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    Trumpeter Lin Rountree is back with a new cd “SOULFUNKY”, a collection of some of the most soulful, funk filled groves to hit the contemporary jazz scene in quite some time. Arguably Rountree's greatest work to date, this project features collaborations with some of the industries hottest musicians.  Guest appearances include: Kenny "Mac" Martin, Julian Vaughn, Lebron, Nicholas Cole, Michael "Big Mike" Hart, NIls, Kim Scott, Nate Harasim, Al Turner, Beth Griffith and HIdden Beach Recording artist Mike Phillips.

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    Yoga Around the World - Morgan Hill YogaFEST - Interview with Danielle Lin

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    Listen to this amazing interview by my friend and colleague Danielle Lin and find out more about the Morgan Hill YogaFEST!

    Threading Yoga Around the World
    Art of Living Foundation
    International Yoga Day – June 21st – YogaFEST 15 – Morgan Hill, CA

    Interviewer: Internationally Syndicated Radio Show Host Danielle Lin:


    Guests: Dinesh (Kashiji) Kahikar/Sananda Gadagottu 

    For over 5,000 years, practitioners of yoga have woven a vibrant fabric of life from vastly different cultures and beliefs. Today, this ancient science of living is known in every corner of the globe. The Art of Living Foundation and communities throughout the world will now celebrate the first International Yoga Day in history…it’s been a long time coming. Set your calendar and prepare for your life to expand.



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    Saxophonist Lebron releases his 2nd album "New Era" featuring Keith Fluitt, trumpeter Lin Rountree, bassist Julian Vaughn and vocalist Rachael Gehmlich.  Ronald Jackson from The Smooth Jazz Ride said about New Era, “Truly an album of class, funk, romance, soul, and feel-good energy.

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    Edge Inner Views with Cathryn Taylor and Master Chunyi Lin

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    Won’t you please join me for this delightful and insightful conversation with Master Chunyi Lin  a certified international qigong master and the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. Master Lin is director of the Spring Forest Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, where he works with people from all over the world...helping them and empowering them to overcome serious health challenges and return to optimal wellness.

    Master Lin believes that everyone is a healer. His aspiration is to “have a healer in every family and a world without pain.”

    Spring Forest Wellness Center will be exemplifying this aspiration in their upcoming event scheduled for June 21st, celebrating their 20-year anniversary. In honor of this event the Center is sponsoring two dynamic workshops.

    To register or to obtain more information about these events please follow this link.

    20 Year Anniversary Celebration

    To contact the Center directly please call 952-593-5555.

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    "Up Close & Personal" with producer/conposer/keyboard phenomena "Nicholas Cole

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    21-year old keyboard phenom Nicholas Cole displays the technical proficiency and artistic vision of those twice his age. Cole’s 2012 release ‘Endless Possibilities' scored 4 Top 10 Billboard singles and the hit, 'Snap', featuring Vincent Ingala was a Top 5 Billboard smash. In addition to a thriving solo career, Nicholas has become an in-demand producer and collaborator, working with Ben Tankard, Willie Bradley and Julian Vaughn among others. 
    And that was just the beginning, on Friday, August 21st Tryppin' N Rythmn and Cutmore Records are happy to announce the release of Nicholas Cole's new Album "Night Sessions"
    which reveals that as the title of his previous album, Nicholas's talents are endless and his uniqueness and articulation makes him the future of Jazz, except we are beginning to experience the future now.
    Nicholas Cole is also part of the dynamic ensemble "Generation Next" along label mates Trumpeter, Lin Rountree and Saxophonist Lebron,whom made their debut last year with their outstanding performance at the Berks Jazz Festival and has been on the up-roll ever since, grazing festival like the Catalina Jazz, Newport Beach and more.

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    Creating the Vietnam War Memorial with Robert Doubek and Susan Jimison, authors

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    Author Robert Doubek wrote Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial,  detailing the contention and debate behind the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Since its dedication in 1982, the memorial has been one of the most visited monuments, honoring the fallen as a cultural icon. However, there was also a great deal of controversy at the time of its inception, with some dismissing it as "a nihilistic slab of stone." The designer, Maya Lin, was also criticized for her ethnicity, spurring a battle in Congress. Authors Robert Doubek and Susan Clotfelter Jimison of the, book DEAR MARK, a tribute to her hero brother who died in Vietnam and a frequent honored guest at the Vietnam Memorial, discuss the Wall and what is means to veterans and Americans in this exclusive LIVE interivew .  To join the conversation and voice your thoughts, please call 347-633-9609.  

    AUTHORS ON THE AIR Host Pam Stack is honored to welcome these fascinating authors to the show.  This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely  owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  http://authorsontheair.com http://facebook.com/authorsontheair

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    Jeffrey Lin - An Extraordinary Man Fighting to Live Each Day!

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    Jeffrey Lin was born with a cruel, hyperactive immune disease with no cure.  Literally everything in the world is toxic. There are no safe foods to eat and he constantly struggles to breathe.  Every moment the world tears him apart inside and out by intense itching, infections, and swelling. Even his tendons and ligaments react uncontrollably, causing his physiology to be continually twisted. 

    For 10-years he couldn’t touch water. He’s battered by every weather change. The attacks never eased over 26-years to allow sleep.  He has experienced countless mental and emotional problems as well due to unrelenting stress, chronic sleep deprivation, malnutrition, PTSD, and medication side effects. 

    Despite a world of opposition, he holds a B.S. in Engineering & B.A. in Mathematical Economics from the #1 engineering college, Harvey Mudd.  He’s a self-taught stock trader, entrepreneur, video producer, and digital media consultant for Wall St. and Hollywood.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Robert Doubek, The Vietnam Wall

    in Politics Conservative

    The contention and debate behind the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

    Since its dedication in 1982, the memorial has been one of the most visited monuments, honoring the fallen as a cultural icon. However, there was also a great deal of controversy at the time of its inception, with some dismissing it as "a nihilistic slab of stone." The designer, Maya Lin, was also criticized for her ethnicity, spurring a battle in Congress.

    Robert Doubek, who as Project Director, piloted the memorial to federal approval. Robert served as an intelligence officer in the Air Force from 1967-1971, which included a year-long tour in Vietnam.

    On July 1, Robert is releasing his book, Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which provides an insider’s perspective into the origins and debate of the memorial.  Tonight we'll talk with him about it.

    Also, the only way conservatives can get anything done now is by threatening business as usual.  How to be the best saboteur you can be.


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    Dr. Lin Morel - Follow Your Nudges

    in Business

    Dr. Lin Morel provides strategic direction and clarity for entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations looking to expand their services and influencein the world.  Best selling author, speaker and trainer, Dr. Lin has been called a visionary and though leader.  A 5th degree black belt and nationallyranked karate champion, she brings a unique perspective to peak performance and mindset.

    She has learned first hand how to turn life and business challenges into steppingstones for greater success.  It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we deal with what happens to us that makes us great. Author of five books,and the soon to be released SoulLifts Playbook. Dr. Morel has been recognized as International Coach of the year for her cutting edge work, connecting the dots between spirituality, business success and personal fulfillment..  She is a founding member of the Evolutionary business Council and the Women’s Speakers Association.

    Do you want to live a more fulfilled life?

    Are worries and fears limited your abundance?

    Dr. Lin Morel works with small business owners from around the world to conquer beliefs that are holding them back.

    Identify and elliminate unconscious self sabatoge.



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    Lebronapalooza has come to town

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    Lebronapalooza is in full effect in the aftermath of the 2015 NBA Finals.  It has come to town like a circus and has morphed into the circus that will never end.  The Golden State Warriors won their 1st NBA title in 40 years, but no one is paying any homage to that.  It's all about Lebron James and what he says and how many Finals he's lost. The Core Show will provide a chronological commentary of Lebron's career from the beginning to now in which we'll highlight the height of his popularity to the valley it's stuck in at present and what the light at the end of the tunnel will be for everyone.  We'll react to Tiger Woods missing yet another cut at a noteworthy golf tournament as well as provide commentary on the disintegrating negotations between the San Diego Chargers and the city of San Diego and how the Chargers have taken their ineptness as an organization to yet another level.  Then, there's soccer, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers chatter.  Is Yasiel Puig a flash in the pan much like Jeremy Lin was? Tune in and find out if you are a Diehard, love sports and want to laugh, think, feel and be accepted for the Diehard that YOU are!