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    Zone Coverage: NFL Conference Championships '16

    in Football

    The NFL Playoffs are about to wrap up and we're down to the final four teams.  The Broncos were able to get by the Steelers.  Seattle fell short of a miraculous comeback against the Panthers.  The Pack got another Hail Mary miracle, but never touched the ball in overtime against Arizona.  And the Chiefs ran the clock out more efficiently than the Pats who were leading in the 4th.

    We'll talk the NFL Playoffs, Deontay Wilder's title defense of the heavyweight crown, and more as Zone Coverage continues on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "We talk sports from the couch."

    Show No. 560

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    Hoopz Radio DMV 1/26 Analytics, Stats & HS Coverage in the DMV

    in Sports

    Join us for Hoopz Radio DMV for another Snow Day edition talking HS Sports Analytics, use of Statistics and DMV HS Media Coverage with DMVStream.com's B.J. Koubalaris, Legit Stats Head Marcellus Bowie &  Sports Statistician Ericka Holt. Special Drop In with Larry Bogart of Combat Labs on In Season training & conditioning.

    Listen in here or call in your Mobile Devices, Tablets or Laptops on (773) 897-6482

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    #IowaCaucus Coverage 2016

    in News

    Hosted by: @JOSEFDREAMZ

    Tonight the Iowa caucus goes down. America is wondering which candidate will rain victoriously in the battle for the presidency.

    On the Democratic side: caucus goers polled recently show Sanders and Clinton in a dead heat.

    On the Republican side: New Iowa Caucus polls show Trump edging ahead of Cruz in the last turn.

    There is no telling who Will come out of the I will caucuses victoriously, but one thing is certain. We will start to see once robust presidential campaigns, fold under the pressure.


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    Obamacare Uncovered:Thousands Lose Coverage, More to Follow

    in Finance

    You don't want to miss this special podcast!  (free companion materials at http://www.obamacareuncovered.com)

    Safe Money host Rick Liuag digs down deep, past the politics and punditry,into Obamacare to discover how REAL people and REAL businesses are being affected every day.

    The stories from the field are shocking and frightening.  No matter if you are a senior on Medicare, business owner, self-employed person, or just an individual who is trying to comply with the law, you need to heed the warnings presented by these real life stories of people like you who thought their health insurance issues were a thing of the past.

    Rick's research is turning up case after sad case of ordinary people whose lives are being ruined byunaffordable health insurance and lack of access to qualit care. The scenarios play out every day across the nation and are the complete opposite of what #Obamacare promised to deliver.

    Listen now to discover:

    Why nearly 350,000 Texans suddenly find themselves with NO COVERAGE AT ALL with few alternatives.

    The sad stories of two cancer patients whose lives are in jeopardy because their cancer specialists are now "out of network.

    Why one man, who always paid his health insurance premiums and did everything he was supposed to do, now faces out-of-pocket costs of up to $70,000.

    These stories are far from rare... and are coming soon to a network near you according to Rick. Fortunately, there ARE things you can do to stack the odds in your favor, and we'll discuss those options as well.




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    PART 3 - Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for thos

    in News

    PART 3 - Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for those veterans. 

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    Seriouside: Wall to Wall Coverage of the GOP, DNC Debates and the Iowa Caucuses

    in Current Events

    Good Morning and welcome to the Seriouside of the jrilshowl.  This morning's show is dedicated the 2016 Presidential Campaign!

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    PART 2 - Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for thos

    in News

    PART 2 - Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for those veterans. Our Guest for tonight are Sal Caiozzo, Lisa Jo Sarro,Ted Methvin (producer of documentary), Brian Synikin and more. If you have some issues to bring up, give us a call! THE BUCHANAN REPORT RADIO SHOW- Where we uncover the truth.

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    LIVE AND HILARIOUS - Republican Debate Coverage With The Wine Cellar

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 

    Let's jump into the republican debates tonight. 

    We're going to clown through this and get some #FuckyChuckles out of it. 
    We'll have our live blogtalk chatroom. 

    We'll be tweeting from https://twitter.com/TheFatherTeresa 

    We'll have our archived facebook chat room open right here. 

    You can follow the Uppitty Negress, Phoenix Calida right here. https://twitter.com/uppittynegress 

    The WhiteSplainer N' Chief can be followed right here. https://twitter.com/lmfroehlich 

    After this episode, we'll get back to our news and comment that we normally do. 

    Content Note. 
    Phoenix Calida is planning another Sex Workers Rights, Freethought Conversation episode for the near future and she'll update you when that comes. 

    Hopefully, for tonight, Rand Paul hits the stage and has a funny interaction with Rubio. 
    That would be wonderful, but with or without Trumplestiltskin, it will be a wicked funny show. 

    We need your monthly subscription at our patreon from 1 dollar to what works for you. 
    Let's push ourselves to our website goal. Here is the link. 

    Those one time hits at the paypal are also very gosh darn helpful. Here is the link. 

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    Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for those veteran

    in News

    Poisoning at military base Fort McClellan. No medical coverage for those veterans. Our Guest for tonight are Sal Caiozzo, Lisa Jo Sarro,Ted Methvin (producer of documentary) and Brian Synikin.

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    Election 2016 Coverage

    in Politics Progressive

    On the January 20, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    Senator Bernie Sanders responds to the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the HRC, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL by saying that his campaign is fighting the establishment. Senator/Secretary Clinton and those organizations all fired back. I will give my views on that story as well as some more commentary on why the infighting going on here could be disastrous for the election later this year. 

    In my debating the Cruz citizenship issue I found some more information to share on why he is eligible to run for President. Let's beat him on the issues and not on manufactured attacks, ok? 

    Sarah Palin jumped into the fracas by endorsing Donald Trump for President. Is this going to make the election even more interesting? Youbetcha! 

    Those issues, tweet of the week, words of redneck wisdom, headlines, and more at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

    If you would like to support the podcast, please check out the Liberal Dan Radio GoFundMe Page. 

    And if you are listening after the live broadcast you can always leave your comments, questions, and concerns over on the show thread at LiberalDan.com.