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  • Dr. Jessica Lee ~ What You Should Know About Dental Implants

    in Health

    Dental Implants can replace missing teeth and make your smile beautiful again. Tune in to hear Dr. Jessica Lee, a top Dentist at Atlanta Dental Center, share information that can help you feel confident about your smile! 

    Dr. Jessica Lee is a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Dentistry. While at Michigan, she excelled in patient care as well as research, winning first place in the Science category for her research of the Chorda Tympani Nerve. She has gone on two humanitarian trips to Jamaica and Kenya to treat hundreds of people who had no access to dental care. She has also won the DENTSPLY award for removable dentures.

    Dr. Lee is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry with a strong emphasis in cosmetic and esthetic dentistry. Dr. Lee is a preferred provider for Invisalign, is proficient in Cerec technology, and has had advance training in implant placement and restoration.

    Dr. Lee is originally from Columbus, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama. Prior to practicing in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Lee practiced dentistry in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C.

    Dr. Lee is the founder of The Kenya Summer Research Program at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. This program is a combined effort to improve the quality of life for the people living in Meru, Kenya. 

    Call the Atlanta Dental Center today and schedule your appointment to achieve your celebrity smile! (404) 872-7755


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    Actress Jessica Lindsey Gilbert talks acting, inspiration on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Entertainment

    Actress Jessica Lindsey Gilbert returns to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her journey in front of the camera, what it's been like to do what she loves and what keeps her inspired along the way. The two will also discuss what's to come, and her advice for anyone with a goal or dream.

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder interviews Ms. Jessica Janniere, author, advocate

    in Lifestyle

    Mr. Brett A. Scudder will be talking with Ms. Jessica Janniere about her life and lived experiences with depression, bullying and suicide ideations, and what prompted her to write her book :"My Colored World". Tune in to listen this powerful story of hope, inspiration, healing and recovery.

    Please share with your networks and invite them to tune in.

    Thank You.


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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:88 Adam Martin Jessica Eye Sam Oropeza Serena DeJesus

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions, We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze)

    Our First Guest is Adam Martin @AdamMPR) Adam is a Athlete Rep for Poster Boy Fighters Managment

    Our Second guest is UFC Bantamweight Jessica "Evil"Eye 11-3-1 (@Jessicaevileye ) Jessica is Set to Return to Action at UFC192 aganist Julianna Pena on Oct. 3, 2015 inside the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

    Our Third Guest is Sam Oropeza (@SammyO85) 13-2-1 Sam is set to retun to Action October 31th at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 52 At the borgota in Atlantic City 

    And Our Final Guest is Serena DeJesus Amature Featherweight (2-0) Serena will getting back to action SomeTime in November in Las Vegas

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    70 - JESSICA KIRSON - PT. 2

    in Comedy

    WKN continues with the hilarious, fun and forthright Jessica Kirson. Topics include: more Phil and Sam chemistry, parents without boundaries, Pat Cooper, country club gigs, being a child of a therapist, oversharing, Reiki moms, EST, Dave Attell, Ted Alexandro, Sam's childhood makeout, gay sex between straight men, Sam compares scotch and cunnilingus, Jim Norton, anal, Larry David, Jessica’s wife, live-in housekeepers, Anya’s mom analyzes a photo of her and Nikki, when your partner isn’t a super-fan of your work, Jessica’s prank calls on Howard Stern, Zach Braff, Josh Radin, and the proverbial more.

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    Let's Make a "Jessica" Pilot

    in Comedy

    This week ace reporter and producer Jessica Pilot joins me in the studio. We'll find out why she doesn't like to be referred to as a reporter in front of Jeff Goldblum and why she was so annoying when in Los Angeles. We talk about the greatness of rock legend Cyrissie Hynde and her controversial statements in her new book and finally end with a college football prediction. Hello!! It's time! It's a first week of September podcast!!

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    Live From Your Front Seat with Jessica Butts

    in Entrepreneur

    Within you there are 4 possible people (personalities) that could be who is running the show.  But which one should be in charge?  And what happens if the wrong you is the one driving the car?

    We were all made unique but often we have not been taught how to make best use of the best us.  When this happens everything in our life and business falls quickly into chaos and confusion.  This is a  trap we want to avoid.  Not only do we want to be our best but we need to know how we were meant to live our best.  Learn how we can:

    1. Understand the the "seats" in our lives and how they impact all we do
    2. Find out what it means to live in our front seat
    3. Discover what happens when we are in our backseat
    4 Find out how to begin living life in your front seat today

    Join host Steve Kidd and his guest Jessica Butts as they show us how to Live From Your Front Seat on Thriving Entrepreneur


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    in Comedy

    Anya, Sam and Phil reconnect after an absence and are joined by comedian Jessica Kirson toward the end of the ep. Topics: Colbert, Trump, Kim Davis, Sam rehearses jokes for his brother’s wedding, negative feedback, Sam drops a bomb about a childhood make-out, advice for a young comedian in the early phases of his relationship, dating, family, Jessica’s inner monologue, bombing, cruise ships, new jokes vs older material, confidence, sexuality, Rachel Feinstein.

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    Tom Cunningham interviews Jessica Dumas Certified Coaches Federation

    in Self Help

    MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews Jessica Dumas.

    Jessica is the owner and founder of Prime Image Life Coaching. Her passion in personal and professional development coaching is to motivate others to reach their higher potential through natural gifts and personal vision. Her wisdom has been gained in overcoming the hardship and tragedy she has experienced in her own life and in turn, chooses to advocate and promote the understanding of the current and historical matters of the Aboriginal community. She is a professional and powerful role model.

    Jessica demonstrates all qualities of great leadership. She is currently serving as Chair of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce. She commits her time to membership in committees that promote success, sustainability and innovation such as the Winnipeg Chamber’s Human Resource Leadership Council, Excellence in Aboriginal Business Leadership Award Selection Committee, the CentrePort Advisory Committee and most recently the Mayors Indigenous Advisory Circle. Jessica was also a finalist in the CBC’s Top 40 Manitoban’s under 40 making an impact through professional contributions in the community. She is the mother of three boys, Ethan, James and Rylan.


  • Millennium Grown Special Broadcast with Dr. Margaret Gedde & Jessica Hogan

    in Health

    Talking about a propsed policy in Colorado that could literally shut down the medical marijuana industry!

    If this policy goes into effect, only pain management doctors will be able to write medical marijuana recommendations for pain patients. Patients with chronic pain make up 80% of our practice and Dr. Gedde is not a pain management doctor. The medical board is taking written comments by October 2nd. We need all of you to email the state and voice your concerns. This is a way for the state to shut down the medical marijuana industry. At this point, we don't know of any pain management doctors writing "red cards" because of malpractice insurance issues, policies, etc. This means medical dispensaries won't have patients coming through their doors either. It affects the ENTIRE industry. Please read this draft policy and email your concerns to: karen.mcgovern@state.co.us

  • "Students Against Slavery" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Isa and Common Cal take on SAS…Students Against Slavery that is. Tuesday night at 8:00 EST/5:00 PM PST Kelsey Friberg and Jessica Lynn Axe of Students Against Slavery at Central Michigan University join Isa and Cal for a discussion about Human Trafficking. Raising public awareness about the human trafficking issue is SAS' mission. Both domestically and internationally. Some forms of modern day slavery includes sex slavery, forced labor, forced marriage and child soldiers. Kelsey president and founder of Students Against Slavery is an interns at the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking within the Department of Attorney General on Capital Hill in Lansing. Subcommittees for the Commission include training and education, data collection, funding and resources, policy and legislation, victim services, and public awareness - each of which Kelsey works with closely. Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in History from Central Michigan University and is pursuing her Masters in Humanities. She is treasurer and head of the fundraising subcommittee for the CMU chapter of Students Against Slavery. Jessica is currently employed by the University and is working and volunteering for the Human Rights in Literature the Arts and Social Sciences (HRLASS) International Conference.Full bios and more information about SAS on our website: www.wakeupinmerica.com. That and more Tuesday night 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica" on Coffee Party USA Radio and Coffee Party USA Radio Network?

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