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    Reaction to the Jerome Ersland Sentencing

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    Today Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland received his sentence for the Reliable Pharmacy shooting that killed Antwun Speedy Parker. He was convicted of 1st degree murder back in May of this year. We'll discuss the mood of the people of Oklahoma City tonight. The city  has been very divided since the Ersland verdict, some saw Ersland as a HERO while others viewed him as an EXECUTIONER. Attached is a copy  the video from the pharmacy that day that shows the actual shooting.
    Blogtalkradio has had some computer problems recently and the times of this show have been posted incorrectly. This show will air LIVE July 11, 2011 from 8pm -10pm CST.

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    Daniels Talk Radio: Rainmaker Series w/ Jerome Nugent-Smith

    in Business

    Daniels Talk Radio Host Anthony Licausi interviews Jerome Nugent-Smith, Deal-Maker to China's Billionaires, Private Equity & Hedge Fund Consultant, Founder of The China-Myanmar Guanxi Network, and Global Investment Strategist for Montreux Management Pty Ltd.

    In early 1990 Jerome was invited to visit Myanmar to promote Myanmar-Global Trade & Investments in Myanmar's Natural Resources.  At the time he was Honorary Consul General of the Philippines for Victoria, Australia, and visiting Manila to meet the Philippines President.

    Jerome has written and published 4 books as well as actively working with Hedblom Partners Group to assist public companies to expand European investor awareness, develop new European investor relationships, and raise new capital by targeting high net worth individuals and Institutions across 12 major Pan-European cities.

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    Csonka on Wrestling: Reviewing Wrestling With Jerome Cusson

    in Sports

    411’s Larry Csonka kicks off a new series of shows, looking at the job of reviewing wrestling. Larry will be joined by Jerome Cusson of PWPonderings.com to discuss reviewing wrestling, how he goes about his review style, what he looks for in matches, the booking, the overall show, the importance of maintaining credibility and respect when recommending shows, fan backlash and more.

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    Black on Black Crime with Jerome & Phinesse

    in Entertainment

    The Passing of Iconic Blues Great BB King,  Discussion: Duke Professer vs All Black People,  Respectful or Disrespectful: Tyrese Gibson's fb post about Janelle Monae, In the World of News & Entertainment and more...

    Black on Black Crime our point counter point program where we talk issues, news and sometimes we play a game or two but we dont do crime...

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    AUTHOR- Jerome Waters" Capitol of Maryland"

    in Books

      Author Jerome Waters Jr., is a born and bred Annapolitan whose gone from the streets to the confines of the federal penitentiary system and emerges to tell a story, his-story one of ups, downs and a raw & uncut reality most of us refuse to admit exists. There are two sides to Annapolis MD...

    You can find Jerome's book on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Capitol-Maryland-Jerome-Otto-Waters/dp/1477143939 and Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/capitol-of-maryland-jerome-otto-waters-jr/1113027530?ean=9781477143933


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    Talk Therapy Today - The Introduction

    in Religion

    This episode will be an introduction to our new show Talk Therapy Today with D. Jerome Garrett, where everything starts and end with a spoken word.  We will give an overview of what  therapy looks like today and why people need therapy?  We will look at how therapy relates to aspects of our lives, why people are afraid of therapy, and so much more. Join on at 6:00 p.m. on blog talk radio 914 -803 - 4267

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    REELTalk: Author Jerome Corsi and Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger from Switzerland

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - will the Clinton's finally run out of excuses/lies to protect Hillary's path to the White House...she doesn't have Obama's skin hue, or Bill's W.C. Fields charm...we'll hit this and more with author JEROME CORSI. PLUS, direct from Switzerland, Swiss MP and Counter-Jihad activist OSKAR FREYSINGER will join us to expose the insanity of opening our doors in the West, to worshippers of fundamentalist Islam! Hillary's email lies, Iran's deal and Congress' letter of warning and top stories at Top of the Show! Freedom takes serious maintenance...and it's SO worth it!!!

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    Darryl J. Johnson grew up reading any and everything by Stephen King and sneaking to read his mom’s Harlequin novels so he learned the power of words and mental imagery from two very unlikely sources. In his adult years he was introduced to Zane, E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey and Michael Baisden and his mind was blown! They made mommas Harlequin novels look like a Nancy Drew Mystery and the truly erotic side of him was awakened. In high school while all of his friends were beating on the lunchroom tables with aspirations of becoming rappers he was writing rhymes for a completely different reason. He started writing poetry as a way to get people to overlook my stuttering and to get the attention of females. He was encouraged to publish my poetry by a nosy yet well intentioned ex-girlfriend when he forgot to hide my rhyme book any curiosity got the better of her. He write mostly erotic short stories and poetry that delve into the depths of sex, love, lust and everything in between. He enjoys telling people "I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination". Recently He's embarked on a journey of introspection because like Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” The original title “Mental Penetrayshun” was inspired by one of his favorite songs by Dead Prez called “Mind Sex” and because everything is written in such a way that a vivid mental picture is painted of a very sexual nature. He says he misspelled penetration on purpose because "misspelled words tend to stick out in people’s mind".

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    The Winning Side

    in Spirituality

    Elder Johnny Jerome Carter is the eldest of four kids born to Dr. Johnny and Linda Carter. Being raised in a Christian family it wasn’t long before the preaching bug fell on Elder Carter.

    Following in his father footsteps Elder Carter set out to help the lost and the hurting. God has given Elder Carter the gift of helps and he tries to find the good in everyone regardless of their shortcomings. While in San Diego CA he has worked with several pastors to help them build a place of worship for the hurting.

    Elder Carter has held several positions in the church from driver, to church administer, to youth pastor to assistant pastor. Currently Elder Carter lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife Romona and their two youngest kids. Elder Carter and his wife Romona are proud parents of five kids with three adult kids living in California.

    They are the proud grandparents of six grandkids. While in Atlanta God provided a way for Elder Carter to finish his education and he currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Religion and Christian Counseling.

    He also holds a Masters Degree in Theological Studies and he is currently working on his Masters of Divinity Degree. Elder Carter currently serves as assistant pastor at New Harvest Church in Stone Mountain Georgia. Elder Carter has own several business from a graphic designs company to a home improvement business.

    Elder Carter believes that God has a new direction for his life so along with preaching he is now seeking to fulfill a life long dream of becoming a college professor at one of the Christian colleges.

    Elder Carter’s favorite scripture is Romans 8:31-What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Elder Carter believes that it doesn’t matter what people say or what they may do.

    As long as God is on his side he’s on the winning side

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    Noah's Restoration of the World

    in Religion

    Noe (according to S. Jerome to his interpretations of

    Hebrew words signifieth as much as resting o[rch]fying of a

    man's selfe; and he was the sonne of Lamech; which signi-

    fieth humilitie. This Noe by the descriptions of [vlet] writers

    was taken in those daies to be a [Giafizin] respect of his ex-

    traordinarie stature, prop[oseion]; and corpulence and he

    was about [xx] age (as Moyses also in the sixt chapter of

    Genesis affirmeth of [five] hundred years when he begat

    of his [... an hour's study might get this one]

    first sonnes; Sems which [? pleased?, signifies ?ous o-]

    therwise called [Melchesidech these to herth bugte-]

    Berosus affirme him to bee the [younon] which signifies

    [subtilrie] or [raft:] and Japhet, which signifies [serme or]

    [frotdome - the rest of the line unlegible]

    lived in a citie called Enos, which was the first citie in the

    world, and was built by Cain the sonne of Adam, at the

    foot of the mountaine Libanus in the land of Syria, and

    in the particular province of Phoenicia, not far from the

    famous citie of Ierusalem, situated in the holy land.

      In this citie of Enos, and in many others thereabouts,

    inhabited and lived many most deformed, fierce, and ter-

    rible giants, who by reason of their unmatchable strength

    and indomitable powerfulnesse, ruled and overswaied all

    those people thereabouts at their pleasure, committing

    many odious and ungodly deeds, and living a most disso-

    lute and vicious life, engorging their luxurious appetites

    with surfets of adulterie and libidinous conversation, as

    void of shame, the law of nature, and the feare of God.

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    Puerto Rico Pro Tryout Interview - Dominican Republic

    in Basketball

    Join the McNeil Marketing team as we talk aboutthe Dominican Republic leagues and the upcoming Puerto Rico Pro tryout taking place May 27-28th, 2015! Special guest Jerome Mincy, a former Puerto Rican national team player who is still involved in the game in Puerto Rico. Registration closes Saturday May 16th, get signed up at http://www.mcneilevents.com/index.php/events/puerto-rico-pro-tryout