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  • Jeremiah Cry Ministries & The Herald Society

    in Christianity

    Episode 96 Jeremiah Cry Ministries & The Herald Society w/guest Jeff Rose

    Welcome to this episode of G220 Radio, I am your host Ricky Gantz and I want to thank you for joining me tonight. If this is your first time listening to the show then let me tell you a little more about the program. G220 Radio is a production of G220 Ministries, you can find out more about the ministry by going to http://www.g220ministries.com/. G220 stands for Galatians 2:20 which says, "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Here on G220 Radio we like to discuss a wide variety of topics from a biblical worldview, my hope is that this show will be encouraging, equipping and edifying. I would love to hear your feedback about the show, you can share your feedback with me by going to the G220 Radio facebook page or on twitter and leave your comments. You can also subscribe to the show right here on blogtalk or if you have an iTunes account then I want to encourage you to go and subscribe on iTunes and then rate and review the show.

    On this episode Jeff Rose will be joining me to share his testimony and what the Lord is doing with Jeremiah Cry & The Herald Society. Find out more here>> http://jeremiahcry.com/

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    In Support of Saint Germain and the Sacrament of Marriage

    in Spirituality

    Let's talk about the master Saint Germain, the sacrament of marriage and the spiritual sponsorship of the United States of America in the Age of Aquarius.

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    Beyond The Veil With Christopher Saint Booth - September 20,2015

    in Paranormal

    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network presents the PREMIERE of Beyond The Veil with your host Lisa Lamrock joined by special co-host Holly Mullins of The Freak Show and VERY special guest Christopher Saint Booth of Spooked TV, SyFy and guest of the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015!

    Be sure to tune in and join the interactive chat room on our website at www.incubiincarnate.com/btvlistenlive!

    Christopher Saint Booth born in Yorkshire, England started his career at an early age. Influenced by The Beatles, singing and strumming at the age of four. Atlantic crossing brought them to Canada where at the age of thirteen he was writing and performing at the local establishments. In 1978 he was invited to combine forces with, Juno award winner, Sweeney Todd. (London Records) Worldwide touring commenced immediately as their new gold album paved his way to sunny California. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, greeted with a publishing deal (RCA Music) he began writing vocalizations and musical scores for film, cable and television. Christopher, a successful film and music Director, Producer, Production Designer and Composer has written, edited, animated, directed and scored some of Billboard's Top Ten releases including, Film Features, TV shows, Music Videos and worldwide releases. Producer and Director of films and documentaries for Syfy, Chiller, NBC Universal, Spooked TV Productions, At&t, Vimeo, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Roku and more worldwide. CEO of Spooked Television and Twintalk Entertainment. Films include Dead Still (Syfy), Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (Syfy Channel/NBC Universal), The Exorcist File-Haunted Boy (Redbox), Children Of The Grave 2, Soul Catcher and DarkPlace. 

    Don't forget to follow Beyond The Veil on Twitter @BTVIIBN and to get your tickets for the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out at www.MWP2015.com!

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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Mike Precise

    in Spirituality

    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Mike Precise

    Tony and janie talk to Mike Precise about all of the positive things that have happen as a result of the fundraising event we had on Sept 19th. 

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    Positive Songs this week "King of Me"  By Saint Tone

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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair talk about Oprah’s BELIEF

    in Entertainment

    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair talk about Ophra's Belief Series

    Oprah’s BELIEF Series premieres on the Oprah Winfrey Network October 18th – 24th. She opens up a discussion about people beliefs from around the world.

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    Positive Songs this week "Believe"  By Saint Tone and "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship

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    The System is Broken - Jeremiah 2:12-13

    in The Bible

    "Be appalled, O heavens, at this, be shoked, be utterly desolate, says the LORD, for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cistrerns for themselves, broken cistrerns, that can holdnot water. (Jeremiah 2:12-13 RSVA)


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    MAYDAY! Monday With Guests Neil Radimaker And Jeremiah Rounds

    in Politics Conservative

    The government which was instituted for the people constantly sneaks in more freedom choking regulations in hopes ‘the people’ will either not notice or follow along with their schemes and scams. 

    As guardians of freedom,The Wake Up Mission Show is watching the deconstructionists 24/7/365 as they work 24/7/365 to deconstruct OUR Country, OUR Constitution and OUR Liberty.  

    While the mainstream puppets represent propaganda and distorted news,The Wake Up Mission Show loudly sounds the alarm utilizing only trusted sources of information to reveal the truth. 

    Links to the articles can be found on our sites

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    Scheduled guests are neil Radimaker and Jeremiah Rounds.

    Neil is a Director,Cinematographer and Co-Editor.He helps liberty minded activists develop collaboration networks.He also holds key voluntary positions with The Conscious Resistance Network and Uncorporate Media.Neil also has many credits for shooting for major and local television networks.

    Jeremiah is a Producer,Cinematographer and Editor.He is also the Vice President of Collective Minds Media.He has worked with major Hollywood talent,welll known musicians as well as major corporations.He is also a Navy veteran having served abord the USS Maine as an Electricians Mate.




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    Abundance Thru Words with Arnaud Saint-Paul

    in Self Help

    International Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healing Master Arnaud Saint-Paul is our special guest speaker on a LIVE Reconnected Show talking about Abundance Thru Words. Arnaud says that it has been proven many times over, words condition our life, experience and reality. Through the use of carefully crafted and positive inspirational messages based on the unique world-renown HealThruWords Inspirational Quotes, he has created a unique 90-day program named Abundance Thru Words. Abundance Thru Words help us understand what Abundance really is and how we can invite and experience it in our lives. How is this different than affirmations that are generally used? Affirmations are repeated mind-oriented sentences that will only and always reaffirm the existing belief system. The person using affirmations will always use them within the same framework or thought pattern. 
    What our HealThruWords Inspirational Quotes do is to help the person shift his/her track, change to a new framework or pattern. As he/she switches to a higher tone (/tonality), s/he can then create new unrelated thought patterns not related to the former framework. Each quote speaks to the 'heart' of the reader and help him release these outdated beliefs systems. Therefore self-talk patterns are upgraded to less negative ones, creating a new space, a new identity from which new choices are made and new outcomes experienced. Go to his website and subscribe - http://healthruwords.com/abundance 

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    Humanitarian Radio Tony Saint Tone & Janie Boisclair Interview Jolette Jai

    in Parents

    Jolette Jai Founder & CEO of The Jai Institute for Parenting. Her goal is to create a world where children are given respect for their dignity as a full human being. The Jai Institute supports loving children unconditionally and supports them to grow into adults who know the meaning of caring for themselves and for others. She aims to accomplish this goal by educating, connecting and supporting parents throughout every stage of child development. 


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    Positive Songs this week "Day Dreamer" and "Get in Tune" "  By Saint Tone

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    The Revelation of Saint John the Theologian

    in Religion

     And then the worker of iniquity with his servants shall behold it, and gnash his teeth exceedingly, and all the unclean spirits shall be turned to flight. And then, seized by invisible power, having no means of flight, they shall gnash their teeth against him, saying to him: Where is your power? How have you led us astray? And we have fled away, and have fallen away from the glory which we had beside Him who is coming to judge us, and the whole human race. Woe to us! Because He banishes us into outer darkness.

    Then will I send an angel out of heaven, and he shall cry with a loud voice, saying, Hear, O earth, and be strong, says the Lord; for I am coming down to you. And the voice of the angel shall be heard from the one end of the world even to the other, and even to the remotest part of the abyss. And then shall be shaken all the power of the angels and of the many-eyed ones, and there shall be a great noise in the heavens, and the nine regions of the heaven shall be shaken, and there shall be fear and astonishment upon all the angels. And then the heavens shall be rent from the rising of the sun even to the setting, and an innumerable multitude of angels shall come down to the earth; and then the treasures of the heavens shall be opened, and they shall bring down every precious thing, and the perfume of incense, and they shall bring down to the earth Jerusalem robed like a bride.  And then will I come forth with power and great glory, and every eye in the clouds shall see me; and then every knee shall bend, of things in heaven, and things on earth, and things under the earth.  And then the heaven shall remain empty; and I will come down upon the earth, and all that is in the air shall be brought down upon the earth, and all the human race and every evil spirit along with Antichrist, and they shall all be set before me naked, and chained by the neck.

  • The Message God Gave Jeremiah for the People

    in Christianity

    God loves his people he made them for his pleasure and whenever they go another way meanng worshipping other gods he warns them. He continue to warn America if my people which are called by name would hunble themselves pray seek my face turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven forgive the sins and heal the land. I believe we have strayed away from the way of Almighty God who has all power and seeking after our flesh and other gods.