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    Selling OOAK Skins on eBay by Dragon Backbone

    in Marketing

    Tune in to meet this awesome seller I met at a local eBay workshop I was presenting in Ocala FL. This seller was so interesting to me I invited him to be a guest on my radio show. Meet Phil, the owner of DragonBackbone.com.  He has been selling online for quite awhile and his family roots go back a few years creating these unique and OOAK items. In eBay terms that stands for: Original, One of A Kind. 

    Visit his eBay store while you wait at: SomethingUneek

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine, Tyler McMullen and David West for a special Thanksgiving Day edition of the Direct Snap Podcast. 

    While your bellies are full of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce and all of those other thanksgiving goodies, let us fill your mind with some great NFL talk circulating the league during our Week 12 edition. 

    Per usual we will be discussing everything NFL including all Week 12 games, key injuries, news and game recaps from today's NFL Thanksgiving day games. 

    As we have done in recent weeks, we will also be joined at the half-way mark by our good friend Mr. Josh Harvey for "Harvey's Home-runs", our can't miss fantasy football segment. 

    Please, don't hesitate to give us a call at 714-333-3302 and join in on the conversation. 

    And, as always, please "LIKE" us on facebook by clicking the link below:


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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and David West for a brand new edition of the Direct Snap podcast. 

    Tonight the boys will be throwing some Week 11 action your way alongside some news worthy items and key injuries that you may have missed. 

    As always there will be a nice fantasy football segment alongside "Harvey's Home-Runs". 

    Don't be afraid to give us a call at 714-333-3302 and/or "like" our facebook page by clicking the link below. 


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    America's Deadly Sins - Jill Mitchell, MA

    in Current Events

    Jill Mitchell joins us today for yet another CPS horror story of murder and intrigue!  Jill, from Massechusetts, the fine people that brought this bastardization of the system article in the Massechuesetts News; describing in beautiful yet gory detail; all those things we already know today, way back in 2000 (but, of course, whose story on it was more than likely buried, since, when I called them they couldn't rightly ever recall ever doing such a story).


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    Erase the Problem of Bullying - Author Jill Vanderwood on America Meditating

    in Self Help

    Jill Vanderwood is an expert on children’s and young adult issues of bullying and an award-winning author. She has interviewed children and celebrities as well as experts on bullying including authors, psychologists, and a juvenile court judge.

    Jill teaches writing and marketing workshops and speaks at writer’s conferences, to business groups and in college courses. With eight books which she has authored or co-authored, her newest book is entitled, “Erase the Problem of Bullying.”

    Visit www.jillvanderwood.com. For more information on Bullying, visit www.stopbullying.gov.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating, Download our FREE Pause for Peace app.

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    Direct Snap

    in Sports

    Join Joe Kleine, Tyler McMullen and David West for another great edition of the Direct Snap podcast. 

    This week will be all about the NFL's week 10 match-ups including a huge game between Joe's Philadelphia Eagles and Tyler and Dave's Miami Dolphins. 

    As always we will be joined about an hour in by our guy Josh Harvey for our fantasy football segement, "Harvey's Home-Runs", followed by our ever popular "Freaks and Geeks" Fantasy segment. 

    Don't be afraid to call in and join in on the conversation by calling 714-333-3302 or give us a post on facebook by clicking the link below: 


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    Lash FX with Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

    in Fashion

    We'll chat with Jill about Be An Amazing Lash Artist & The Lash Mastery Group, a Continuing Education for Professional Lash Artists...we'll also talk to her about what's new with Lash FX!

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    How a Coach Can Put You on the Fast Track to Success

    in Business

    Motivation is important to finishing strong and setting up your success. How will you reach your sales goals for 2016?

    In this episode of Black Belt Selling, Anna and Stephanie Scheller talk about the importance of coaching for success. If you are like many people, you may figure that reading a book is all you need to achieve your goals. Books are powerful and important, but nothing beats having a coach who is invested in you to put you on the fast track of success.

    In this episode, you will discover:

    3 reasons you need a coach
    4 qualities to look for in a coach
    why free coaching doesn't work
    finding the right coach for you

    If you are serious about achieving your dreams and really achieving the goals you set for yourself, then you must listen to the episode over and over again.


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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join the full force Direct Snap squad with the return of Joe Kleine himself alongside Tyler McMullen and our insider Mr. David West as we throw another exciting edition of the Direct Snap podcast your way filling you in on everything happening around the National Football League. 

    This week is all about Week 9 around the league, including huge coaching changes and HR department changes alongside other important newsworthy topics. We will also discuss all Week 9 match-ups along with our game predictions. 

    On top of our ever popular fantasy football segment, Freaks and Geeks, we will also be joined by Mr. Josh Harvey for his segment "Harvey's Home Runs" filling you in on his top plays in fantasy this week. 

    Don't be afraid to give us a call at 714-333-3302 AND as always be sure to "like" our facebook page by searching "Direct Snap" and finding our icon OR follow the link below: 



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    Happy Anniversary Jill Reed!

    in Lifestyle

    Does it matter most what you do to please and protect yourself or what you do for others?  Have you ever thought about your philosophy in life or have you adopted the philosophy of your family, friends, co-workers?

    What matters so much to you that you would stop something right away?

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    Direct Snap

    in Sports

    Join a shortened Direct Snap crew tonight with Tyler McMullen and David West as they fill you in on the National Football League's Week 8 action. 

    This week will consist of a more in depth game analysis on tonight's Thursday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins - Both David and I are big Dolphins fans. 

    We will also be discussing all Week 8 games as well as giving you our game predictions per usual. 

    We also will have a few minor debates tonight related to news and potential coach of the year candidates. 

    Don't be afraid to give us a call and join in on the conversation tonight at 714-333-3302 AND be sure to "like" our facebook page by clicking the link below.