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    Societal Collapse in the Post JFK Era

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    In the JFK era, who would have thought that 50 years later we would have more than one shooting a day? And who would have thought that we would also have:

    Homeless digging and eating out of trashcans, and this includes mentally ill, veterans, etc. The question is why?
    Union membership in the private sector has gone from almost 40 percent to currently eight percent. Why?
    Federal student aid is now about 25 percent of the average students' funding. This was 75 percent just 20 years ago. How did this happen?
    Students unable to pay back college loans is now the number one reason for loan default, over a trillion dollars! How did this happen?
    About half of the bankruptsies in the US are caused by inability to pay medical bills, usually from catastrophic illness in the family. Why?
    Over one trillion dollars a year go to the National Security State! Why?
    There is now more than one shooting a day where someone goes "postal." Why?

    These questions and more will be discussed today by Bob Kirkconnell, Author of: http://www.amazon.com/American-Heart-Darkness-Transformation-Pathocracy/dp/1479793213/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1449455719&sr=8-1.

    Hey, give us a call.

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    52nd Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK: Unanswered Questions On The

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    52nd Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK: Unanswered Questions On The Conspiracy, Vanguard Youth Radio Tackles The Tragedy and its Repcercussions

    The hosts of Vanguard Youth Radio Al Suarez & Andrea Nordera will discuss the legacy of JFK and the repercussions of his murder in this 35 minute program at the regularly scheduled time Sunday.

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    Robert Morningstar - Unraveling The JFK Assassination

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    Robert Morningstar returns to the show.

    In tonight’s discussion Robert will take us through his personal journey which lead to his unrelenting and extensive research into the conspiracy behind the murder of John F. Kennedy. A journey which many believe solved the JFK mystery.

    To kick our conversation of Robert explains the roll of Dorothy Kilgallen; a popular TV personality and influential Dallas reporter who was about to blow the entire conspiracy wide open back in 1965 before she died an untimely and highly suspicious death.


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    JFK Assassination: New Medical Analysis Proves Multiple Shooter Conspiracy

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    On this episode, medical doctor David Mantik discusses his new book - John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds: A Final Synthesis - and a New Analysis of the Harper Fragment. What is this mysterious bone known as the 'Harper Fragment?' How does this bone fragment prove that JFK was shot from the front? What other evidence and inferences can be drawn from Dr. Mantik's research, including his multiple visits to examine the physical evidence at the National Archives? Are there missing X-rays? What mistakes were made in the autopsy? What other evidence is being withheld from the public, and will we ever know the truth? 

  • The illegitimate child of JFK and Marilyn Monroe

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    Spend a evening with me and my guest as we explore the intimate details of the life of past President JFK and Marilyn Monroe.  Also we will touch on his motivation for releasing the book which has won many awards as well as bein on the bestseller's list. Call in at 7:30 at 347-945-6003 and hang out with me while we dig deep to get to the root of this mystery.

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    Executive Order 11110 - Did The Federal Reserve Kill JFK?

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    Authors James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. take you back to the founding of the Federal Reserve 100 years ago, and expose the little known unconstitutional operations of the U.S. Central Bank. Who are the financial elite that formed the Federal Reserve, and why are they considered the most powerful organization in the world today? Did JFK threaten the power structure of the elite by usurping power from the Federal Reserve with this executive order? Did JFK have plans to dissolve the Federal Reserve as he intended to do with the Central Intelligence Agency? Could the financial elite have been part of an extensive conspiracy to kill the nation’s youngest president? Why was a former president of the World Bank on the Warren Commission? 

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    JFK Assassination Anniversary

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    1st Hour: We listen to audio on the day of the JFK Assassination and people's responses.

    2nd Hour: SPECIAL FEATURE Join Host J. Michael Pryor, Douglas County, Kansas in discussion with state SEN. MARCI FRANCISCO on all things progressive.

    Friend Mike Pryor on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/jmike.pryor

    See Mike Pryor’s web page at: http://www.sanders-warren2016.com/

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    Shooter Confesses To JFK Conspiracy

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    On this episode Jim discusses the claim made by convicted felon James Files that he was the grassy knoll shooter in the JFK assassination plot. Real estate heir Robert Durst arrested for murder. Is the Fed poised to raise interest rates? The U.S. is about to hit the debt limit again. Yahoo's new password system, and YouTube makes available 360 degree videos.

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    What You Should Know About the JFK Assassination with Jacob Hornberger

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    We are pleased that Jacob Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, has agreed to return to our show.  His book "The Kennedy Autopsy" provides us with some insight as to what actually transpired.  Please make every effort to listen in live and call in with your questions and comments 646-652-4620.  Look forward to hearing from you

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    Why James Files? - The Return of Abraham Bolden on the JFK Assassination

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    The files on James Files:

    Former Agent Bolden returns to 3600seconds to discuss with Chris other possible shooters and even a plot to shoot then-President John F. Kennedy and the low-morale of the US. Secret Service Presidential detail back in the early-'60's.

    Bolden of icourse is the whistleblower-turned-author of "The Echoe from the Dealey Plaza" and he deserves every bit of your attention on any possible angle in the Kennedy plot and actual killing.

    Feel free to call-in with your questions or comments, or scroll down to the Facebook comment section below and add your take.

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    APR Special event: JFK

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    Special APR event:

    Friday, November 21, 2014

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots!

    We invite you to join us for a special AmericanPatriotRadio.com event Friday, November 21, 2014.  We will be doing a tribute to the memory of our 35th president, John F. Kennedy.

    We won’t be doing a rehash of the thousands of theories, yet to be fully explained, of the circumstances  surrounding his untimely death, but rather a celebration of his life,.

    We will be discussing his accomplishments, his great initiatives, his disappointments, and for sure what it was like living in the U.S.A. during his administration during those seemingly magical 1000 Days of Camelot!

    We will have audio clips and music and historical information that hopefully will bring you back to some good memories, in a time that most historians believe was the end of our innocence as a people and as a nation.

    Plan to join us to share a smile, shed a tear, and for those of us who were there over half a century ago,  just remember what it was like to experience the good feelings we had for the future.

    There are those who will still say on Saturday morning that time travel is impossible;  those are the people who obviously didn’t hear our show Friday night! LOL

    Don’t be one of those scientifically uninformed people, plan to join us and enjoy being transported back to a time when life was simpler and hearts were filled with hope and optimism for the future.

    Scribd link for Nov 21 JFK tribute show:


    BudUrl shortened link for Nov 21 JFK tribute show: