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    Jerky Treats for Pets Continue to Cause Problems

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    Tonight,  Dr. Roger will be discussing ongoing problems with the ever favorite jerky type meat treats available for dogs. Despite their pupoluarity, since 2007, they continue to be linked to serious pet illness and even cases of death. I also will be announcing my return to live podcasting with a new twist, so please be certain to tune in and find out what exciting new changes are in store for this new season's shows. 

    There are also 2 listener e-mail questions that Dr. Roger will be addressing this evening.  Please submit your question/comments to be addressed live by e-mailing them to comments@web-dvm.net. 

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    Tuesday Nights 78 Treats

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    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    Tuesday Nights 78 Treats

    Jack Fina &Orchestra ‎– Spaghetti Rag / Shangri-La

    Jack Wald: Clarinet High Jinks / A friend of yours –FT

    Johnny Johnson: Sing Baby Sing / You turned the tables on me

    Les Brown& and his band of Renown Sleigh ride in July / Robin Hood

    Link to podcast to listen and enjoy this music:


    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    All on Shellac 10” 78 rpm “Foxtrots “and released in the US

    Jack Fina &Orchestra ‎– Spaghetti Rag / Shangri-La

    Label: MGM Records 10610

    Released: 1950

    Genre: Jazz

    Style: Big Band Ragtime

    Jack Fina (August 13, 1913 – May 14, 1970) was a Bandleader, Songwriter and Pianist.

    Known as "The Ten Most Talented Fingers on Radio”

    Jack Wald -Clarinet High Jinks / A Friend of Yours –FT

    Bing Crosby Movie “The Great John L” T516

    Clarinet High Jinks by Wald and Shank T513

    A Friend of Yours –FT, Vocal by Dick Merrick

    Majestic 7137

    Johnny Johnson Sing Baby Sing Vocals Bob Treaster

    Both songs From Movie “Sing Baby Sing”

    You turned the tables on me (vocals Barbara Blake)

    Melotone 19520

    Les Brown & and his band of Renown Sleigh ride in July (crack in record)

    Columbia 36763 vocals by Gordon Drake

    From Movie “Belle of the Yukon”

    Robin Hood Vocal by Butch Stone 



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    Dog-friendly beaches (TX); Worst Vet Advice; therapy dogs, tainted jerky treats

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    DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS: Paris' new book TEXAS WITH DOGS will inspire you to get right in your vehicle and head to the dog-friendly beaches on the Texas shore.

    Next on THE EXPESRT VET: Worst advice you'll ever get from a vet? “Let's keep an eye on it.” Never! Dr. Donna explains why you need to get to the bottom of any growth or test abnormality. Advocate for your pet and get copies of all tests.

    And then on DOG TALK: Sue Halpern's book A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home is inspiring people across the country to join the ranks of therapy dogs; Tracie discusses the how and whys of the dangers of Chinese chicken jerky with veterinary clinician Dr. Urs Giger, Director of the University of Pennsylvania Metabolic Genetics Laboratory, where they have been testing urine samples for Falconi Syndrome potentially caused by jerky treats, going back to 2006; Tony Corbo from the lobbying non-profit Food & Water Watch in Washington, D.C., sheds more light on the tainted chicken jerky treats from China by disclosing the financial and political background of the jerky issue. Food & Water Watch has documented Chinese factories that cannot pass inspections (when they allow them), and 5 different antibiotics found in these products — 4 of which are illegal in the U.S. and the 5th occurring in toxic quantities.

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    Secrets to Amazing Sex and Happily Everafter; Single or Married w/ John Wilder

    in Relationships

    Our guest, John Wilder, marriage and sexual coach, discusses how to stop fighting and instead resolve communication and relationship issues with peaceful conflict resolution skills?  It is IMPERATIVE to learn these skills to improve your performance at work, in your business and at home, and it’s important to teach this vital skills to your children, even employees.

    FOLLOW our program, Call in to chat with us...at 1-818-572-2910, Chat in right here on our Show Page... Listen and SHARE!

    John Wilder is a marriage, relationship and sexual coach, who treats his clients in a holistic way dealing with all 3 aspects of our being: mind, body and spirit. He will show you how to stop fighting forever with your mate and how to have a sex life beyond your wildest dreams. 

    Bernadette Boas is known as a ‘ball of fire’ author, speaker, screenwriter, leadership change agent and radio hostess… who inspires, motivates and equips women with the mindset and skill set needed to achieve success and prosperity in their life and business.

    Each week she and her guests will discuss current top issues and growth opportunities that women deal with, as well educate and inspire you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH!  FOLLOW the show to get updates and announcements on topics, guests and more.

    Listen weekly LIVE or in archive on Shedding the Bitch.com or iTunes. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

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    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy | Alicia Jenkins | Dirt Dames | BOTCHED | BACON

    in Entertainment

    After last weeks blogtalk.com website crash , Big & Beefy welcome back Alicia Jenkins of Botched Fame and owner of Dirt Dames. Alicia will be making us a Bacon Themed Bikini to give away on the air. 

    Our Top Five list is What are your Favorite Summertime Treats. I likes me some SPIKED WATERMELON..

    Clemenza wil be letting us know an update on his Cutthroat Kitchen episode. Speaking of Cutthroat.. Who won the Evilicious Tournament? Find Out Here....

    Chef Rob Burmeister will talk about his Bacon on a Stick escapade at Flagship Brewery's One Year Anniversary.

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    @KEMTopTalk Interviews #Erotic #Author Cassandre Dayne

    in Women

    Marabelle Blue is back from a week of recooprating! Join us Tuesday night as we interview Cassandra Dayne, Erotic Author and writer for Kink~E Magazine. Check out her fantastic bio below.

    Cassandre Dayne is the award winning, best selling author of over one hundred and seventy books She is also a blog talk radio host of ‘The Edge’, highlighting authors, publishers and other artists who take their creative pieces to a raw and unconventional precipice. Her works as Cassandre have delved into various aspects of BDSM, D/s, edge play, domestic discipline, LGBT, poems and dark thrillers in books as well as her widely read blog. She also has a love of all things terrifying and pens horror and paranormal pieces. Cassandre is an advocate for education and continued understanding of a true D/s lifestyle, one widely mistaken as a form of abuse. 

    With her co-author, Christian Jensen, she’s written several books that are considered edgy and terrifying. The books will be publisher by Booktrope under the Edge Imprint. She won second place for the paranormal ménage of the year for Bad Things from the Paranormal Romance Guild as well as Honorable Mention with RWA Passionate Ink for Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper. She’s also received several other awards throughout her career. She is the Managing Director for the Entice and Edge Imprints for Booktrope. 

    She’s a proud member of: The International Thriller Writers, The Australian Romance Readers Association, EPIC

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    There is greatness in all of us w/ Tamara Anderson, Kellie Nicholson,Maleka Long

    in Lifestyle

    Special Guests:Tamara Anderson at 10:00 am 
    Second Guest: Kellie Nicholson at 10:30 am 
    Third Guest: Maleka Long at 11:00 am


    A Sweet Story (About Us) 
    Based in Los Angeles, Sugar & Spyked specializes in creating customized; specialty dessert bars featuring alcohol infused desserts, sweet treats and baked goods! The concept is sweet and simple, Sugar & Spyked can “spyke” your favorite decadent sweets with your favorite alcohol, from frozen treats like ice cream to double chocolate whiskey-infused cakes and delicious cheesecake bites with your choice of fruit toppings, for an intoxicating flare. You name it and we can “spyke” it

    Kellie Nicholson believes that we all thrive on challenge. Well, apparently, her challenges have been many, because she is blooming like a wildflower. She says she’s had an interesting life with many obstacles, challenges and hurdles. 
    Kellie Nicholson owns two greeting card businesses, one that raises funds for charity. She’s written a children’s book, Grandma Gillie’s Lessons of Love and composed Tales of the Lioness, a compilation of stories by women who have overcome great obstacles. Taking her experience in the hospitality business, she also conducts bar-related courses at local colleges and online nationally. 

    My name is Maleka Long. I am the founder and mentor of Love Beyond Limits. I created this organization for young men and women. My own personal experiences pushed me to create this organization to help youth. 

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    The Process319 Unleashed- it's May and It's all About Women, Mom's & Daughter's

    in Christianity

    From the beginning Satan has had a hatred for women, and it is not any different today. In a world treats women like objects, and disregards their true value, by limiting their success based on their gender. Where can the find reelief? Well it is not in the church because they to have propogated the same mistreatment the society has heaped on women. Now, women have given up the natural affections with a male. In an era where women would perfer to let others raise her childern verses in still in them family, and moral values, in a society where sex sales, and women are eager to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

    As a women there is nothing wrong with pursuing a career, striving for the best, there is nothing wrong with being beautiful snd fashionable in an orderly fashion.

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    I was just thinking...Women Power, Drone A.I. and all kinda stuff!

    in Education

    Tonights show will be a  potpouri of subjects from Women Power to Drones and Artificial Intelligence. So hang on to your toupee's and wigs this is gonna be a bumby ride!

    Why should we be concerned about Drones? Aren’t they just glorified model planes? Why should those in rural areas and the inner cities be concerned about our drone Warfare program?

    Uprising in Israel:

    We need to evaluate the uprising in Israel and the silence choices of the Ethiopian Jews when Israel is bombing the crap out of the Palestinians….I would say to them; when you see how the system of white supremacy treats those who look like you regardless of religion, you will have to experience the same injustice. As Malcolm X said: “they don’t hate you because you are a Christian, Jew, or Muslim they hate you because you are black”….Remember that!

    Women Power: States attorney Marilyn Mosby one half of a dynamic duo for justice!


    "Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes."

    This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything — the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifests as SEX, on the higher planes it takes higher forms...No creation, physical, mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle."


    Join us Friday @ 5pm pacific time



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    in Lifestyle

    My guest today, Lis McPherson, treats sickness and disease through  modality of Reflexology. Amazingly enough, every part of the body can be accessed through the soles of the feet via this type of acupressure. SO TUNE IN, for this MOST INFORMATIVE and USEFUL SHOW airing, Thurs., 5-7-15 at 7 PM PST, 10 PM EST. Treat your feet and don't feel beat! Call into 347 838 9070 to present your questions to Lis and/or Dr. Newton!

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    Money MASTER or Money MASTERED? The Emotions around Money Mastery.

    in Finance

    Fear charges the air as you watched your parents talk about, and go about bills and family needs.
    Anger charges the air as husbands and wives argue, because you swear she treats you like a wallet.
    Panic charges the air as the entrepreneur faces payroll.
    Anxiety charges the air as the young man buys the engagement ring.
    Annoyance charges the air as the beggar approaches for some help.
    Pain charges the air as you tell your baby, "No!", to the plea for a gaming computer.
    Jealousy charges the air as you wish you could keep up with the Jones's who just bought yet another _____.
    Desperation charges the air as you throw in a bigger discount than you can afford, in hopes of enticing that prospect to buy from you.
    Frustration charges the air as you drag yourself off to a job you hate because you need the paycheck.

    Let's face it, there are many negative emotions around money.  There are some positive ones too:

    Joyful exuberance charges the air as you learned you won the lottery.
    Relief charges the air on payday.
    Pride charges the air when you get a promotion with a raise
    Fun charges the air when you spend your birthday money gifts
    Special charges the air when your date goes all out for you.
    Confidence charges the air when your investment pays as, or better than expected.

    How we feel about money influences how we make it, spend it, and keep it.  Admit it.  Understand it, Manage it.  Tune in.