hit that FOLLOW button. Jam with Scott and me... "30JK" only over BlogTalkRadio; as only JK can give it to ya, baby!

    KEEP IT OLD SCHOOL, BABY!!! HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP; HOTTEST, HYPEST HAPPIEST... that's the way we getz down!
    Mr. "Show Gotta GO!!!"... 'cuz I told ya so... HOOOOOO!!! Spread the word!

    And in case you forgotten who this is... WE ARE PROJECT JKFX... COME ON!!
    Let it rock... and ya don't stop! :D

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    Join JK as we "proceeed to give YOU what you need" (Thank You, P. Diddy!)... Mr. JUST GOT PAID saluted by 30JK Nation (...and that means YOU!)... the music and the life of JOHNNY KEMP! Live on the "J"; as only JK can give it to ya! To join in the conversation and jam with YOUR MAIN MAN JASON... you know how to reach me!

    The phone number to join the party is 347-857-2310. Again, that's 347-857-2310... hit that FOLLOW button (you know where it is!)... and don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; YouTube (JaySlammz)... don't be a stranger... I want you where the PARTY'S AT... right here on "30JK"... "hottest, hypest, happiest"... 'nuff said. www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE :)

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