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    Take 3 with Colin Healy and the Jetskis

    in Entertainment

    That's right girls! The boys are back! We will be talking about new music, University Chic, and any upcoming tour dates! Tune in!

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    Team Training for the Never Quit Challenge

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    Team Training for the Never Quit Challenge
    Training up for 1,600 miles on Jetskis is not done overnight. We've been working on the NQC fastidiously since April.  
    NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE Special Operations Combat Veterans will be riding Jetskis 1,600 miles for select charities who support brothers and sisters who have supported our nation. 

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    Leadership & Training Pitfalls

    in Training

    K38's Founder, Shawn Alladio discusses 'Leadership & Training Pitfalls'. 
    Our show will be discussing the path that leads to unsuccessful joint ventures between leadership and staff. The end results is paid off by the taxpayers who are expecting a measure of coverage. How much manpower is needed to get the job done when better effective training solutions can hit target?  
    There are training responsibilities that are not implied but expected.  Safety is the primary driver, if training isn't safe the program will crumble. It is better to disband teams leading with unsafe practices until they can get it together. The technical aspects of training need to be simplified and direct. Equipment needs to be capable. Staff must be vetted and physically and emotionally capable of getting the job done. Leadership needs a firm understanding of what their personnel are tasked to accomplish.  Reality is a harsh mistress. 
    Each person in the cadre of students or instructors has a responsibility to be good at their skill sets or rely on the luck factor.  Rescue Water Craft unfortunately are very forgiving craft and carry incompetent operators too far.  Successful training needs to be monitor by leaders and have the guts to get rid of 'driftwood' that will drag the team down when placed under pressure.
    If leaders fail to weed out the weak, the field pressures will reveal all their weak habits and the weakness will be delivered through investigations in After Action Reports.
    This failure of spot checking training modules, equipment and personnel is a pitfall that no agency can afford. This is an investment.  Most students expect to train less, leave early and receive a certificate.  Use of training time should be maximized. When a team member receives training and their ideas are dismissed, this is the 'creep of destruction' .

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    Artists On Demand Present: Colin Healy and the Jetskis

    in Music

    Join Megan and Kristin for their first show as AOD hosts!

    Fresh off the release of their debut album, Colin Healy & the Jetskis are a refreshing cocktail
    of youth pop, mixed with indie edge, and a subtle
    shot of punk rock. Hailing from Richmond,Virginia,
    this flavorsome band is a bundle of creative
    energy, whose boyish good looks, cheeky teen
    antics, and musical talent have inspired comic
    strip concepts and branded toothbrushes for fans.
    The group recently won the Skittles "Down To The
    Core" video contest on Buzznet. Trust us, you don't want to miss this!