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    Jenny Dervin, vice president of corporate communications for jetBlue, New York's hometown airline. JetBlue  has come a long way in the 12 years since its first flight, striving to become the Americas’ favorite  airline by bringing humanity back to air travel.  Now offering flights  to 70 cities in 12 countries throughout the Americas, jetBlue is known  for offering a great experience for affordable fares. And while other  airlines reset through bankruptcy or merger, JetBlue intends to go it  alone

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    JetBlue to US Virgin Islands

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    Watch LIVE video streaming coverage of JetBlue inaugural flight to St. Croix, US Virgin Island at http://kalalloomarketplace.com/archives/10797

  • That Black Conservative Chick

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    Join me every Sunday from 10 am to 11 am EST as I eviscerate the lies of progressivism. Good tymez.

    This week I discuss:

    *Obama's claim that the US is less racially divided than when he took office.
    *JetBlue facing boycotts after offering free flights to cops attending NYC funerals
    *The revelations in Judicial Watch's 60 page Fast & Furious report
    *Utah Billionaire Jon Huntsman doesn't think Senator Mike Lee "compromises enough"
    *Senator Cruz warning that the GOP cannot nominate another Bush, Romney or McCain
    *The Left's Constant Rabble Rousing

    Questions? Opinions? Rants about liberal hypocrisy? CALL in to the show: (914) 338-1458

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    Jetblue boots 18 months old off plane

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    Oregon Update -- is president Obama the first gay president?
    JetBlue boots off a family because their 18 month old daughter is listed on their no-fly list
    Killings in Mexico.
    All this and more on this weeks show and as always you can send us an e-mail talk@KRBNradio.com

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    Travel Today - International Air Transportation Association in Doha, Qatar

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    What brings virtually every airline CEO together? It happens once a year when the International Air Transport Association (IATA) convenes, and this year it was in Doha, Qatar. This year marks the 7oth Anniversary of the IATA, and we will discuss the global impact and change of air travel with the CEOs of major airlines.

    Listen in as Peter Greenberg sits down with James Hogan, the CEO of Etihad Airways, the fastest growing airline in the history of commercial aviation, which is based in Abu Dhabi. Then, Peter speaks with Cathay Pacific Airways CEO John Slosar for frank discussions about the state of the global aviation industry. Dave Barger, CEO of JetBlue, joins joins us to talk about how keeping fewer types of airplanes helps the airline cut costs.

    All that and more on this week's episode of Travel Today with Peter Greenberg from Doha, Qatar for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 70th anniversary celebration.

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    A Kind Voice on Employment: Dyslexic, An Uncommon Advantage

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    The Successful Dyslexic Professional   An extraordinarily high number of successful entreprenuers and professionals share a peculiar common trait - they're dyslexic.  The list includes individuals such as Richard Branson, the British Billionaire and David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue airlines. Join Host Dr. V. Mayfield as she talks with a successful civil engineer, Meagan Hotchkiss-Trejo who happens to be dyslexic and two education professionals, Janet Pratt and Joy Niederhauser who specialize in helping people overcome the challenges of dyslexia.   

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    Super Bowl XLVII Ads, Blackout Tweets & Shiny New Objects

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    Tonight, at 9:30 EST, Beyond Social Media brings you a fast-paced discussion including:
    Did football interrupt Super Bowl adfest? It's getting harder to tell the second screen from the first.   How quick thinking got Oreos a social media coup that overshadowed many $4 million advertising minutes Southwest Airlines & JetBlue hold a Twitter chat just between friends And a handful of Shiny New Objects Join Albert Maruggi, B.L. Ochman & Dave Erickson tonight, Tuesday at 9:30 PM EST for Beyond Social Media

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    jetBlue is such a great airline that it is the first travel product invited to do a second show on Travel Itch Radio. Hear why Thursday at 8p EST when April Dinwoodie reveals the carrier's plans for 2013 and beyond in conversation with Dan Schlossberg and Christine Tibbetts. Catch her live on iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.com or hear the archived show at your convenience.

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    Tips foe avoiding a JetBlue Melt Down!!

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    Now that the buzz has quieted a bit after Steven Slater’s infamous jetBlue meltdown, I’d like to take a moment to offer 5 powerful tips for avoiding the same fate.

    (If you aren’t familiar with this story – Slater was a long-time jetBlue flight attendant who finally had enough of being treated poorly by passengers and announced on the PA that he was through with it all, grabbed a couple of beers, opened the emergency door ((while the plane was parked – fortunately, he still had enough wits about him not to do this in-flight)), activated the escape chute, and took a slide toward freedom. He was largely heralded by workers everywhere for his dramatic ‘take this job and shove it’ approach to quitting. While laudable, he has been charged with several FAA, and other, violations and may be facing jail time.)

    Yes, life can drive you to want to have a drink or two (if you do, I highly recommend checking out www.liquor.com), but it can also be VERY rewarding and fulfilling. The following 5 Tips will help you stay proactive on creating the life you deserve and desire.

    1) Be clear on who you are. It’s been said that “if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” Take a hard look at what you’re doing day in and day out and heed what your soul abhors. I strongly believe that every minute you spend engaged in an activity your soul loathes, you reduce your life expectancy by an equal amount of time.

    2) Understand your Danger Zones. If you hated getting paper cuts as a child and you make a living as a filer, odds are good you’re going to get cut and lose it in the near future. We each have our sore spots. It’s crucial to identify yours.

    3) Identify your WHAT—that is, the one thing your soul is compelled to do, and begin creating a plan of action for realizing it.

    4) Recognize your strengths. What are yours? If you spend the majority of your time taking on activities that are not supportive of where your DNA is wired to excel.

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    JetBlue Meltdown

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    Today we discuss the day's biggest headlines.

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    JetBlue Steven Slater Gets Reality Show Offer -- Were We Just Set Up?

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    Lisa's latest blog is about, what else, "The Jet Blue Guy"! Everyone is talking about him - did this guy do what many have thought of doing but didnt have the guts to pull it off? Or are they talking about him because he put others at risk and embarrassed his employer because he was having a bad day?
    And now he is being offered a reality show - have we all gone mad? Has this guy's 15 minutes of fame turned into a weekly prime time show?

    Lisa and I want to know what you think - call in and tell us your opinion. Did you ever do something crazy when you quit a job? We will give you a few minutes of fame to tell us. Here is the link to Lisa's blog on AOL JetBlue Steven Slater Gets Reality Show Offer -- Were We Just Set Up?

    With West Coast confidence and connections and East Coast expertise and energy, Lisa and Janet meet in the middle to make life easier for the working woman -- no matter what your job--be it in the kitchen, classroom or conference room. Helping you get the most out of both work and play will be the goal of each show.

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