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    Dr Jenn Channels Paintings of Intuitive Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Dr Jenn is bringing the paint brush back to the show to paint intuitive angel messages and guidance for all of us.

    During the live broadcast of this episode, Dr Jenn painted two angel readings for 2 callers and also painted 2 angel readings for All of us. The paintings are posted below. 

    To fully appreciate the painted readings watch the video of the whole process so you can watch every stroke of intuition come to life with color.

    WATCH the VIDEO 

    SEE the Individual Paintings from this broadcast.

    Your Host: Dr Jenn Royster is an Internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. the Jenn Royster Show is now in it’s 5th year and syndicates throughout the world in 135 countries to several million listeners.

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    Dr Jenn Delivers Angel Guidance for July 2015

    in Spirituality

    Your host Dr Jenn Royster delivers her monthly angel guidance to navigate through the month of July 2015. Each month Dr Jenn delivers the guidance for the upcoming month to help you make the most of the energies at play. What are you focusing on, possibility or regret? Archangel Raphael brings the messages for the month of July to help you turn toward opportunities and new directions for your future.

    Your Host: Dr Jenn Royster is an Internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. the Jenn Royster Show is now in it’s 5th year and syndicates throughout the world in 135 countries to several million listeners.

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    Pre Recorded

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    Angel Guidance for May 2015 with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Show Description: This week your host Dr Jenn Royster delivers angel guidance for the month of May 2015. The energy for this year has been full of activity so far. Learn how to make the most of the energies for the month of May to help you thrive during the transition. It’s all about intention! What’s your intention? When we are clear about our intentions and allow the angels to guide us we have the best line up for positive change. (Pre Recorded)

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    Express Your True Self with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

     Dr Jenn Royster discusses ways to validate who’s controlling your life’s journey. We want to be able to express ourselves in this world, but how do we know when our True Self (Higher Self) is expressing it’s desires? Find out how to express your True Self. The ultimate pathway to happiness and life purpose. (Pre Recorded)

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    Working Together with John Murphy

    in Entrepreneur

    The key to "Winning":at life and business is not about beating the competition but rather about creating and environment where not only you but everyone who works with you, Staff, Team Members, Employees, Contractors, Clients and yes even FAMILY are all being fulfilled in what they do.  When we promote a culture of bring out the best in others, then everyone truly wins.  When we enjoy our lives and have a business that is a part of that we are the real winners

    Trust comes from open, honest communication.  There has never been a CEO that was open and honest with their team that didnt find that from sharing the truth and making everyone part of the solution that everyone profited

    True success is not just about making money it is about being profitable AND  about creating teams that are set up to succeed

    Host Steve Kidd is joined by CEO, business owner and entrepeneur John Murphy of John Murphy International to help us all see the benefit in our life and in our business of Working Together on this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur

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    A Message of Love with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    A Message of Love: The Jenn Royster Show – Your host Dr Jenn Royster discusses the topic of Love. An in depth exploration into the meaning of True Love and delivering a special angel message she received for everyone. She’ll also discuss the connection with spirit guides, loved ones and the angels, and how it’s possible to share intuitive Love messages across all boundaries. This show is dedicated to sending and receiving True Love to all. it’s time to open our hearts and let Love in.

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    photo credit: I ♥ U via photopin (license)

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    The Spiritual Awakening Process with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Your host Dr Jenn Royster shares her expertise on how the Spiritual Awakening affects us personally and in our relationships with others. Discover what’s happening with your energy field and receive guidance from the angels to help you with the transition. Are you feeling a mysterious sense of urgency? Have your emotions been more intense lately? The awakening process is life changing. Knowledge of the process is empowering and helps us to experience a positive shift.


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    Dreaming of Angels with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever been visited by an angel in your dreams? During this episode your host Dr Jenn Royster shares her experiences with the angels in her own dreams and how angels deliver answers to our prayers through our dreams. Angels are always eager to bring comfort to us when needed. Our dream state is the perfect frequency to connect with our angels. Pre Recorded

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    The Art of Divination with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    The Art of Divination with Dr Jenn Royster: The Jenn Royster Show – The Art of Divination has been around for thousands of years. It’s considered to be an ancient art of spirit connection passed down to us from our ancestors. Tools such as tea leaves, tarot, runes, crystals and pendulums are still used today.   In this episode, Your Host, Dr Jenn Royster will take you on a journey on how this art form is used today. She’ll also share a few tips on how to get the most out of using divination tools in a safe, positive way and how they can help you connect to spirit as you learn to trust your intuition and connection.

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    PAM Time: PAM Murphy-Fall Season

    in Entertainment

    PAM Time - PAM Murphy: Songwriting

    Enjoy an episode featuring some fun information on Music and the Entertainment Industry. Enjoy the dynamic vocal melodies of PAM Murphy as she features original songs from her personal repertoire and other Independent Artists. Be inspired by her practical and excellent vocal tips for anyone who loves to sing. PAM is a professional soprano vocalist, and was classically trained by Calvin Gage at Crane School of Music. Listen to her inspirational quotes and stories as PAM relates her songs and messages in a refreshing way. Enjoy the dynamic power of her lyrics, rhythms and colorful chord progressions as they compliment her angelic singing voice. Tonight we will enjoy the topic: FALL SEASON - tune in for a night filled with great music and fun!

     It's PAM-Time!

    For more information visit: pammurphy007.com

    PAM Murphy: pamelaann007@gmail.com

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    Angel Dreams with Dr Jenn Royster

    in Spirituality

    Angel Dreams: The Jenn Royster Show – Have you ever had a dream where you were visited by an angel? What an amazing experience to be visited by an angel! They want your attention and are trying to delivers answers and messages to you. Have you been hearing unexplained tones or ringing in the wee hours of the morning before you awaken? During this episode your host Dr Jenn Royster explores the messages and guidance that angels deliver to us in our dreams. There is much support and encouragement in a visit from our angels when we feel defeated. Fear no more, your angels are here. Did you know you could ask your angels to visit you during your dreams to help you?

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    Pre Recorded Show Original air date 1/22/15 on Transformation Talk radio and 1230am WBLQ