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    Book Discussion with Fran Lewis and author JJ White

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    Book Discussion and Fran Lewis welcomes author JJ White the author of The Prodigious Savant.

    In Burlington, Vermont, 1962, seventeen-year-old Gavin Weaver survives a dreadful explosion, six hours of brain surgery, and thirty days in a coma, to awake possessing not just one savant talent, but several, including art, music, mathematics, and memory—and all without suffering any of the usual mental disabilities associated with head trauma...if he survives

    According to Dr. Darold A. Treffert of the University of Wisconsin, there are fewer than one hundred reported cases of prodigious savants in the world. Those few who possess the savant syndrome all have an island of brilliance that allows them to excel in some remarkable talent. Unfortunately, they all share various developmental disabilities.

    In Burlington, Vermont, 1962, seventeen-year-old Gavin Weaver survives a dreadful explosion, six hours of brain surgery, and thirty days in a coma, to awake possessing not just one savant talent, but several, including art, music, mathematics, and memory—and all without suffering any of the usual mental disabilities associated with head trauma.

    To learn more about Gavin, his syndrome and the talents of a prodigious savant join me at four eastern, three centeral and two mountain. Ask your questions in the chat room.




    The odds are slim that Gavin will survive both the internal and external conflicts, which keep him from the one thing he wants most, the girl he’s loved since childhood.

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    On this awesome episode we will talk about Chang's Bird of Prey, is it worth the wait? We will also discuss the Klingon/Borg OP prize ship. During our second half , what are your thoughts on Star Trek Generations? We will also continue the JJ Verse discussion that was started on last weeks show. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...

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    Guest, JJ Semple, Life Force Books!!!

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    "JJ Semple didn't start out to explore Kundalini; he stumbled into it years ago, when a stranger handed him a book called, The Secret of the Golden Flower. At first, he didn't understand the book. Although it concerned a Kundalini Meditation method,  the text was difficult to penetrate. He wondered if such an ancient text might apply to the modern world. Did the method really work? Was there more to it than poetry and symbolism?

    Only after practicing the method did he find the answer. Along the way there were lots of twists and turns, false starts and missteps. Nevertheless, he persisted, working his way through the method one technique at a time, finally discovering it was a method for awakening Kundalini. Condensing The Secret of the Golden Flower into a viable modern method of meditation took time, over thirty years, in fact. His discoveries are described in JJ Semple's books, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time and The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret Of Life and Death."




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    Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak

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    Wednesday October 8, 6pm EDT: Drs. J.J. & Desiree Hurtak will be joining Mitchell to discuss the current global environmental situation as well as the marginalization of indigenous groups, especially in and around the Amazon Rainforest.J.J. & Desiree Hurtak have been on A Better World Radio & TV in the past, and will be joining Mitchell again to talk about the documentary, Wisdom of the Wayshowers.

    Drs. Hurtak,are social scientists and founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international NGO at the U.N. They are also authors, researchers and have also been working with the indigenous people of South America. They were recent speakers at the U.N. Rio plus 20 Summit (2012) on global environmental issues. Their books focus on science and consciousness studies.

    As protests take place globally, we must each ask ourselves what is our role in this changing world? Are the 7 billion people on the planet coming to a breaking point or a place of consciousness transformation? We will discuss the possible ways to help make life on earth a better place through both technological advances and ways to ensure peaceful conflict resolution.

    The Hurtaks are colleagues and good friends with Mitchell and have appeared on A Better World Radio & TV several times over the years, sharing their discoveries, travels and work as social scientists, discussing their contribution to creating a better world for all beings.

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    JJ Dillon joins IHWE Radio Nov 5th 2014

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    Tonigt Wrestling Royality joins IHWE Radio

    Wrestler, Manager, Booker, Agent


    JJ Dillon


    Joins us on IHWE Radio

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    ND Fan Radio: Vol.30 *Cousin JJ in Studio - Season recap banter

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    More Coaching and QB talk

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    Battle Red Radio XCIII: Houston's QB Hell Is Real, And It's... Hell

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    Join myself, BFD, and MDC for Battle Red Radio LIVE tonight at 7PM Central Time.  We will discuss the end of Ryan Fitzpatrick's season, the start of Tom Savage's career, and review Houston's 17-10 loss to Indianapolis.

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    Guest JJ Semple, Golden Flower Meditation

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    "Spiritual development is all about transformation. Transformation is a very personal undertaking. Each individual must find his or her way. Transformation — from the initial search-for-truth to the final activation of the Kundalini~Life Force — should not be thought of as a single event, but a flow of events, each one with a slim likelihood of completion. So much goes into completing the process: inspiration, motivation, discovery, detective work, exercise, meditation — to say nothing of frustration, disappointment, and disinformation. The path is long, hard, and uncertain, because up till now, no permanent, voluntary, safe, repeatable method for shepherding a novice through the entire process existed."


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    Mystic Moon Cafe With Guest "JJ" Rogers - Film & Documentary Director & Producer

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    Tonight we're talking with John "JJ" Rogers - Film & Documentary Director and Producer, occasional Actor and Tech Crew as well!

    Co-hosting with Wendy are  Susan Bell and Travis Shortt!

    Director JJ Rogers ends 2014 and begins 2015 with a celebrity status start. Last year he completed three extraordinary films, leaving an exceptional mark on the industry as one of the fastest up and comers in the spot light as a director and producer. For the past several years JJ topped the independent circuit with completed films and a simple one line mission statement “an independent studio helping independent filmmakers.”

    More info on his website: www.JJ-Rogers.com 

    He is currently promoting the film “A Horse Story” and will be working with my friend and co-host, Susan Bell, on upcoming projects..

    JJ is considered one of the strongest independent film makers in Los Angeles, having worked on almost 100 feature films and over a 300 television commercials alone. 

    He has worked as a Writer, Director, and/or Producer on Films like “Gemini Rising”, “The Linda Vista Project”, “Hero of the Day”, “Necessary Evil”, “Drifter”,  “Black Water Valley Exorcism”, and “Brutal” - just to name a few.... 

    A Horse Story - due out in 2015 - Monica learns finding one's path in life can be a challenging dilemma for humans as well as animals. Case and point her pet horse Champion reveals that animals can talk too. And just like humans, horses must find their path in life as well.

    So come on over and give us a listen, join in chat, or call in: 646-716-6207




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    Joe Tatta: Interview with Dr. Nalini Chilkov

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    Dr. Nalini Chilkov is the Founder of IntegrativeCancerAnswers.com and a leading edge authority on integrative cancer care, immune enhancement, optimal nutrition and wellness medicine. Author of the best selling book 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: How to Create a Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive. Her comprehensive OutSmart Cancer programs are science-based, safe, natural, supporting cancer patients-survivors, and those who do not want to get cancer to Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well. Appeared on NBC TV; recognized by WebMD and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s sharecare.com as one of the Top Ten Online Influencers in Breast Cancer.  She writes for the Huffington Post. Celebrity nutrition-fitness expert & NY Times bestselling author JJ Virgin says, “If you have cancer, you go to Nalini, period!” Renowned physicians Dr. Frank Lipman and 6 time New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman call her “my go to resource. Website: http://www.integrativecanceranswers.com Joe Tatta is a physical therapist and nutrition expert. He is co-founder of Premier Physical Therapy & Wellness, one of the largest outpatient physical therapy providers in the New York Tri-State area. A licensed Physical Therapist and board certified in orthopedics from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and a certified hand therapists from the American Society of Hand Therapists. His also certified in Nutrition for Fitness from the International Sports Sciences Association and trained extensively at the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He provides physical therapy services to everyone from professional dancers and athletes to baby boomers. He actively lectures & mentors health and fitness professionals on health, fitness and wellness. Also an athlete, gymnast, Joe has a lifelong love of sports, fitness, physical therapy, and giving back to others. Visit: joetatta.com

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    Hart Beat Radio - Terry Funk, Ric Flair, Harley Race, JJ Dillon & Dave Meltzer

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    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio is bringing to you the debut of a brand new show featuring legendary pro wrestler and pro wrestling trainer Bruce Hart hosting Hart Beat Radio!

    Every Sunday, Bruce Hart will bring his decades worth of wrestling knowledge to the airwaves as he talks tales of wrestling’s past and gives his unique outlook into the future of pro wrestling. Being the head trainer of Hart Brothers University, Bruce Hart is trying to prep his current crop of students for a future in the world or professional wrestling.

    TONIGHT - Oct. 12th, 2014

    Terry Funk's 70th Belated Birthday Party Surprise show with Bruce Hart and co-host Cowboy Johnny Mantell. There are a lot of great guest from Terry's past scheduled to call in and tell their tales.....

    This is one show you do NOT want to miss it LIVE! 

    Joined by Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dave Meltzer & JJ DIllon!!!!

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