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    Fresh off their SOLD OUT show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood (THANK YOU!!), Corinne & Krystyna can't think of a better way to slide right back into the reality of their really weird lives than with a detailed conversation about cum-guzzling sparked by one #fucker's E-mail. Post jizzy jibber jabber, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome DJ, Musician, and Producer of Opie & Jim Norton on Sirius XM, TROY QUAN. Troy is that legendary dude we all have in our lives who seemingly has it all -- the looks, the career, and endless amounts of puss. Troy has certainly had his fair share of all forms of females - from the blindfolded stranger to the older woman with the mothering fetish, but he's also experienced (and been robbed of) true love. On this week's intense episode of GWF, he shares his story.

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    Kanyackety, Stupor Blowl, Leonard Nimoy, and Offend Everyone in 4 Words

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    On tonight's first consecutive episode since Ghandi and JFK did the Charleston on top of Abe Lincoln's cellular dinosaur railroad, the gang will be getting to all of your questions and comments.

    Just kidding, nobody actually listens to this show.

    But we WILL be touching upon the touchiest of subjects while we touch each other and try really, really hard to touch you.

    In the naughty spot.

    We will also be talking about Kanye West and his fiftieth incoherent meltdown, as well as letting Mick jibber-jabber about how the Superbowl only gave him a quarter-chub.  We'll also loudly bloviate about the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy, and we'll speculate wildly about your mom's box after we play a raucous game of "Offend Everyone in 4 Words".

    Join us, or be relegated to the same irrelevance as the people on this show!

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    There's No Atheists in Fox Holes- Crafty & The Adamizer EP 2

    in Current Events

    Conspiracy? Maybe. Screwed? Definitely. Whether you want to believe there is a grand conspiracy to bring down or fundamentally change America and the world really doesn't matter. The numbers are in and they suck. Here in the Front Row we'll be taking a look at the news and event from the serious to the sublime, from around the globe to around the corner in an effort to make some sense of it all and hopefully wake a few people ip along the way.

    Well Alright! Join Crafty & the Adamizer tonight for the official re-launch of Front Row At The Freak Show at what will be the regular day and time, Monday's 8:30. Yup, taking our cue from corporate America as we love to do so much here, last week was like the "soft open" where we let people in but still working some kinks out. Tonight? OK, so maybe still working some kinks out but with baloons and a big sign out front! On the menu tonight is of course, what you can always expect from the Front Row, a whole host of different shit! The main course should be a scintilating discussion on US military intervention, war and the spreading of beautiful bullshit, I mean democracy. 

    Musical & comedic perfomances still TBD but we'll throw something good at ya for sure. So, get the kiddies to bed, pour a cocktail, light a jibber, hit a rail...whatever works and get your freak on ! 

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    Christmas Nerd Jibber-Jabber (Random Nerd Nonesense!!!)

    in Entertainment

    Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja talk about their Netflix movies and fall into the Netflix "Rabbit-Hole" discussing various fantasy, sci-fi movies that must be watched! We go into the 80's show, G.L.O.W (The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and Kitti shows her Christmas Wish List item available on www.thinkgeek.com (<----free plug for them)

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    Christmas Nerd Jibber-Jabber (Part 1)

    in Entertainment

    Mr Green and Kitti Ninja talk about random Christmas Nerd Nonesense...including The Walking Dead video game (XBox360), The Random Factiod of the Week, and Ant-Man phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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    Women Requesting Men Hand In Marriage

    in Entertainment

    Wecome to Beauty Chat Radio

    Show schedule:

    9pm est first guest Dawan Jibber Jabber

    Tonight's guest Dawn Jibber Jabber remenise about the day she asked her man to marry her. Some women may say they would rather wait for the men to get down on his knee and ask them in the traditional way but what if he never ask? Dawn is going to explain why she was brave enough to take control and ask her man to marry her, years ago. 

    If you're a woman and don't mind taking charge and going after your man, please call in a share your story.  

    Want to advertise or be a guest ? Send for our package here www.rosasresources.biz


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    SC EP:40 Sasquatchs Circling Our Camp

    in Science

    A police officer and listener wrote us about his terrifying encounter - "Whatever it was then started circling our camp.  It would hoaf at us every now and then and step on dead branches making the snapping sound.  I say branches because it did not sound like a twig, more like large sticks and they did not sound like they were being pulled off a tree but being stepped on.  It would also make these thuds.  The kind of thing you feel more then you hear.  For some reason we all started calling it a her I guess because it sounds crazy but the thing sounded like a female to us when it had screamed.  It kept this up for the next three hours just circling our camp making noises that we could track it as it moved around us. After the scream from behind us I had made the fire real big and after about an hour of it circling us we started running out of the two day supply of wood we had collected so I had to get more.  My oldest when telling the story of him holding the flash light for me thinks its very funny to tell how scared I was that I brought back a whole dead tree to burn in the fire.  I did too, I had kept the fire raging about five feet in the air the whole time and a shotgun in my lap.  By about three hours I had made a couple of runs around us and pulled back large dead trees to burn and I am not going to lie I was scared as hell with this thing circling us like it was...." The account goes on to describe "Jibber/Chatter" and the creature returning with several other creatures....the night isnt over yet, it hasnt even begun yet

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    Jibber Jabber with Jedi

    in Education

    If I am not Hear in 5 minutes I will return next time. Suggested Sites www.thenewagenda.ws
    The Changing of The Gaurd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnC1_o2Rmqk&list=LLt2Jo8jC8nado2CchtskTbw Returning  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80F8mY1tcxA Coming To America http://goingglobaleastmeetswest.blogspot.com/2013/01/coming-to-america-they-will-continue-to.html  

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    Jibber Jabber with Jedi

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    Global Reset Soceity http://globalresetsociety.com/ Right Click on the ABOVE LINK then click on "open in a New Window".  This will take you to our site and you will still be able to here me and see the posts I will be going over. 

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    Brandy's Bar Banter

    in Current Events

    Let Brandy entice your thoughts with her inquisitive mind.  You never know what she's going to talk about.  Streaming live from Jenny's Steak House in Chicago Ridge she will engage her customers as well as guests into day to day thought provoking questions.  From current events, dining, silly thoughts, and more she will get you talking, laughing and even crying.

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    Jibber Jabber With Jedi Continued

    in Education

     WE are in the process of moving over here to BlogTalk from our current platform.
    We are a group of people that are Seeking the TRUTH on a wide variety of subjects that are looming over all of us at this point in time that have NO ANSWERS.
    WE will be discussing the interest many have found in their own individual lives. What is Life all about and Where do we go after this Life.

    The are also many people that have concerns as to the size, scope and future intent of those we have entrusted with running our country as well as the World.

    If you would like to view the chat room you will need to update your Flash program and if you wish to participate in the show you will see a call in number at the top.

    Last and most IMPORTANT you can click on "{Follow" in the upper left side of the page and you will be notified as to the time of the next call.

    Again Welcome and Blessings and Positive Energy to YOU all.