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    Forbidden Pictures with JimmyO & April Burril!

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    JimmyO and April Burril are quite the power couple! Having met at the Harford Dance Theater, they began to become involved in musical theater. April moved from stage to screen with a film version of Silver Scream.
    In 1999 April and JimmyO created the online horror hostess, Chainsaw Sally. The character became wildly popular and soon, her own film was made in 2004. As time has passed the Sally fans have built in numbers. Artwork, songs and poetry started being sent and posted to and about April / Sally. And of course this lead to more fans.

    April has also appeared in other films. Feast of Flesh, S'mores, and JimmyO has also written and directed The Good Sisters (starring April and actress Debbie Rochon), and The Chainsaw Sally Show which has a huge cult following. Jimmyo is also an accomplished illustrator and musician.And we'll be finding out more about their current production of the horror musical, Silver Scream!  Together, April and JimmyO are taking over the world one victim at a time!

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    Bloodbath Radio: April and JimmyO Burril

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    Join Derek Young and Eric Morse as they end Chainsaw Sally month with a chat with JimmyO Burril and April Burril. Jimmy and April will be talking about season 2 of The Chainsaw Sally Show as well as upcoming new projects from their company Forbidden Pictures..Fun Fun Fun...
    (Note: Host Derek Young wasn't able to make it for the show so Eric Morse did the interview  himself... and it is fantastic...)
    (Just a reminder that Blog Talk cuts off our live broadcast at 8:30 but the show continues for an additional 15 minutes,that can be found on the archive edition of the show...)

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    Hollywood Red Carpet Radio - JimmyO & April Burril /2nd hr Corey Wells

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     JimmyO Burril  Artist for Warner Brothers. CEO Filming Writer Director of Chainsaw Sally, Silver Scream, The Good Sisters & the Chainsaw Sally Show. Actor, Illustrator and  lifetime Musician.horror..  April Burril Actress / Dancer /Artisit and Model best known for her character Chainsaw Sally.April has also appeared in other films. Feast of Flesh, S'mores (a part of the Grave Yard Picture The Good Sisters, and now The Chainsaw Sally http://www.chainsawsallyshow.com http://www.chainsawsally.com 2nd hour  Actor / Model Corey Wells 1989 shop Hardcorps Surf and Skate. advertising campaign in Eastern surf magazine making Lux surfboards "H"skimboards skate team,did an MTV sports, surf skate "Mean Street" Acting  



















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    Chainsaw Sally and JimmyO Burril

    in Film

    Sally(April Monique Burril) and JimmyO come on to talk the movie, website and more!!

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    Horror Chat: April Burril/ 80's horror lists

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    Join Count6String, THE HORROR SEX SYMBOL Christopher Highland, and Eric Morse as they welcome April Burril (Chainsaw Sally, The Good Sisters). April will be chatting about Chainsaw Sally Season 3 and her upcoming film Darling Clementines. Also be ready in the second our as each of The Horror Chat crew presents individual lists of five films they feel represents 80's style horror (No franchises will be listed, we didn't want to make it that easy.....So we are ending our season with fun fun fun....

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    Charred Remains 10 Crazy Char Questions

    in Entertainment

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to Charred Remains. I have missed you all. 

    My daughter had her baby and we have been adjusting to have a newborn in the house, so my show has been on hiatus. I hope everyone had great NYE and Happy Holidays. 

    Tonight the show is open-mic format with you the listeners calling in to play a round of Crazy Char Questions. I launched the written series of questions last week on new blog. My first person to take the challenge was Jimmyo Burril followed by Creep Creepersin. Links for those answers are posted on Charred Remains page on Facebook. More people have consented to participate in the series and will be posting more soon.

    So take the challenge, can you answer my crazy off the wall questions? Call in tonight 6:30pm PST/8:30 CST/9:30 EST (347) 324-5036 and while you are on the air, feel free to plug your upcoming books, movies or whatever you have going on. 

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    THE DARKEST HOUR - CHAINSAW SALLY - JimmyO and April Burril

    in Entertainment

    Bringing you the best show in horror, life, and everything in between, THE DARKEST HOUR podcast includes anything and everything that true horror fans and fans of dark comedy could want.
    Frequented by special celebrity guests and consistantly a fan driven show, THE DARKEST HOUR is a favorite of both industry favorites and those who love them.

    From the minds that brought you THE GASH and PODCAST FROM HELL, THE DARKEST HOUR is hosted by Dai Green, Nita Burson, and Matt Raub.

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    Charred Remains Char's Horror Trivia Week 2 & 3

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on Charred Remains, Char will announce the winners from Week 2 and Week 3 of her Horror Trivia Game on Facebook. She will reveal the answers for the last two weeks. 
    Showtime: 10-21-13 at 7:30 Pacific/9:30pm Central/10:30 Eastern
    Thank You to the Sponsors who donated Swag for Prizes
    Jimmyo & April Burril  http://www.chainsawsallyshow.com/
    Midnight Syndicate  http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/entry/m-is-for-music/
    https://www.facebook.com/MidnightSyndicate   Julien Delattre http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4728540/   Hannah June https://www.facebook.com/HannahJuneOfficial   Pearry Teo and Christine Converse https://www.facebook.com/bedlamstories http://www.bedlamstories.com/ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1492116564    

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    1st Family of Horror, A Scottish Medium & Horror Film Gore

    in Entertainment

    Another Action packed, spooky episode of the Brian The Hammer show, join Brian as he welcomes:
    -JimmyO & April Buril, The First Family of Indie Horror, Creators of "Chainsaw Sally" "Darling Clementines" & "Good Sisters" and will be working on their own Haunted Attraction coming Halloween 2014.
    -Sandra Bell McFadden is a Scottish Medium who spends her life traveling the world teaching and demonstrating mediumship. She is the founder of the Butterfly Fellowship training centre and still runs the Scottish branch of the Centre from Scotland. Her work in the media includes acting and hosting Mind, Body and Spirit Shows which included Public Spirited Radio Show, first broadcast on Hudson Valley Radio in New York, then on Coaste2coaste radio. She has tutored for most of the worlds top Spiritualist organizations and demonstrated her gifts in many countries around the world. Founder & Editor of Public Spirited Newspaper, she has had articles in many medias, including doing the daily tarot columns. Sandra has worked in the US, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Canada and all UK countries. 
    -Ward Benoit, Actor, Makeup & Prop Artist. Ward has brought some of the scariest, most gruesome scenes to life with his artistry. Get an inside look at how he creates his masterpieces.
    Join us LIVE at 10am pacific - 1pm eastern time - Call in and join the conversation 646-595-3032

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    FCN: Dolls Of Despair Guest Jimmyo Burrill and April Burrill

    in Movies

    Fearcast Presents: Dolls Of Despair 
    heir enSplatter Flick Chick hosts the always informative and entertaining Dolls of Despair show. The Dolls special guests will always make a horror fan glad they tuned in. They might be anyone from film festival/convention directors to actors, directors and producers to twisted special effects folks, dark writers to hard core musicians If it's independent horror material!, the Dolls bring it! Splatter Flick Chick is also Owner/Operator of the all gal horror site, dollsofdespair.blogspot.com, where you'll find PR, reviews and a females' opinion on all that is creepy and dark. The Dolls of Despair have found a unique niche in the horror genre and are more than happy to fill that void with their entertaining opinions! tertaining opinions! 

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    Lynn Lowry... Actress, Singer, Cult Icon and More!

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    Lynn Lowry is a cult movie icon! With films like The Crazies, I Drink Your Blood, Shivers, They Came From Within and Cat People... it's no wonder she has such a huge fan base all over the world!
    Her beauty and free sprit has inspired so many, and still does to this day! With so many upcoming films, we can hardly keep up with her! And she's starring with some of today's indie horror stars in films such as, Ditch with Bill Oberst Jr., The Darling Clementines directed by JimmyO Burril along with his wife April ( of Chainsaw Sally fame ) and Debbie Rochon.
    Lynn is also starring in the first film directed by Debbie Rochon called Model Hunger. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Her impressive movie career, amazing personality and over all experience make Lynn Lowry a Hollywood icon and someone looked up to by many in the cult horror genre and beyond. A lovely and diverse woman... We're gonna jazz it up with her on The Phantom Zone!