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    Grassfire Report - New York, New York

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    95 Republican delegates are up for grabs today in New York. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are supposed to win tonight. Polls are open now and close at 9pm (EST) Stay tuned to your 2016 election portal on Grassfire.com for results! 

    Is the Supreme court deadlocked on Obama's executive immigration dealings?  How important is it to replace Scalia with a conservative justice?

    Uninteded consequence: North Carolina Law not only protects women from predators it lowers the volume of bad music in the state.

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    The Disenfranchisement of the New York Voter

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    "I am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in New York state, and I hope that process will change in the future," Beriie Sanders

    The damage to Clinton from her battle with Sanders is borne out in the latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll. The longer this race has gone on, the more she has shown vulnerabilities. The top-line number that caught the eyes of so many analysts shows her now in a dead heat with Sanders nationally — ahead of him by just two percentage points, 50 to 48 percent. Those numbers have no influence on the state-by-state results but offer a window into both the success of Sanders in generating enthusiasm and Clinton’s inability to capitalize on all her political advantages. Since October, when her candidacy began rising again after several months of controversy about her use of a private email server, she has been on a downward slide. Her lead over the senator from Vermont has dropped from what was then a 31-point advantage to the current two points.Dan Balz WP

    Breaking up large banks will make the financial system safer, but suggested that the design of the breakup could be left to the banks themselves.,Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari

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    Community Based Talk-Information Radio/Jerry Gaule Show

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    This show today is from Fairway Coffee..Vancouver Wa..11504 NE 119th Street Next to Winco, this show offers news,info,topics,music,discussion in the community, views and opinions from the communit yand for the community, it offers timely information for seniors and newsmakers within the community,civic,non profit,local/city/county/state government. ASRN Radio is owned by Gerald Gaule in Vancouver Washington 98682, it also features news,info,music,educational, book readings,magazine readings for the disabled and visually impaired. http://http://members.tripod.com/ccais/ASRN.html

    Thank you for listening to ASRN, The talk show is on Fridays from 8:45-1 PM and other times.

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    Civil Rights Discussion with Jerry Mitchell

    in History

    The stories of Clarion-Ledger investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell have helped put four Klansmen behind bars.  A winner of a MacArthur genius grant and a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

    Since 1989, the investigative reporter for The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, MS, has unearthed documents, cajoled suspects and witnesses, and quietly pursued evidence in the nation’s notorious killings from the civil rights era. His work helped put four Klansmen behind bars giving justice to these families: Medgar Evers; the four beautiful young ladies in the Birmingham church bombing; Vernon Dahmer; and, Chaney, Goodman, & Schwerner (aka sadly, Mississippi Burning case)

    After winning the prestigious George Polk Award for a second time, Mitchell received a MacArthur genius grant — only the second investigative reporter to ever receive the $500,000 award. Others have also noticed his work. In 1996, filmmakers portrayed him in the movie Ghosts of Mississippi about the reopening of the Medgar Evers assassination. 

    In October 1998, Mitchell was recognized a at the Kennedy Center in Washington. ABC's Chris Wallace told those gathered for the Anti-Defamation League event, "Jerry Mitchell isn't comfortable being called a hero, or being portrayed as one in the film, Ghosts of Mississippi. It is difficult, however, to find a better word than 'hero' to describe Jerry Mitchell. Today, justice — long delayed — has been served, and Sam Bowers and Byron De La Beckwith grow old in jail."

    Mitchell received his degree in journalism at Harding University in 1982, a master’s in journalism from Ohio State University in 1997 and an honorary doctorate in law from Colby College in 2006.

    Mitchell has won countless awards, but I only have 2000 characters!  I will share these during the broadcast! Please listen in on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at 11:00 AM. 

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    Community Based Talk-Information Radio/Jerry Gaule Show

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    News and Information for the community and topics effecting seniors and bringing to those information effecting those in the community such as health,lifestyle,financial,medical,eating,wealth,senior concerns,this show also offers great entertainemnt and as well local news,weather,interesting guests from all over a nd all walks of life, this show is hosted and produced by Gerald Gaule of American Senior Radio Network in Vancouver Washington. ASRN is commercial free but does have sponsors/underwriters and does air mentions, ASRN and SRN are local Venues located in Clark County Washington USA,Vancouver Washington is located North of Portland Oregon and thanks for tuning in.

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    New York State of Mind

    in Politics

    Good morning, today on The Meter, we will discuss the upcoming New York primary as Republican frontrunner Doanld Trump and Democrrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton seek to regain their momentum after recent surges by their competitors. Donald Trump has spoken out emphatically about the "Unfair process" in the Republican race obviously referring to the Colorado delegation going for Cruz, where no voters cast a ballot. Bernie Sanders continues his streak by winning Colorado after a fiery debate doubling down on his attacks on Hillary over banking and corporate donations. Bill Clinton has once again drawn criticism over a comment about Sanders supporters wanting "to shoot every third person on Wall Street". Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    A New York State of mind?

    in Politics Conservative

    A New York State of mind?. Donald Trump and Ted are battling for the NY delegates- is Ted Cruz out of his mind?- why would he go to a state where he is loathed?- should he have skipped New York?- should we give him credit for going to NY and taking the hit?- You can hate him, or you can admire him for going to a state where the odds of him winning are not in his favor- I am not a cheerleader for Cruz, but he has gone to every debate-(can't say the same for Trump), he has gone to every state that had a election- no dispute there( even when he  was not favored to win)- can Cruz take away some of Trump's thunder, or will he be crushed?- can the minds of some New Yorkers be swayed ?- we will soon see. Also, the continuing discussion about the black community 

  • Recap And Analysis Of The New York Jets 2016 Draft

    in Football

    In this episode we break down the New York Jets 2016 draft class. Analyst Connor Rogers joins us live to discuss the players taken and what they will bring to the Jets organization. In addition we will discuss the fallout from the draft in terms of team needs, the quarterback position including the future of Fitzpatrick, as well as what will happen with Muhammad Wilkerson. As always, we will take calls live and answer tweets at @TalkJetsRadio. The support and listens are greatly appreciated!!

  • 9/11, Saudi Arabia and the Potential Crash of the Dollar with Jerry Robinson

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    Tonight we will be talking with Jerry Robinson www.ftmdaily.com about a number of issues from economic to geopolitical issues.

    The Saudi's threatened the american government by telling them if the US releases the info of their involvment in 9/11 they will pull 750 billion dollats from our treasury. The financing of 9/11 has been swepth under the rug by the US government and the censored 28 pages of the 9/11 commision.  Obama promised to veto a bill allowing the victums of the 9/11 terror attack to sue the Saudi government for their role.

    Jerry Robinson is an economist, veteran trend trader, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and the founder of FTMDaily.com.

    Robinson is also the best-selling author of the book, “Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide.” (New Leaf Press, 2012) Robinson is frequently quoted by the mainstream media on the topic of money, geopolitics, and the economy.

    Show Website: http://www.HagmannAndHagmann.com

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    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagmannHagmann

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